Xilter: The World Now Is at China’s Eye Level, but the U.S. Is the Hidden Problem

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Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-March 9, 2021:

• Three people died in Hong Kong after received the COVID-19 vaccine.
o The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is building a huge economic system by obtaining genetic data of vaccinated people.

• Xi Jinping said on the Two Sessions that the world now is at China’s eye level, but the U.S. is the hidden problem.

o This statement reveals Xi Jinping’s lack of confidence.

o According to his logic, the fact that Chinese people go abroad and buy luxury goods everywhere proves that they are powerful. But why the average monthly income of 600 million people in China is only 1000 RMB. Communis China has made no contribution at all to human development.

• CCP’s Dog warrior Zhao Lijian urges to have an investigation on U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command at Fort Detrick.

o According to his statement, the CCP has just admitted that the virus came from a laboratory and had no natural origin.

o The CCP is now trying to rope in Biden by putting the blame for the CCP virus on former President Donald Trump.

o Dr. Yan Limeng will prove the Sars-Cov-2 is an unrestricted biological weapon created in the CCP’s laboratory.

• Yoshitaka Kitao, chief executive of financial conglomerate SBI Holdings, told the Financial Times he was planning to pull his company’s operations out of China and Hong Kong, arguing that “without freedom, there is no financial business.”

o In 2017, Mr. Miles Guo had issued a warning to those investing in Hong Kong after Hong Kong police seized his $4 billion assets for no reason.

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