Discussion on “Patriots Governing Hong Kong”

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 时光漫步
  • Translator: 里奇

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Since the “Anti-Extradition Movement” in June 2019, the turmoil in Hong Kong has vividly interpreted the “features” of the CCP’s rule- The party media spread rumors and blocked news. The “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” was quickly issued and the Hong Kong government became a puppet of the CCP. The police in Hong Kong commit violence and collude with the underworld. Hong Kong people started to live in a red terror. The world is watching a complete retrogression with Hong Kong’s freedom of press, publication, assembly, demonstrations, democratic election and the rule of law. Today, “One Country, Two Systems” is in vain, the Basic Law is emptied, and the Pearl City of the past no longer exists.

In January this year, 55 Hong Kong pan-democrats were arrested by the police. The so-called “charge” was that they violated the Hong Kong National Security Law by participating in the primary election in July last year. On February 28, a few days before the opening of the two sessions of CCP, 47 Hong Kong democrats were charged with “conspiracy to subvert state power” and have been detained until now.

On March 4, Wang Yang, chairman of the Political Consultative Committee of the CCP, stated that he firmly supports the full implementation of the principle of “patriots governing Hong Kong”. Later the same day, after the two sessions released the voice of “patriots governing Hong Kong”, the Hong Kong Department of Justice filed a review of the decision of 15 of the 47 people to be released on bail. As a result, they were still unable to obtain freedom. Many family members were close to emotional breakdown.

On March 6, the two sessions of the CCP opened. Regarding the Hong Kong issue, the idea of ​​”patriots governing Hong Kong” was overwhelming and aroused widespread international attention.

On March 7, Hong Kong betrayers from various sectors and industries expressed their support for the so-called “patriots governing Hong Kong.”

So far, the CCP has completely shed the sheepskin of “one country, two systems” and “Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong” and has shown its wild ambition of “the CCP governing Hong Kong”. This change is consistent with the increasing emphasis on “party leadership” in recent years. The CCP has not changed in the slightest, but it does not even care about the confusing slogans, and it clearly continues to be the enemy of freedom and human rights.

What is the so-called “patriotism” of the CCP? On the eve of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the “Strong Nation Forum” of “People’s Daily Online”, the website of CCP’s newspaper “People’s Daily”, launched a big discussion named “How do we love the country today” as the 2014 National Day special plan. In the end, the ultimate guiding direction of this big discussion is “the key to patriotism is to love the party.” The CCP has spent huge resources to prove to the people the legitimacy of its governance in various fields such as politics, economy, and culture. I believe that with the efforts to overthrow the firewall and the domestic people’s exploration of the truth about the pandemic, the truth will eventually surface, and all the efforts of the CCP will come to nothing!

What the CCP has done in Hong Kong is to follow its repressive routines—it always tries every effort to concoct lies, to demonize and attack opponents, to compress the opponent’s living space, and finally to arrest and convict them so that they can never stand up. All CCP’s evil are carried out in the name of “patriotism.” The CCP binds the party and the state together. As a result, exposing and resisting the CCP was slandered as “splitting”, “subverting the country”, and “anti-China and mess up Hong Kong”; foreign governments that uphold China’s human rights are blamed for “humiliating China” or “anti-China.” In addition, the CCP often shamelessly represents “people”, accusing the outside world of criticizing the CCP for “harming the feelings of the Chinese people.” Behind every high-sounding label is the CCP’s frenzied persecution of the people and its trampling on universal values.

Today, the CCP has dragged Hong Kong into the darkest moment, but ironically it is singing “Community of a Shared Future for the Chinese Nation” and “Community of a Shared Future for Mankind.” What is the “community” that the CCP calls? It is communizing people, forcing them to surrender, to accept the indoctrination of red lies, to abandon sincerity, kindness, and conscience, and to sing praises for the CCP.

As people from the New Federal State of China, we love China and the long history, culture and tradition of the Chinese nation. We regard Hong Kong as our holy city. It is both a mirror and an example. If the international community can really see the past and present of Hong Kong, it should no longer give the CCP the opportunity to act, lie, and cover up its crimes in a mask. I hope that more Chinese compatriots will take the brave and fearless Hong Kong people as an example. Let’s join the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Guo Wengui and deliver the true message and cooperate with the international community to eradicate the human cancer – the CCP!

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