[Covid Origin] Covid-19 is a Perfect Crime, Just Like SARS

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The content from pages 201-202 of the CCP military textbook, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon” that was published by the Chinese Military Medical Science Press (CMMSP) in 2015, is a part of a letter from Xu Dezhong, the chief editor of the textbook, to a Director-General in an international organization to state the unnatural origination of SARS-CoV and its reverse evolution.

excerpt from page 201-2, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon”

By comparing the epidemiological history and the research progression of emerging infectious diseases mentioned above with those of SARS, it is easy to find that the origin and reservoir hosts of SARS-CoV have yet to be determined. This uncertain knowledge of the origination was rooted in by no means the researchers’ ineptitude, or the lagging research methods, or insufficient breadth and depth of research, but rather as a failure to consider possibility on the other side of the coin that is, there only exist natural reservoir hosts of Bt SL-CoV, but no reservoir hosts of SARS-CoV in nature at all. No reservoir hosts of SARS-CoV means no places for SARS-CoV to survive in nature. Therefore, SARS-CoV was merely a passerby in a rush in human history and referred to as the “passenger virus”.

Thus, Dr. Kathryn Holmes, when attending the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) two years after the SARS pandemic, showed her foresighted perception to state that “the strain of the SARS-CoV virus that has occurred in human populations may only exist in laboratory specimens”. She depicted the truth based on her long experience in fighting infectious diseases and her discerning eye as a scientist. As for the later addendum and content in her paper, it reflects her attitude of leaving leeway and being cautious as a scientist. Despite not being an epidemiologist, she, as an international authority in microbiology, knows for sure that: after the emergence of four mild cases without secondary cases from the end of 2003 to the beginning of 2004, there were no more cases from winter of 2004 to spring of 2005, a period in which respiratory infectious diseases are normally common. So it is worth calling into question if there exist infectious sources of SARS in the human populations and nature.

Then, why are there no reservoir hosts for SARS-CoV in nature at all and why is SARS-CoV no longer present in nature and the human populations, but only in the laboratories? To explore the causes, we should first narrate the statement indicated in the title of this paper: SARS-CoV possess the characteristics of reverse evolution.

[Author’s comment]

In this letter, Dr. Xu Dezhong, chief editor of the textbook, expressed clearly that the unnatural SARS origination has no reservoir hosts in nature at all, and highly extolled Dr. Kathryn Holmes’s right research direction about the unnatural origin of SARS-CoV in 2005. He also attributed the SARS-CoV’s passer-by feature to its ability of reverse evolution. In virology rules, reverse evolution is an extremely rare phenomenon for natural viruses. This is another supporting evidence showing that SARS-CoV has unnatural origin. All the information in this letterreveals that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knows well the origination of SARS-CoV from the very beginning although it has been advocating the civet origin to the whole world.

In addition, the letter for a Director-General in an international organization was written in 2013, therefore, the timeline obviously unveiled that not only the CCP but also some international experts and organization officials had knowledge of the unnatural origin of SARS-CoV. However, until now, no mainstream media, or related experts, or any international organizations, such as WHO, have publicly and officially published the true information of SARS-CoV origination to the world. In the reality, CCP has succeeded in stigmatizing the Chinese people’s eating habits as the cause of the SARS-CoV pandemic. Therefore, the world took the perception for granted since the outbreak of SARS-CoV. The cover-up and propaganda acted as a camouflage for a perfect crime, making all deaths the victims of nature and enabling the real criminals to elude justice.

Currently, the world is facing the enhanced SARS version, COVID-19, a.k.a SARS-CoV-2.  The names are almost identical, and the history seems to be repeating itself. Only this time, the CCP completely blames the Chinese eating habits, or bats, to for the virus.  Now the perfect crime is aiming at the holistic human population while not only at the Chinese. Moreover, more than a year after the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China, WHO finally assembled a professional investigation team to WuHan Virology Lab to find the source of the COVID-19, but the freshly-baked report has been under a lot of criticism. Peter Daszak, an expert in the team, introduced the investigation in an unprofessional manner like a virology layman, clearly hiding the evidence for the CCP. Perhaps, some experts and officials have already known the true COVID-19 origination, and maybe this time, after the perfect experiment of SARS-CoV on the Chinese more than a decade ago, they have colluded with the CCP to deploy the “Great Reset” plan via technologies, the climate change theory, and the coronaviruses, an intrigue plotted by the CCP and globalists and been disclosed by Archbishop Viganò in an interview. The Virus, COVID-19, is being used as the biological weapon in this “Great Reset” for an ongoing unrestricted war.

Contributor: Magnum 44  | Reviewer: Rica Machioni

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