Dear brothers and sisters, let me first reiterate of a few characteristics for this private equity financing.  For 1,300 fellow fighters who are stockholders of the GTV, you have the first priority right.  You can keep your status as the GTV stockholders, or you can choose not keeping it. But there is one issue to remember, from now on, when we are restructuring this company, all of your stockholding, anything related, no longer exist anymore. The stock certificate you have will be useless.  But you must keep the stock certificate(s), they do have value.  I cannot disclose too much details today. Be sure to keep your stock certificate(s)! All right?

Secondly, you shall have your original payment information ready. The reason is that we will have an important action tomorrow.  From the day when you made your investment at the beginning till right now, those hundreds of millions of dollars, including $63 million received by VOG, or 60 million something dollars have been floating in the air (without being deposited to anyone’s account).

There is not a single penny being spent or going to anywhere (anyone’s account), or not one single penny was spent.  Nothing like what the gangster, very low person Wei Lihong (9-finger Goblin) claimed, i.e., she has spent your money and paid for her gigolos.

Not one single penny of the GTV’s investment funds have been spent.  Our GTV has been operated and developed continuously without spending one penny out of the investment funds. There are 100 to 200 employees working for GTV, and working for Getter.  Also, we have some other secret R&D teams. There are about 100, or 200 people, including people working in our supporting teams.

We did not spend one penny from your investment funds, the funds are kept in safe. After the funds were withdrawn from the Bank via checks, not one single penny was used. After the checks were issued, we closed our bank accounts.

SEC’s investigation is an administrative investigation.  Upon commencement of SEC’s investigation, no bank would accept those checks so the funds (as issued via checks) have never been deposited into any bank.  Today, when we look back, this is a great security for us.

The so-called fake case by the CCP, the case fraudulently filed by that no-hair Doudou, and Wei Lihong’s betrayal (9-finger Goblin) have all made our greatest second phase, which is the restructuring of the company.  During this period of time, the funds are secured since the checks are issued and outstanding (without being deposited to any bank).  Otherwise, it would be a trouble for us.  We now look back, if the checks were deposited, it may have caused big trouble to us.

Now regarding these checks, the SEC has notified us, in a formal way, the day before yesterday that tomorrow (no later than 5pm tomorrow), the SEC will deliver the checks to our lawyers.  The SEC has designated our lawyer to keep the checks as escrow.  This is the first time that the checks will be delivered from our safe box to lawyer’s safe box. Previously, even our lawyer was not willing to keep the checks.

That nine-finger Goblin, Wei Lihong has claimed the lawyer gave her some advice, which was an entire bullshit.  It is impossible.

SEC’s investigation is an administrative investigation, and it has no right or power to bring a criminal charge against anyone.  If the SEC wants to charge you for a crime, it has to work with the relevant AG office who shall bring a criminal case in a court. This is the greatness of the U.S.  SEC is administrative agency and its investigation is administrative.

Therefore, the check (GTV) and the check(s) received from the VOG are still in your hands (not being spent).  Literally, the fellow fighters have the right for disposal. But of course, we did not do anything about that.  As such, that is why we were worried that gangster, Wei Lihong (9-finger Goblin) may have spent your money.

Fortunately, the criminal investigation has begun. Once the criminal investigation starts, the money would be frozen and no one can touch that money.  If you touch that money, you will be doomed.

So as of today, the SEC has not initiated any criminal investigation on us. What the DOJ and the Attorney General’s office are just asking us questions, no case has been filed.

But the criminal investigation at Phoenix against (Wei Lihong) and the VOG has started.  We’ve voluntarily offered to add VOG into the investigation and we told them we were willing to cooperate with the investigation.  This is the responsibility I am taking.  I feel comfortable to take this responsibility because I’ve done nothing wrong or against the law.  Also, because of this investigation, all the funds (GTV and those funds in VOG’s accounts) are secured and protected.  Wei Lihong (9-finger Goblin) can’t touch the money and no one can, including the funds to be returned this time, Wei Lihong (9-finger Goblin) cannot touch them either.  This is the responsibility I’m taking, only to protect the fellow fighters’ money.

What about all of those 1,300 fellow fighters who hold the stock certificates, in particular our investors who currently reside inside of China. Comparing to the US investors or investors from other jurisdictions, there are a few differences.

No matter which jurisdiction you are currently reside, the SEC will make a decision very soon, about 1-2 weeks. It will provide us with a written notice.

Up to now, we haven’t signed any document or not one piece of paper in writing with the SEC yet.

SEC will issue an official document to us and it may say we hereof notify you officially to deposit the funds into a bank account as designated by SEC.  No one would touch it once the checks are deposited into that account, which will be supervised and administered by SEC.

New York AG office may be involved in the process, and even the DOJ could be involved.  It is possible but I am not sure. But SEC for sure will supervise this.

(SEC) will designate certain bank, and the checks (all the funds) will be deposited into it, the funds will be either $530 million or $560 million. Those funds include the money for purchasing G-Dollar, probably including the money collected via the apple store.  I am not sure about the money in apple store, but D-dollar money is certainly included. All those funds will be deposited to that bank account as designated by SEC. Then, all the people who’ve remitted the money before will be notified by an entity as authorized by SEC.

You will receive a notice, and it may state that how much money you invested and according to certain contract, your money will be returned. You will have options in terms of the return of the funds, i.e., you first (option), the second and the third …

Basically, here are your options:

For the investors and people who remitted money who are residents in the U.S. and European countries, the SEC requests that the money shall be returned to your bank account where you’ve remitted the money.

For all other people outside the U.S., you may choose from the following: 1) You can instruct them to remit the money to a third party where you can write your instruction as “I am not a U.S. person, please help remit the money to the bank account as designated by Himalaya Alliance Committee and the newly incorporated GTV’s account; or 2) you can choose to purchase GClubs membership. You are free to choose either way. That’s it.

Nevertheless, we’ve been working very hard with the SEC and doing our best to convince them to accept the following option, i.e., even the U.S. investors shall have the above choice. Because many of the U.S. investors actually remitted the money on behalf of others, i.e., investors in mainland China.  We hope SEC can agree with this. We will try our best to persuade the SEC to agree that anyone could designate a third party to receive the funds to be returned.

So, you will have two options: 1) we will return the money to you and you are not going to participate in the investment, or 2) we will remit the funds to GTV’s new bank account and you will continue to invest.  There are only these two options.

If anyone wants the money to be returned, you don’t need to contact us.  At that time, everyone has the right to choose to have your money back. You don’t need to get anyone’s permission.  But if you want to keep participating in the investment, you need to obtain our approval.  We won’t approve those people such as Wenxin and Hou Xiaobao from Taiwan. They are 100% not going to be allowed to participate.  And another one named “Shouchi Gangchade Runtu,” aka Dong Zhengsheng. His real name is Dong Zhengsheng, which I just found out yesterday.  We won’t let them participate.  There are already three people. And there is the 4th one, a fellow fighter from North Carolina who wants to be refunded.  These are the four people plus another one from France (who wants to be refunded).  So, a total of five people (who want their money back).

You don’t need to say anything to us, you can just fill out the paperwork so that you can get your money back, 100% refund.  This is one kind of situation (of being refunded).

For those who decide to continuously participate in the investment, just remit the funds to the designated accounts subject to our approval first.  At that time, we will sign a new agreement with you.  This time the process will be exactly the same with what we did last time.

But there are various new terms will be added to the agreement. The valuation (of GTV) has been totally changed.  For instance, it will be clearly stipulated in the agreement of the GTV’s board members. So, who are they? The board including the GTV’s former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Aaron A. Mitchell, who is a lawyer, and Mr. John Adams Morgan. Also, the members include Ms. Wang Yanping and the four fellow fighters of our “Blood-and-Iron Team,” i.e., Mr. Wang Xuebing, brother Long Island, Brother David from the UK Farm, and our Brother Grassroot. They will be on the board of directors. 

I don’t know if there will be other additional directors, because all the institutional investors wanted to have their directors on board, but we don’t agree with their requests. Our requirement is that the decision-making power of the company must be held by our fellow fighters. Let the “Blood-and-Iron Team” totally control (GTV).

Besides that, we will also add certain new terms to the agreement this time, including under any circumstance in the future, whatsoever, we shall have the right revoke your investment and return your funds without any cause, return your investment money without any reason.  This clause will be added, which is legal under the applicable law. Secondly, when you, in the future, start to oppose Miles Guo, or the Whistleblowers’ Movement, or if you support the CCP rather than the NFSC, we reserve the right to return your investment funds.  Although we don’t have the right to confiscate the fund, it is our right to return the original amount of investment to you.

Meanwhile, we will inform you that the valuation (of GTV) is different this time. What the latest valuation will be?  We don’t know yet, and we’re still waiting for the value assessment to be completed. The premium must certainly be over 5 times (of the previous valuation), even 10 times more, I am confident, but this is subject to the final valuation.

According to the valuation, you will be told that those who participated in (GTV’s) private equity financing and those who participated in the loan arrangement will be able to enjoy the premium based on the latest valuation (of GTV).  The number of shares you’ll receive is determined by how many times the premium will increase.

This policy also applies to those who purchased GDollar.  Those who purchased GDollar and/or GCoin, and those who participated in the loan arrangements and those who had the qualification to invest GTV’s private equity investment, all of them are included.

This also includes those who invested the former VOG and the Phoenix Farm and those people with their funds being seized by Canada and Italy. All of them are included.

Please remember, yesterday what I was supposed to say was those who would participate in the loan arrangement before this Friday will be included to enjoy this benefit.  Now, due to those fellow fighters within the CCP system, here we must say that, for those fellow fighters within the CCP system, because their family members and those who are associated with them want to transfer their money out of China to participate in this investment. Please be clear that everything we do is aimed to take down the CCP.  We should take care of those fellow fighters who are facing the risks and dangers within the CCP system.  We can’t let them miss out this opportunity, because none of us would have the second chance like this time. Therefore, we decided to postpone the deadline to wait for them to catch up. The deadline will be March 25, 2021.  Any funds remitted to each Farm by March 25 will count.

The second point I want to clarify is that, if the fellow fighters who are the GTV’s stockholders want to increase investment amount this time. There is no limit or restriction as to how much you want to increase this time. Because no limitation should be imposed.  Any fellow fighter who is GTV’s stockholder, you can increase (investment amount) as much as you want. Or, if you’ve participated in the loan arrangement, you can increase your investment as much as you want.  This policy also applies to those who purchased GDollars, including these who transferred funds to the former VOG and former Phoenix Farm and the Canadian (Farm).  It is all the same. All is the same, you can increase as much investment as you want this time.

Also, for people who want to increase investment amount through your farm who previously participated in the loan arrangement in the farm. For instance, if the premium goes up from 1 to 10 times, or 1 to 20 times, for whatever premium to be distributed to you, you shall share 50% of that premium with your farm.  The management commission of your farm will decide jointly where the money will be used, i.e., that funds shall be reserved for the farm’s use.

But now we have a new issue.  Some of our fellow fighters said “I don’t want to make investments through the farm, and I’ll remit the funds directly to GTV, to GTV’s account as a loan first.”  In that case, we can accept the funds now, of course we can. We can do that now. Then the farm will not collect that 50% of your premium, it is possible.  Some original stockholders would say “I don’t want to make investment through you (farm).”  The farm cannot collect money from the original stockholders. If the stockholders want to increase their investment, the farms cannot collect their premium. The original stockholders, including those who participated the loan arrangement shall have the right, and they shall have the right to remit the funds directly (to GTV), instead of remitting to the farm first. In that case, it’s possible that their 50% premium won’t be collected by the farm, okay? The deadline is March 25, 2021.

Let me say this once more, regarding the incorporation of our new GTV this time, all stock certificates, including stamps to be fixed on the certificate are exactly the same.

The other issue I want to reiterate is that those funds frozen in the accounts of VOG, (former) Phoenix Farm and Canadian Farm and the Italian (farm), besides this deadline, there is another important date, probably in early April, before April 15th. If you can have all those funds remitted back to (GTV’s) account (prior to this April deadline), and if the funds can be remitted into the account(s) of the GTV and the relevant companies to be incorporated, the stocks and the certificate will be issued to you directly.

However, if the funds cannot be remitted back by that deadline, then your stocks and the certificate will be sent to a BVI company, which will be controlled by (Himalaya) Alliance Committee and to be held by (Alliance Committee) in escrow, provided that certain deadline may apply.  For example, there is a deadline applied to Canada, another deadline applied to Italy, Phoenix Farm, and VOG respectively. 

If you can remit the funds within the applicable deadline, we will issue the stock certificate.  But if the funds cannot be remitted on time, we can terminate the transaction with you.  We will unilaterally terminate the transaction with you without any condition and we will then dispose the relevant stock and the certificates. As to the applicable indebtedness, legal actions shall be proceeded according to the laws.

Let me repeat, especially those fellow fighters used to be with the VOG and Phoenix Farm.  As to your rights and obligations, you must contact your farm and the Alliance Committee. You have right to receive stock and certificate in the future provided that you sign contract to transfer your debts.  If you don’t sign on the contract to transfer your creditor’s right prior to early April where you’ve remitted funds to VOG, you will lose the opportunity to receive stocks and certificate.  You need to sign the assignment contract (in order to receive stock and certificate) first.  Please contact your farm and the Alliance Committee, who will provide you with a standard contract for signing, and you shall provide evidence according to their instruction.  That’s all for this issue.

The next issue is about the bank account(s) for fund remittance. Information of bank account(s) to receive GTV’s investment and loan amounts will be provided to the Himalaya Alliance Committee, all of which are absolutely confidential. This time, we’ve prepared at least over a hundred bank accounts. If one account is closed (due to the CCP’s influence), we will release another, and one closed with another one released … Let’s fight a guerrilla warfare with (the CCP).

The bank account(s) will be provided to each farm and Himalaya Alliance Committee directly. For each fellow fighter who will receive the bank account, you must remember this: only the Chairman and the members of the Alliance Committee, the head and deputy head of each farm, and the members of our “Blood and Iron Team” have the right to provide the bank accounts to our fellow fighters.  He or she must have known you well before he/she releases the account information, and if you have not confirmed with him/she in person, then this does not count.

Upon confirming the bank information, you can remit the money provided that you shall not disclose the bank information to any third party.

Upon remitting the funds, you will receive a notification upon receipt of your funds by stating that the transaction is closed, and you will receive stocks and the stock certificate for the newly incorporated company later. The number of stocks you will received will be determined based on valuation of the company, for instance if the valuation of the company increased 20 times, you will receive the number of shares equal to your investment amount times 20. Is that clear?  The deadline is March 25, 2021.

For those who are currently the stockholders, you can ask the Alliance Committee to provide you with the bank information. If not, you may contact my previous WhatsApp number (used in our communications in previous investment) and I will give you the bank account information for you to remit funds.

But if you have joined a farm, I won’t provide bank information to you, which is not allowed.  Also, I won’t help you if don’t have a special cause. I need to know why you haven’t joined any farm.  Only if you can provide me with convincing reason and evidence, I may accept your request, otherwise I will be exhausted from all these. I believe that’s not your wish to see me in that state.

Do you understand this process? This is the most important part in today’s broadcast, i.e., why (we’re doing this) and how (we will do it).

I can tell you that lawyers from the top law firms are now working on this around 24 hours. We are paying them double legal fees to speed up the process.

Let me reiterate this once again that the restructuring of GTV has nothing to do with the SEC. I cannot imagine there are still people listening to those stupid talks. Those CCP’s Pawns are talking lies, bolded lies, but there are some of our fellow fighters still believe those lies.  Yesterday somebody even told me a foolish logic by saying, Miles, we need to listen to people from other aspects because listening to both sides make you smart and listening to one-sided story make you a fool. What kind of logic is this?

But do you think this logic is correct?  In my parents’ home, all important decisions were made by my mother.

My father always said: let’s discuss with other people to see if there is any better choice while my mother was assertive by saying: let’s do it, no more discussion.

I’ve witnessed this kind of conversation all the time since I was a kid.  My mother said the following which has influenced my whole life and became my guiding principle. My mother really influenced me a lot, and I hope my mother won’t get mad at me from the heaven since I am to reveal what she’s said.

When I was a little kid, my mom always said this to my dad when they argued for something: “Look, you’re always talking to get some advice from other people, but what’s for?  Don’t you know what is smelling good or bad?  In front of a piece of shit, you still want to taste it with your tongue?  Sesame oil is sesame oil, and shit is shit. You can smell it or look at it to observe whether it’s sesame oil or shit, but why you have to taste it with your tongue?” 

My mom always said this to my dad when she was in argument with my father.  This always made my father dumbstruck and unable reply to her. Not being able to argue back, my father became very angry and blamed my mom. I’ve seen this for millions of times.

But nowadays, there are still someone in this modern society who can’t distinguish what smells good or bad. Someone insists to taste with tongues to know if that’s shit or not – someone wants to taste the shit. If it’s a piece of shit, you will know it when you see it, so simple.  SEC is an administrative agency in the U.S., and we’ve done dealing with it. We’re incorporating new entities this time, which has nothing to do with the SEC because the entities won’t be incorporated in the U.S.

One more issue I want to reiterate: for those who are GTV’s stockholders and investors in the U.S. will enjoy the same treatment as previous GTV financing, i.e., they will stay in an entity, same status with SARACA. You will hold stocks with the same terms and conditions.

Another thing is that is no KYC (Know Your Customer) this time, it’s not legally required this time.  You won’t be required to fill in those KYC forms. We won’t do KYC upon you either. No KYC this time. If you claim you’re a U.S. person, then you’ll be treated as a U.S. Person; and if you saying you’re not a U.S. person, we will believe for what you claim. We don’t do KYC this time. 

So, this investment will be a completely new investment, which has nothing to do with the SEC. In a worst scenario, for all those 1,300 stockholders, you can take back all of your money, right?  Then we will start with the new entities with the new investors. For those who were stockholders, you can take back your funds and make investment. Your previous stock certificates will be null and void.  It doesn’t matter to use because we have more options now.

Can you guess how much money is pouring into the GTV from China and the world in the past days alone?  Our previous investment funds (currently under the supervision of the SEC) were only over $500 million dollars, right?  Do you know how much funds are trying to pour in this time?  Everybody can guess how much are coming in, through loan arrangement or capital increase, can you guess?

Let me tell you, there are two fellow fighters who wanted to invest $5 billion, just two of them.  Of course, we don’t have so many shares to be distributed to them.  I told them that each of them can only invest $15 million. 

Dear fellow fighters: what we care the most?  Our goal is to make our poor fellow fighters, as many as we could, become wealthy and that’s making the CCP so frightened. Our goal is not making those two wealthy fellow fighters to become much wealthier because the CCP won’t be frightened – the CCP is not scared of rich people.  Rich people are not a real threat to the CCP.  The CCP can arrest those rich people, such as Jack Ma and Wu Xiaohui, and they can kill Ye Jianming.  Not even mention that Xiao Jianhua – the CCP can easily kill him.  The CCP do not care about any rich people. What it’s afraid of is so many of our poor fellow fighters are becoming rich, our grassroots – Lao Baixing can become wealthy. That is what we want to achieve.

Furthermore, what the CCP scares the most is that we give this opportunity to our fellow fighters within the CCP’s system and now they are here.

I don’t believe the CCP can control what all 1.4 billion Chinese people want to do, go to hell, CCP!  I know what kind of effect we’re causing this time.  What we’re doing is to distribute gold and diamond to our fellow fighters which is such a huge benefit.  I can tell you that it’s unprecedented in human history and I also believe it won’t happen again in human history.  I believe this kind of thing is the first time in my life time, for me this is the first time.

You will receive stock certificate with par value of $1 per share, which is very appropriate.

You can go find any of the CCP Pawns and ask him/her: Can you do what Miles Guo did?  Can you issue shares or stocks like he did with par value of $1 per share, or can you make up a set of legal documents – to spend $1 million to 2 million to prepare those legal documents, or can you create a GTV or similar platform where I can go check it out?  Or, can you issue shares and stock certificates to us?  I want that, right?  If this is very simple, you can go ahead to issue some shares, right? You can issue shares and let’s see whether anyone wants to purchase them.

Can those CCP Pawns have share certificates printed, or do they dare to send out the contracts? If they did, they will be put into jail because that’s called fraud since there is no legal entity, no 3rd party appraiser, no legal document, no legitimate team, no management, no such experience, which is called “fraud.”

But the GTV has all of those criteria as mentioned above. If we want to issue shares to the universe, I bet it will be very popular.  It’s that simple, our documents are legitimate, valuation is legitimate, and our business and operations are real, and we hired people working for GTV, and the GTV’s value for the future is foreseeable.

That’s the reason. I can tell you that a retired senior CCP cadre and all his family have moved out of China who are our fellow fighters. I bet he’s listening to my broadcast now.  His granddaughter was in Greece and we’ve rescued her some days ago from Greece to another country.  She asked to invest at least $200 million this time, but I said no.  We can only allow them to invest $2 million, why?  Because we don’t have that much of shares to be issued to anyone. 

For all our fellow fighters who will become wealthy after this round of investment, I believe most of them, I cannot guarantee all of you, but I am confident that 90% of you, after you can afford living a decent life with nice house and cars, you will put all your energy and efforts to take down the CCP.  This is what the CCP is so frightened about the most.

We shall let poor people to live a decent life, to make poor people to have a better life than those illegitimate bastards of those Zhongnan Pit SOBs, such as Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie.  That is what the CCP can’t tolerate, which is our real goal.  Nobody can stop us and stop our success of this investment.

There are 5 offshore jurisdictions have reached out to us.  We’re not joking, we could launch our issuance of shares from 5 jurisdictions at the same time, all of which will be legal.  As long as your company has value, and no fraud or misrepresentation is committed, you can do that.  We can sure issue shares in those 5 jurisdictions. In the future, we may go to different jurisdictions to issue shares. 

Also, I am telling you, GTV may not go to IPO in a normal way as you may expect it. If GTV lists its shares in a stock exchange, it will adopt some created way, something you may not have heard of.

I want to share you with one idea. Have you ever thought of this?  When this world keeps digging the origin of this CCP virus, the genocide and the crimes against humanity committed by the CCP to a certain extent, how valuable will the GTV be?  When GTV is the only overseas platform for revealing and communicating the truth in Chinese and English.  You tell me, will Google, YouTube, or Facebook, or other big media or social media company want to swap stocks with those of the GTV?  As long as one such company wants to swap shares with the GTV’s shares, can you imagine the outcome?

We can negotiate with HBO, or whatever entertainment company in Hollywood to swap shares.  There are so much such kind of companies to choose from. As long as there is one such kind of public company swaps shares with the GTV’s shares, the GTV will be a public company.

Besides the stock-swap, do you know what else we can do? It’s called Direct Public Offering or Direct Listing – a direct offering to the public, after which the GTV will be a public company.  We don’t need too many people, assuming there are 10 million of people want to subscribe the GTV’s shares, what does that mean? That means GTV will be the largest public company whose shares are listed with Direct Public Offering.

If I decide to immediately start a Direct Public Offering today, I can do it and no one can say no, it’s legitimate. I can make decision to go public in this way today.

One of the GTV’s institutional investors, who is also the ultimate actual owner of GTV, and who is still contributing funds to our GTV, he told me today (which is the most important words he’s ever said since the beginning of his investment): “Miles, since we’ve achieved what we have today, I will support you to the end. No matter how much more money you will spend, and whatever decision you make, even if you decide never go IPO, I will continuously make investment, or if you say we shall raise capital in stock market today, I will always support you and your decision.  Our focus and priority are your fellow fighters.”  This is the best example of what we’ve achieved out of the big trouble.

Dear Fellow fighters, this is your Brother Miles.

Let me tell you, if I want to go public today and I’m to start a private placement today, the GTV will definitely become the most successful company going public via private placement.  Private placement, I can do it today, I can do it right away. And, I can have it done within one month.

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