Important Scientists Inside the CCP Come Forward to Cooperate with the West

In the February 22, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that a few scientists in Europe had come forward to cooperate with the intelligence and government agencies to provide the evidence showing the CCP’s long-term and systematic plan of extinguishing the white people, that is, the “white genocide plan”. Taking down the CCP by the truth about the virus has advanced to a new stage.

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A message was sent to me from Europe, saying, “Miles, we are very grateful to you for introducing to us these Chinese who are with great conscience.” After several months’ struggling, a few scientists in Europe with a CCP background have come forward to get in touch with government officials and intelligence agencies through me. These people’s families have mostly settled down in Europe. They were participants of the two projects and know part of the fact behind this [virus]. 

I introduced them to those officials in European governments and intelligence services. Of course, considering the interests of their family members in mainland China and their various businesses in Europe and the U.S., it’s completely normal [for them to wait a little long to come forward]. Few people dare to stand up to take down the CCP in this way like our scientist [Dr. Yan], not many. It’s easier said than done because there are too many concerns. 

So after careful consideration, these people – I’m going to wear black gloves with five fingers, not four – made a critical decision recently. And then they started to cooperate with these intelligence and government agencies to provide some very important evidence to prove the existence of the CCP’s long-term and systematic plan of targeting the white people, that is, the “white extinction plan”, which is a white genocide plan targeting the West. It is called “Pandora’s Box” in the words of Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi. (Showing his black gloves.) Real black hands, real black hands. It’s the whole plan of Pandora’s box. 

I can’t describe the shock of these people to you. He said, “Miles, if we listened to your warnings a few years ago, the world would not have come to this disaster.” The U.S. is now in the midst of severe illness and is “enjoying” being destroyed by the 3F plan. So, let it bleed for a little longer and suffer a little more, and then it will wake up. The waking up of Europe is crucial to taking down the CCP, but let me say this again, my brothers-in-arms, never count on others to take down the CCP for us. It must be by the communists themselves, by the Chinese and by the people of our New Federal State of China (NFSC). No one can stop us from taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the CCP virus and by financial activities. When you are truly aware of the importance of this and the wisdom of this, you will feel endless happiness. Don’t misinterpret my words and think that happiness always means orgasm and sex. That’s not what I mean. 

So brothers and sisters, after letting go of fear, personal interests, and selflessness, those Chinese people with conscience will naturally unite with people of the NFSC to take down the CCP together. There is no doubt about it, without a doubt. It’s just a matter of how long it will take and how many people will join us. This is the charm and strength of our NFSC. It’s really impossible to take down the CCP without you, because everyone’s efforts and contributions count, including everything that you post on social media. What you have done will multiply and continue to exist, and they will be like sparks in the beginning and these sparks can become much larger flames. 

After one of the scientists met with the government of a country, his family all went to the U.S., but he stayed in Europe. An official of this government told me, “Mr. Miles Guo, from his fear in the past to today’s bravery, this person has totally changed.” Brothers and sisters, the NFSC has unlocked the wisdom of the 1.4 billion Chinese people who were brainwashed by the CCP, has awakened the conscience of the Chinese people, and has allowed the Chinese people to regain their dignity, courage, and decent lives. These are deserved by everyone, and they are not the CCP exclusive. These words are absolutely important because they will let the Chinese find their true selves.

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