【War Clouds Column】Episode 21: The CCP is a Practitioner of “Perfect Crime” Theory —— Case Ⅱ: Institutional Advantages

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BILD’s (German’s largest newspaper) asking Five Questions to General Secretary Xi Jinping of the Communist China has effectively hit the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) institutional advantages. That being the case, why did the author still include “institutional advantages” in this article? This is because it is complementary to the CCP’s Perfect Crime Theory. The author will list some evidence in the article to analyze, and you will find that the institutional advantages have become a sharp weapon for the CCP both internally and externally in peacetime.

On the evening of February 19th, German time, according to an article by the German BILD, “China must answer these five questions now!” The article shattered the “institutional advantages” claimed by Xi Jinping and his totalitarian regime. On February 20th, EST, Lude Media also followed up and shared this shocking news in his broadcast show.

BILD reported that since the nanoscientist from Hamburg Prof. Dr. Roland Wiesendange released an explosive study report about the CCP Virus on Thursday, which has been attracting the whole world’s attention. From his perspective, it is quite certain that the virus came from a high-level security laboratory near the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Wiesendange said, ‘There are 600 references as circumstantial evidence pointing to a serious accidental leak of the CCP virus at the laboratory, in the city where the pandemic began. Based on the explosive conclusion of this research, Germany, the leader of the European Union, has been stimulated by these provocative actions. After the BILD’s fierce behavior, it is believed that more incredible reports will be consecutively published in European and American societies in a short time which was in accordance with Lu De’s predication expressed in his show (Lu-Bo-Ai-Guan Talk) on February 18th. The author believes that now it is the turn of President Xi Jinping of the Communist China to use his institutional advantages to answer the above questions. If you do not answer or prevaricate, you are tantamount to declaring your advantages null.

1. Do you agree that the new coronavirus was brought into the world from the laboratory?

2. Why didn’t China warn the world about the coronavirus outbreak at an early stage?

3. Why has China conducted research and experiments on coronaviruses?

4. When do you think international experts will be allowed in Wuhan?

5. How should China compensate the world?

Through these five questions, the Chinese would have realized the way how Western gentlemen deal with problems, which is civilized but straight to the point!

The most curious for the author was question 3 and question 5. It is strange that there is no respectable form of “You” in Chinese used in front of the questions. As Dr. Guan said, “Doing research was supposed to have a good purpose somehow the CCP cannot make up any reasonable excuses for the purpose of their experiments, so the CCP is not able to answer these questions. As for question five “How should China compensate the world?” The cession of territory can no longer afford to compensate, as the author’s believe the only way is to hold the CCP regime accountable — overthrow it. Therefore, the CCP will not be able to answer these two questions by all means. If Xi Jinping still has a little bit of humanity, you would better follow the example of German Nazi Hitler — committed suicide, or imitate the emperor of Japan during World War II  —  surrender and accept international trial. Here is one more question to General Secretary Xi Jinping: How many sorts of viruses have you prepared to attack all mankind?

Let’s take a look at the response of the CCP’s embassy in Germany: “The so-called ‘study’ cited by BILD is neither a logic nor scientific research report. As soon as it was published, it was widely questioned and criticized by the German academic community, the media, and the public. It is shameless and disgraceful that BILD put forward the ‘Five Questions China Should Answer’”. The CCP’s act of scolding others being shameless actually reflects its own shamelessness, also exposing its panic towards conducting “rigorous scientific research”. Dr. Limeng Yan has been waiting for experts all over the world to join the scientific debate, in contrast the CCP is always looking the other way and evading the subject. By taking the denials cited by some so-called top international experts who have been bought by the CCP will not achieve your purpose that “A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth”. If the pandemic is a natural disaster and China is a victim like other countries, then why did you forge so many stories about the origins of the virus? And why didn’t the CCP allow international independent missions to conduct investigation fairly and unrestrictedly in Wuhan?  It’s strange that the author took a lot of effort to find the article recently mentioned by Lude Media “German media hyped up a conspiracy theory that ‘Wuhan laboratory leak’, and China expressed a solemn statement”, because mainstream media in Communist Chinese rarely lost their voice. Judging from the isolated report, we can see how frightened of the CCP! Because they knew it was just beginning to fight back……

What is the institutional advantage of communist China? The author quotes two responses from Dr. Bo of  Lude Media. 1, the so-called institutional advantage of communist China is that (when they release the virus) to weld the people’s houses (when they release the virus) because there are no human rights in communist China, while the Western countries have human rights. They cannot weld people’s houses. So this is the institution advantage of the CCP. By the same reasoning, the advantage of attack with unrestricted biological weapons is that the CCP can use it to attack its own people first (human testing). Once the people endured it, then they attacked the Western countries. Therefore this would do more harm to the Western countries. 2, Another advantage is the theory of “the barefooted is not afraid of the shoe-wearing.” They have been barefoot for many years, so communist China (barefoot) is not afraid of Western countries (wearing shoes).

“This is what Xi Jinping and the others are doing now,” Dr. Bo continued, referring to the so-called institution advantage, actually a gangster logic. That is, they must change the West’s developed status to a poor and blank again. Then they will pass on the experience of saline-alkali land, eventually defeating the Western countries. This is the principle of how to win by using unrestricted biological weapons. They have been preparing for this for a long time, and the coronavirus is just one of the viruses in their arsenal (labs). In a word, in terms of using unrestricted biological weapons, the CCP has strategically and tactically reached “overtake on the bend.” And on this basis, it is surprising that the Western countries are currently discussing how to compete with communist China! Therefore, the Whistleblower’s Movement must awaken the Western countries and make the Western world realize the strategy and ambition of the CCP. The CCP has poor technology, but their determination to kill the Western countries is firm. For example, the P4 lab was made by the French, but they are using Western technology to bring the world to ruin. The CCP uses itself rich experience in saline land to defeat the United States, that is their wolf ambition.”

In nearly 100 years after the CCP establishment, the author believes that they have indeed relied on the so-called advantages, but in fact, “national deception” to achieve the so-called brilliant achievements and rank the world’s second-largest economy. It is not even an exaggeration to say that if the current communist China had not been governed by Xi Jinping, who has only elementary school level, but by Jiang Zemin’s stifling and wealthy governance model, then the “national deception” of their institution advantage could certainly continue to remain active on the world stage for a long time. Even under Xi Jinping such an “accelerated” model, no Whistleblower’s Movement, no Dr. Limeng Yan poke through the CCP’s cards, then whom would the world ask for the truth? Everything will still be like the 2003 “SARS” and be identified as a perfect natural disaster. All the countries are to pay by themselves and will continue to surrender to the CCP, showing the false feast of the so-called Great Tang Dynasty and all countries come to. Then, the psychology of Perfect Crime is successfully exploited. But as Dr. Yan’s Whistling, this unrestricted biological weapon warfare launched by the CCP has triggered the world’s attention to its perfect crime typical case, and finally pierced the perfect criminal attempts, they must get legal sanctions.

The People’s Daily elaborates on its institution advantages, “The advantage of our system is the fundamental role played by the centralizing national strength. What is this national strength? The national chessboard, the concentration of strength to do great things, the unity of the nation, and the efficiency of action.”

Despite the CCP has a good writer, who racked his brain to write empty content articles, it still reveals a key message about the perfect crime of institution advantage, which is likened to a “chessboard” in explaining the strength of the CCP state. What is “chess” ? The boundary of the chessboard is the cage of a country’s strength, which is in the middle of the rules and does not exceed the limits. It goes without saying that the chess pieces are the people. The invisible hands that constantly retract move in chess and handle the chess pieces is the state machine – Strength. This writer is so wonderful, and his poetic and highly generalized language skills are almost perfect. We couldn’t underestimate these empty theoretical teachings. In communist China, the people are born with an imprisoned and firewalled way of life so that they can’t understand the newspaper and policies which were made by the CCP. They are screaming for those “vague words”, and believe that the situation is always great no matter who they are  professors or farmers.

But the “concentrated power to do great things, the country as a whole, is it efficient”? Look at the countless big projects, such as the Three Gorges Reservoir, the nuclear power plant, the virus bank laboratory, and so on, which belong to the above “concentrated power to do great things”. One person decided with hundreds of millions of people following, then how can the Western countries do it like this? Isn’t the national crime system the advantage of the perfect crime show? All the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP are actors/actresses.

Finally, the author wants to tell a small experience about himself. This may explain how the people who live in communist China are thinking. Hoping it will help to learn by analogy.

One day, one of the author’s masters sent a short video, in which an abbot held a handover ceremony of the national flag into a religious place in front of Buddha. And the monks were reading Xi Jinping’s thoughts and some official words, as well as chanting sutras. She asked what the author thought of it. The author said, “It’s easy, you can understand it from the scene, isn’t that just insulting to their Buddha? She said. Don’t look at the problem that way, do you think those monks are willing? They don’t want to do either. The author said that it is not necessarily true, maybe some monks are willing to. She asked who the injured party were in the end? The author replied, “Religion is hurt. She disagreed, “No, the outside world and the international community condemned the CCP government”. It dawned on the author that a flawless theory of brainwashing has injected a new explanation for the perfect crime theory. Is there a problem with this? The CCP is condemned and those monks are innocent. To give a less appropriate example, according to the U.S. definition of the crime of rape, it may be really reasonable. If you shout orgasm, then how can you call it rape? But those people who are familiar with the logic of the CCP’s perfect crime know that the CCP government apologizes if they are condemned, they adjust policies if condemned, the leader resigned if condemned, then we all go condemn them. But the CCP’s institutional advantage is the Wall theory, because the people can not hear the voice, so that its crime becomes seemingly perfect. But the BILD report is not an isolated incident, it is bound to bring a chain reaction. Dr. Yan’s third report on the CCP’s biological weapons evidence will be released soon, this will fuel the media fever once again and will surely force all the governments to take actions. That’s why the CCP’s response has become an isolated counterattack, rather than a mass attack, as evidenced by the lack of words and anger.

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