A Catchy Jingle of Propaganda Bragging CCP’s Poverty Alleviation Went Viral During The Communist NPC in Beijing This Week

By Bubbles

A villager Chinese Communist Party Secretary Li Liancheng made a scene, and sang catchy phrases of a propaganda jingle in Henan dialect during the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) held in Beijing this week.

The propaganda jingle instantly went viral, as it brags that “China has eliminated poverty everywhere in the country” . Li Liancheng became overnight an internet celebrity, who bears the titles of the National People’s Congress Representative and Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Branch of Xixinzhuang Village, Henan province. 

During the congressional meeting, when it was his turn to report the rural revitalization in his region,  Li Liancheng turned the moment into a ridiculous show, and sang in his Henan dialect a cheering jingle, to express “pride and gratitude” of remote village farmers towards the Communist Party for  the “greatest ever achievement” of rural revitalization.

Translated lyrics of the propaganda jingle is as follow

" In the new era the system is great!
We farmers praise it in a heartfelt way!

We farmers are poor no more today!
No dynasty nor a government is able to claim that way!

Farmers get "more direct subsidies"
The State implements the new agricultural cooperatives.

Poor households enjoy low income insurance
Children's schooling is all of no charges

All villages are connected to cement roads
We farmers know,
In the new era, all roads will lead us to get rich
On the Sunshine Road ! "

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