[Biohazard] 3. The Demon of Mount Lanka

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Abstract: Sri Lanka, under the control of Communist International, has cultivated a group of wicked scientists in the realm of coronaviruses, represented by Dr. Malik Peiris. Based on the researching center in Hong Kong, Dr. Malik Peiris has been developing coronavirus-related biochemical weapons and grouping a research team, all with the assistance of the Communist International, the Chinese Communist Party, and the WHO.

So I heard, at one time, Bhagavat lived in the city Lankavatara located on the top of the Malaya Mountains, abutting the ocean. All sorts of treasures with virtues formed the mountains, interspersed with each other, emitting flamboyant gorgeous blazing-shine, bright as hundreds and thousands of suns illuminating on a gold mountain. In addition, there were boundless aromatic trees in the resplendent garden that was full of precious scented forests. When the breeze was percussively sweeping over and swinging the branches and leaves, the air was suddenly suffused hundreds and thousands of graceful aroma flows and exquisite melodies exuded simultaneously. Following the circuitous traits along the hulking rocks, hither and thither, the mountain was spotted with the immortal halls, spiritual chambers, and niches that were all formed from numerous treasures, radiating bright lights from in and out, superb the brilliance from the Sun and the Moon, and also were the places where immortals and saints in the ancient to attain the enlightenment for the truth, assembling all the great bhikkhus and great bodhisattvas from various other Buddha-kṣetras.

——The First Sutra of Lankavatara Sutra

The Lankavatara Sutra, a.k.a the Lankavatara entry Sutra, was named by the tale of Buddha Shakyamuni’s entry to the Lankavatara. The sutra’s reading “the city Lankavatara located on the top of Malaya Mountains, abutting the ocean “, refers to an isolated island called Sri Lanka, having the name of the teardrop of the Indian Ocean, which is facing the Indian subcontinent of South Asia across the sea, formerly known as Ceylon, an island in the sea, mountains on the island, and a city in the mountain. The word “Lankavatara” is derived from the Indian epic poem “Ramayana”, referring to the island of Lankavatara, i.e. Ceylon.

The “Ramayana” depicted a mountain named Lankavatara on the island of Lankavatara, inhabited with many Rakshasas and Nightjars that were the usual demons in Hindu mythology, born out from the two toes of the primeval Supreme Beings. Both Asuras and nightjars were reincarnated beings in the eight divisions of the Draco. Rakshasas had similarities to asuras, extremely ugly as males but especially beautiful and voluptuous as females, however, most of the time, Rakshasas attacked humans aiming at human flesh and blood as food. Therefore, no Lankavatara islanders dared to reside on the island, and Lankavatara was regarded as a dangerous place to enter. Hence, the Buddha came to the locale in-person, expounding Buddhist sutras and subduing the hearts of all sentient beings.

A thousand years after the nirvana of Buddha, firstly, Sri Lanka, the Buddhist country, was colonized by Britain, being incorporated into the globalized development track of the empire on which the sun never sets. After World War II, the country inevitably encountered the specter of communism from Europe. Several civil wars later, Sri Lanka declared its independence from Britain in 1948 and became a self-governing territory of the Commonwealth. After that, this country gradually shifted toward the extreme-leftward communist course, even revised its country name to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (DSSR).

The education in Sri Lanka’s communist utopian has cultivated generations of evil atheist conspirators. As a consequence of the historical colonial relationship between Sri Lanka and Britain, many Sri Lankans obtained study opportunities in Britain and became a part of the British mainstream. These people were born brainwashed by communism, so the only purpose for them to learn modern science and technology is to become killing machines equipped with more advanced technologies, imperiling the world inhumanely and killing without blinking an eye.

Dr. Malik Peiris

On May 2, 2020, Miles Guo talked about the Hong Kong P3 Laboratory and the International Communist League, as well as on July 12, 2020, talked about the biochemical weapons developed by Dr. Malik Peiris, aiming at murdering all human beings and the testimony against the Chinese Communist Party from our heroic scientist Dr.Li-Meng Yan to save the whole world. Mr. Guo revealed the enemy of the Communist League is the United States, the leading nation in the white world. The leaders in the coronavirus research team in Hong Kong are all from these communized countries, Sri Lanka, and they are all absolute communism extremists, carrying their only goal to eliminate the United States and the white race.

Dr. Malik Peiris, born in a city located in Lankavatara Mountains in Sri Lanka, with an unpleasant appearance with ruthless peronality, seeming to correspond historically to the legend of the Demon of Lanka Mountain, “the male was extremely ugly, mostly attacking humans aiming for human flesh and blood as food”.

Dr. Malik Peiris studied medicine in Sri Lanka, later received a Commonwealth scholarship for postgraduate studies at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford University, the UK where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1981. He returned to Sri Lanka in 1982 and established a leading clinical virology laboratory, went back to the Royal Victoria Infirmary to be a virological consultant. In 1995, he joined the University of Hong Kong and founded a virological laboratory for clinical and public health at Queen Mary Hospital that is a subordinate of the University of Hong Kong, had worked in Hong Kong until his unexpected retirement during the 2020 CCP coronavirus pandemic.

The Sri Lankans, with the representation of Dr. Malik Peiris, have occupied half of the international research realm in coronaviruses. In 2003, Dr. Malik Peiris’s Sri Lankan research legion at the University of Hong Kong earned very high academic status from SARS outbreak in Hong Kong and the mainland as well as its mysterious disappearance afterwards (Hong Kong Storm 2: Article 23 of the Basic Law and SARS ). Henceforth, the research team of Dr. Malik Peiris at the University of Hong Kong became inseparable with all viral epidemic events ever since, the avian influenza H5N1, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the CCP coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic… – involving their scientific discoveries as well as the origin behind these infectious diseases.

Mr. Guo indicated that after Margaret Chan, the former director of Hong Kong’s Department of Public Health, was pushed into the position as the director-general of the WHO, after nurturing Tedros Adhanom, later she handed the position over to him – a notorious figure during the CCP coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Tedros, Margaret Chan, and Malik Peiris, including the core personnel in the coronavirus research team at the University of Hong Kong, are all pivotal members of the International Communist League.

“These members of the Communist League only have one enemy, the United States of America, or the white people! Where have the one, two, three–the top three leaders of the Hong Kong lab come from for all these years? They are all from Sri Lanka, all of them are absolute communist extremists. They have only one goal that is to eliminate the United States and erase the white race! These people in Hong Kong P3 labs, no doubt, have been bought off by the communists and the Hong Kong lab represents the highest level of WHO in the field of coronavirus technology, coronavirus research capability, coronavirus surveillance, and coronavirus power, both in Asia and the world.”

Mr. Guo also implied these professionals in the scientific community are no better than politicians in terms of corruption and he has long-mastered the evidence regarding their Sri Lankan dealings, hidden assets, and perverted private lives.

Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images

In 1997, shortly after Dr. Malik Peiris’s settlement in Hong Kong, H5N1, avian influenza, began to spread in Hong Kong and the first case of human infection was reported. In a paper published in The Lancet, Dr. Malik Peiris’s team discussed cytokines, a group of signaling proteins that has an important function for the immune response, and proposed that the avian influenza virus would trigger a higher-than-normal level of cytokine when it infects white blood cells, called a cytokine storm. After the virus triggers the over-secretion of the pro-inflammatory cytokines, it would attack normal human cells, causing acute inflammation to seriously endanger the lives of victims.

It is noteworthy that whether it is a coincidence that the Spanish flu in 1918 and the subsequent A H1N1 virus, as well as the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, all had the cytokine storm as an important mechanism for the severe symptoms and death? More notably, Dr. Malik Peiris’s doctoral research at Oxford University was about the role of antibodies to promote the entry of viruses into cells, rather than to prevent them from entering cells.

The research has shown that the S protein (Spike protein) of CCP virus (Coivd19) has a Furin cleavage site, and its packaging mechanism is the same as that of murine hepatitis coronavirus, HIV, and Ebola virus, but differs from other β coronaviruses like SARS. Due to the alteration of packaging mechanism, the S protein of the novel coronavirus has attained a higher efficiency to infect cells, which may be a reason for its greater transmission ability than the SARS coronavirus. Some avian influenza viruses can also obtain a Furin cleavage site by mutation to increase their efficiency in infecting cells. H5N1 has got much stronger ability to infect human cells after possessing the Furin cleavage site, while the emergence of the same enzyme cleavage site on the CCP virus implies an important clue for the artificial origin of the CCP virus.

Dr. Malik Peiris’s research career has been accompanying varieties of public health events for decades, causing increasing suspicion. With the support from dark forces, Dr. Malik Peiris’s business has been flourishing at the School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong. Numbers of institutions successively invested in the collaboration with Dr. Malik Peiris to establish the research structures, forming the Biochemical Weapon Research Team in Hong Kong with the P3 Lab severing as the main body eventually.

(To be continued…)

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