Where does Carrie Lam’s CSI mask come from?

While the general public of Hong Kong have been fighting to buy masks for the prevention of Wuhan pneumonia, CE Carrie Lam was seen wearing a surgical mask with a ‘CSI’ logo at a press conference, along with other high-ranking officials.

CSI is the abbreviation for ‘Correctional Services Industries’, and the masks were manufactured by the people remanded in custody at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution. It is then supplied to the Government at cost.

Logistics Department purchases 1.1 million masks from CSI per month on an average, which is similar to the total quantity that was manufactured.

Recently some critics estimated that since the CSI has been producing a lot of masks, the Government should have as many as 100 million of such masks. The Government clarified the claims to be untrue, and the production date of the oldest stock was found to be Jan 2019 according to their record.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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