[Miles’ Perspective]: CCP Breaches Treaty on Same Day as What Hitler Once Did, Appeasing CCP Will Be Cause of Human Catastrophe

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Image Source: Miles Guo Live Stream, March 5, 2021

Mr. Miles Guo said on the Live Stream on March 5, 2021, “When Hitler came to power in Germany on March 5, 1935, he tore up the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 after WWI. Hitler planned to breach the Treaty of Versailles in this way so that his domestic popularity could be enhanced. It’s exactly the same as today’s CCP.” Mr. Guo points out, “Xi [Jinping] is fighting against Jiang [Zemin], the fight between Xi and Jiang. It must be removed before things get worsened so that his domestic popularity could be enhanced while further test the bottom lines of other countries in the world.”

In his March 5 live stream, Mr. Guo compared the two events: the CCP removing the “One Country, Two Systems” agreement made with the UK in 1997 vs. Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles on March 5, 1935, signed after World War I in 1919. He pointed out 11 striking similarities. He said that if the western countries appeased again, it would be a greater crime in human history for the United States and Europe to commit, and far beyond the disaster, Hitler brought to humanity.

The CCP interferes in Hong Kong electoral system and removes the “One Country, Two System” agreement

China’s top law-making body, the National People’s Congress (NPC), opens March 5 in Beijing and decides to make changes to the Hong Kong electoral system. NPC vice-chairman Wang Chen announced that changes were needed as “the rioting and turbulence that occurred in Hong Kong society reveals that the existing electoral system has clear loopholes and deficiencies”. He said, “risks in the system” needed to be removed to make sure “patriots” were in charge. He said that the methods for selecting the Chief Executive and forming the Legislative Council of Hong Kong should be amended and that Annexes I and II to the Basic Law would also be amended. BBC comments that Beijing is crushing dissent. Reuters also reports that Friday’s moves now stand to nip in the bud the risk of any resurgence of the democracy movement.

One week before NPC, 47 pro-democracy advocates were accused of subversion under a national security law by Hong Kong authority on Feb 28. The United States condemns China’s “continuing assault on democratic institutions in Hong Kong”, State Department spokesman Ned Price told a regular news briefing.

The Whistleblowers’ Movement has warned Hong Kong one year ahead and concluded that the CCP would completely remove the “one country, two systems” agreement

By disclosing the CCP’s conspiracy, Mr. Guo sent an early warning to the world and Hong Kong fellows. “Over a year ago, since the beginning of the Anti-Extradition Law Bill Amendment Movement in Hong Kong, there was only one person, i.e., Miles Guo, only one organization, i.e., the Whistleblowers’ Movement, including our Lude Media, who shouted to the world that the CCP would issue the extradition law in Hong Kong, which is targeted to Hong Kong and Taiwan, then the so-called Greater Bay Area. This is the CCP’s first step towards its ruling of the world. We call it “the CCP’s first step towards its grave, i.e., the 1st Gate.”

At the beginning of May in 2019, Mr. Guo warned the extradition law would completely bring down Hong Kong. However, at least 90% of Hong Kong fellows’ response was: no way, that would never happen. But Mr. Guo reasoned the CCP’s roadmap for the conquest of Hong Kong: the CCP’s next step would be the National Security Law. After the National Security law is passed, the CCP would abolish the Hong Kong election. In sequence, the CCP would remove all democratic electoral systems. Finally, the CCP would abolish the political agreement between the UK and the CCP China. i.e., the “One Country, Two Systems” policy would remain unchanged for 50 years [How naive is that].

Whatever the conspiracy and the tricks the CCP executed are within our expectations disclosed by our Lude Media, Miles Guo, and all of our fellow fighters’ broadcasts. Mr. Guo said, “Because of our early warning, the CCP finally didn’t officially announce the Martial Law. The CCP had arranged hundreds of thousands of military forces in Shenzhen, Zhanjiang, and Zhuhai. They snuck into Hongkong disguised as Hong Kong police. Hong Kong fellows did not realize that, and they called those PLA “Hong Kong cops”. Those mafia Hong Kong cops have been executing the true Martial Law in Hong Kong. Now we know from that day till now there are about 17,000 Hong Kong fellows who have been suicided, killed, raped or gang-raped, or sodomized.

“Hong Kong people put their hopes on US, Europe, UK, Russia, France, and Japan and wish for their help. This is too naïve, No way!” However, Mr. Guo said, “Until now, the Whistleblower Movement and himself have donated more than HK$1 billion for helping Hong Kong.” Then on June 6th, 7th, 16th, and 17th, there were several large-scale protests against the extradition law in Hong Kong. The discipline and courage of Hong Kong fellows astonished the world.

Appeasement adopted by western leaders is a contributing factor to the rise of Nazi and CCP

Appeasement was a contributing factor to Second World War, as this policy failed to stop Hitler from attacking and invading other countries. The policy of appeasement had made Hitler see himself as the best and nothing could stop him from taking land from other countries using force.

By the eyes of Miles Guo, what the Xi regime did in the past decade is extremely similar to what the Hitler regime once did. He made detailed comparisons between these two regimes, and whenever he came across similarities, Miles would point them out loudly.

After Germany was defeated in the First World War I in 1919, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. The key point of the Treaty is that the number of German troops has to be less than 100,000. And a region was to be set up near the Rhine river by allied troops to manage that area, and the German army shall never cross the Rhine river. Hitler made a big decision and announced that the Treaty of Versailles was “a historical document”, Miles Guo points out, CCP officially announced that the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” is “a historical document”. He laughed loudly, “Isn’t it exactly the same?”

Mr. Guo continues reading the article “Hitler 1936: Why the World Sat Back and Watched the Nazis Breached the Treaty”, while making the comparison with CCP’s behaviors.

Same way of Army Expansion: German army expansion, exactly the same as today’s CCP. Britain, France, and Italy passed a resolution expressing their “regret” over Germany’s breach of the treaty and its expansion, just like how the White House, Japan, and the rest of the world reacted. If the allied powers took it seriously, they could have interfered in the German army expansion, exactly the same as today. But Britain and France had their axe to grind, the same as the US today, the world was filled with cowards like a miracle.

Same violation of the treaty: The breaching of the Versailles Treaty went so well, which made Hitler realize the world civilization order turned out to be so fragile, as long as he dared to mess up and be aggressive, the entire world would eventually bow down at his feet. Xi[jinxing] and Wang [Qishan] have the same psychological mind. By breaching the treaty, Hitler not only increased his power and ambition but also gained fanatical support in Germany, exactly like today’s China ruled by “Xitler”. The leader’s status is unshakeable!

Same declaration of war: Western leadership sat back and watched Hitler, even on purpose. Hitler, who had been apprehensive and worried, now became overjoyed. He immediately sat out to take further risks and break all restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles once and for all. On March 6, 1936, Hitler embarked on one of the wildest adventures of his life by advancing into the Rhine Demilitarized Zone, just like today’s CCP did towards Hong Kong. Hitler planned to breach the Treaty of Versailles so that his domestic popularity could be enhanced. It’s the same as today’s CCP. Xitler, Xi [Jinping] is fighting against Jiang [Zemin]. It must be removed before things get worsened. Xi believes this way will boost his domestic popularity image. Just like Hitler, Xi is also testing the bottom lines of the western countries.

Consequences: To the German people, the temporary success was exciting for a while, but they spent years paying the price for the bitter consequences. A country being destroyed, millions being killed in action. Hundreds of thousands of women were raped and abused by the Soviet troops, Although the rest of Europe and the US eventually achieved victory, a heavy price was paid as well. France was humiliated by Hitler’s Paris parade and the whole country’s surrender. Britain, the Empire on which the sun never sets, its imperial system completely collapsed. Poland and Czech were conquered and ravaged.

Indeed, Appeasement, defined as a diplomatic policy of accommodating barbarism and making political or economic concessions to an aggressive power to avoid conflict, contribute to the rise of Hitler and Xitler. Hitler’s insanity of breaching the Treaty, both the precursors and the consequences are obvious. The powers with a stake in this also had the absolute force to sanction and clamp down on Hitler at the very beginning. There was only one way for Nazi Germany to venture, while there are many ways to stop them from venturing. It is the same as today. However, the world’s so-called most civilized countries for their bit of interests and minor benefits, looking at each other, sitting back and watch Nazi Germany got what it wanted, making the impossible happened. The world ended up paying a great price for what could have been stopped at a small cost. They all thought was none of their business, but everyone suffered in the end. Miles shouted, this would surely be the consequence, which might be even worse than this!

Appeasing the CCP will be the cause of the human catastrophe, the CCP must be eliminated immediately

Miles hopes fellow fighters understand World War II and Hitler. He said, “you will realize that today’s CCP is the exactly same as Hitler. The CCP is an enlarged version of Hitler’s Nazis. It’s not a joke. They all coincide so well in time, the international situation, the economic environment, personal character, and cultural background of Hitler back then also coincide so well.”

Mr. Guo warns, the civilized nations’ common mistake is to assume a vile person has a gentleman’s mentality. It is a misconception that the civilized can make a friend and co-exist with the barbarians in the long-term, sooner or later, the barbarians will show their fangs. But the fists are the only language they understand. Miles Guo points out, THE CCP is the biggest gang in the world! As Xi will appoint his successor this autumn means that the so-called Party internal power transfer is under the process of “legalizing”. With these two actions, they are ready to fight against the whole world.

Miles said sadly, “Hong Kong dollar is gone, Taiwan will be the next target. Xitler ended Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems”, abrogating the 50-years Sino-British Joint declaration and scrapped Hong Kong dollar.”

Mr. Guo shouted in full force, “If you want to fight, hit hard! fight fast! fight to the death! Destroying them is the only option, or it would be a greater crime in human history for the United States and Europe to commit, worse than the 10 000 times of Hitler’s wreaked havoc on humanity! MUCH BIGGER! MUCH BIGGER! Let’s watch and see! Only the whistleblowers’ Movement, the New Federal State of China are the hope of the Chinese people and revealing the truth to the world.”

Miles Guo live stream 5th March 2021

(The article only represents the author’s opinion)

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