President Trump and Mr. Miles Guo Met in NYC for Taking Down the CCP?

Reporter: Isaiah4031

According to the reports by DailyMail and The Straits Times [1,2], President Trump returned his residence in Trump Tower in New York City on Sunday. He was captured by the media when waving in his black SUV at his supporters. There were also supporters gathering under the tower this Monday. It was unclear to the media and the public what his purpose was for this visit.

On Tuesday, Mr. Miles Guo posted a video on GTV-Getter[3] on the balcony out of his luxury residence by the Central Park, saying: “That is Trump’s home. (Pointing to a skyscraper behind him.) Look at Trump’s home, which is atop of the tower. His home occupies the whole floor. There might be only two floors here, his and mine, which still have light. Yesterday, I saw that he looked a little older, but his spirit was as good as before, and his understanding of the CCP was more profound.”[4]

Mr. Guo’s video may imply that he and President Trump have met and talked about the CCP during their meeting. We look forward to seeing these two powerful men work together more closely than ever before on taking down the CCP to make America great again.


[1] Trump is back in the Big Apple! Ex-President arrives in NYC alone for the first time since leaving the White House after value of his upstate estate faces new scrutiny as ‘prosecutors want his longtime accountant to turn on him’

[2] Trump back in New York for first time since leaving office



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