Cleaning Hong Kong With a Democratic Electoral System With “Hong Kong Characteristics”

  • Author: 蚂蚁兄弟
  • Proofreader: 阿伯塔
  • Translator: Ranting

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Beijing’s two sessions passed Hong Kong’s new electoral system by an overwhelming vote, declaring that one country, two systems is dead. This is just the first step out of the gate of the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition for world domination.

At the two sessions of the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing, senior CCP officials shouted “patriots governing Hong Kong” to achieve democratic elections with “Hong Kong characteristics”. The new election system in Hong Kong was approved by the NPC with an overwhelming vote: to remove the pro-democracy members from the EC, to add the CPPCC, NPC deputies, and the Legislative Council, and to add the qualification test of “patriots governing Hong Kong”. This means that the Chinese Communist Party has completely abandoned the one country, two systems promised to Hong Kong people at that time, thus declaring that one country, two systems is dead. Before that, Hong Kong people were able to enjoy the freedom of speech, judicial independence, and to a certain extent, the right to vote, which mainland Chinese did not enjoy when there was a seemingly unrepresentative existence of “one country, two systems”. The concept of “patriots governing Hong Kong” now proposed by the Chinese Communist Party is tantamount to dividing Hong Kong people into those who are subservient to the Chinese Communist Party and those who dare to fight for the democratic rights of Hong Kong people in accordance with the Basic Law.

The “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” imposed on Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party last year shows that the Chinese Communist Party has lost patience with the situation in Hong Kong, and the four charges, including the crime of inciting secession, are obviously tailor-made for those who dare to resist the Chinese Communist Party. If the Chinese Communist Party keeps its promise of “one country, two systems”, then it is the right of the people of Hong Kong to demonstrate and even oppose the government, now that these rights have been criminalized and democrats have been arrested or detained, the “patriots governing Hong Kong” is an excuse for the CCP to take full control of Hong Kong – the CCP is not looking for “patriots”, it is looking for “communists”.

On top of this, the CCP government also feels the need to change the election system which has been heavily manipulated and favors the pro-communists, which shows that the CCP has no public opinion and confidence at all in governing Hong Kong. Prior to the revision of Hong Kong’s electoral system, only half of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council members were directly elected, while the other half were from the pro-communist camp arranged by the Chinese Communist Party, which on the surface still appeared to have an electoral system. Now that the electoral system has been rebuilt and has been introduced into the agenda of the CCP’s rubber-stamp National People’s Congress, it means that Hong Kong no longer even has the illusion of democratic elections. The CCP-controlled Election Committee not only vets all the candidates running for election, but also directly appoints legislators, and those candidates who advocate democratic changes cannot be elected, which is the common leadership model of dictatorial governments.

On the international front, although the U.S. State Department spokesperson expressed strong condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party’s attack on Hong Kong’s democratic system and its opposition to China’s human rights violations against Hong Kong people and against the Muslim minority in Xinjiang; and the British Foreign Office urged the CCP authorities to keep their promises to Hong Kong people, including respecting their fundamental rights and freedoms and Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, it all seems to be the same as what happened after Hitler tore up the Treaty of Versailles in 1935, all countries are currently just sitting back and watching the tiger fight, and so far they have not realized the CCP’s ambition for global domination and have not taken any action to support Hong Kong. In the words of the last Governor, Chris Patten, this is by far the greatest measure taken to obliterate Hong Kong’s aspirations for freedom and greater democracy within the framework of the law.

From now on, the SAR government headed by Carrie Lam will have to fully cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party’s election system, which has no democratic will at all, in a step-by-step manner, and democracy in Hong Kong will cease to exist. A prosperous and democratic Hong Kong has come to a point where it is in disarray today, and the pro-democracy camp is being sidelined through the amendment of the law. Let us see more and more clearly the dictator Xi Jinping’s ambition, Miles summed up very classical: 2025 using the Belt and Road, let the world making sinicization, China and the United States together to govern the world, 2035 China’s GDP surpassed the United States, the Chinese Communist Party as the world leader, 2049 completely defeated the United States, the Chinese Communist Party to rule the world.

In the face of a world so shaken by the evil Chinese Communist Party, it’s time for the world to wake up!

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