The Harsh Reality Of Life For Chinese Mainlanders

In the minds of Chinese mainlanders, to live means to work, and it must not stop until death.

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For those who have lived in mainland China, have you ever talked to someone from the grassroots? Have you ever witnessed the real life of these people from the grassroots?

“Only by experiencing it yourself can you truly understand the harsh reality Chinese mainlanders live under.”

People who live outside of China often take what they see and hear from major CCP media outlets as the true picture of how Chinese live today. Little do they know that what they see may be merely what the CCP allows the world to see. Getting first-hand video footage of grassroots Chinese and transmitting them overseas are becoming more challenging these days.

As a person who has been trapped in this hellish continent for decades, I would like to present how Chinese grassroots really live as I witnessed it.

I have lived in Hebei province for decades, which is not considered a typical impoverished province in mainland. However, since I was a child, I have never heard that rural workers in Hebei enjoyed their two-day weekend. Those so-called “civil servants” who work for the CCP’s apparatuses, which consist of a tiny percentage of the entire working population in China, are among the few exceptions.

Demographically speaking, most of the rural workers are working in private enterprises where the 8-hour working day system and two-day weekend holidays, are usually beyond the supervision of CCP’s labour law.

Almost all rural grassroots are destined to spend their whole life working till working is beyond their ability, due to health or old age.

There was this a man in our village, 5’8″ tall, who had been working as a construction worker.

He was a humorous man, whom I joked with all the time back in the days. Until one day, I found him walking with a limp, so I half-jokingly asked him what happened. He replied that his leg hurt. I said why don’t you go to the hospital to check out the leg pain? He replied that he’d rather make do with it when he still could. In fact, I know in my heart, that a rural person like him generally cannot afford to go to the hospital, because, all the CCP’s hospitals overcharge and rip people off. It was only later, when his leg pain became unbearable, that he had to go to the hospital for a checkup. As a result, he was found to be suffering from bone cancer. A month or so later, he passed away.

At the south end of our village, there was another elderly man in his sixties. Due to his poor health, he could not do heavy physical labor. He has been making a living by growing some vegetables and selling them at the market.

Some time ago, I heard from people in the village that he passed away, also because he was diagnosed with cancer. A month or so after, the old man passed away.

In mainland China, almost everyone who lives in the countryside, especially the impoverished people are repeating this similar fate, they work until they become too weak to do so, shortly before their lives quickly perish after retirement.

In the minds of Chinese mainlanders, to live means to work, and it must not stop until death. They do not know what is meant by “eight-hour work day system”, nor do they know what “taking a break” and “vacation” mean, nor do they even know what the government is really for. They are also too scared to think about what “freedom, fairness, democracy, human rights and dignity” mean.

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