【Giselle’s Column】Why is there darkness and evil in this world?

Translator: Feng Zhi Shang

Proofreading: Maoben

Image source: Xuite

Many people don’t understand, since God loves the world, why should he create darkness and Satan? Why is there both a light and dark side in human nature? Isn’t it better to be directly bright?

According to the “Old Testament · Job”, Satan is one of the angels, and he was ordered by God to test Job and was not an enemy of God. Most of the demons and fallen angels depicted in the “Bible” are inferred from some sentences in the “Bible”.

I do not want to discuss the life of Satan’s past and present here, but I would like to give an example of why this world has darkness and evil:

Just like the game manufacturer designs a game, the characters in it are both righteous and evil; there are humans and monsters as well. You play a bizarre upgrade in the game, experience the joy of victory over evil.

The designer’s purpose in letting you fight against monsters is not to make you a monster, but to get experience points through fighting against monsters, so as to achieve the purpose of winning.

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The Body is likened to a Bodhi tree, And the Mind to a Standed Mirror bright; frequently would we sweep and wipe it with diligence, So as to keep it from gathering dust and grime.

Bodhi in its origin is no Tree; Nor does the Bright Mirror have a Stand. If there is not a matter originally; Whither could the Dusts gathered be?

If the soul is immortal, and man has a soul

The body is just a container for the soul

The soul is invisible and intangible, but it does exist,

Perhaps it exists in a super three-dimensional form.

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