[China] CCP Monopolized The Mask Supply At This Moment

Author: VOG-Translation-Team

Jan 30, during the developing of the coronavirus, mask and protective goods are short in the whole China, at this critical moment, CCP took this opportunity to monopolize the mask supply according to a general sales manager of the 3M company’s WeChat post.

Please notice that all official suppliers of the mask, protective suits, and protective glasses should only be confiscated according to government requests as war reserves. War reserves. War reserves! (Repeat three times for important things) The goods above are not allowed to cast to the public(without CCP’s permit). All suppliers must stop previously order and contacts until further notice. All government and hospitalized orders must show institution certificates or invoices, and we will deliver fully cooperation.

Now, the corrupted and evil CCP now decides who can have a mask in the virus raging China.

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Jan. 30, 2020