Media traced a disputed incident

The Communist Chinese government has requested Ito-Yokado to provide 1 million face masks to China. In the meantime, a social media campaign was initiated to create the impression that the Japanese retailer offered the masks as a gift for free.

Ito-Yokado was subject to such public opinion pressure. The company clarified that it had never agreed to provide the masks as a gift for free. When it received the request, it simply thought that China will pay.

Because of emergency, Ito-Yokado relaxed the payment policy: it provided the masks first and would accept payment later. Who knows the Communist Chinese government side suddenly said that these products were gifts.

Ito-Yokado is caught in an embarrassing situation now and it can only promise to do its best to help victims in stricken areas.

The Communist Party of China, how amazing!

Source: Guardians of Hong Kong

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