“Hong Kong”, the First Gate to Extinct the Chinese Communist Party, Has Been Completely Opened

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 蚂蚁兄弟
  • Translator: Jenny Ball

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More than one year ago, when the “Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement” in Hong Kong had just begun, Mr. Miles said on the GTV live broadcast that the Chinese Communist Party’s extradition law was part of its plan to encroach on Hong Kong and Taiwan. That it was the first step for the CCP to dominate the world. It is also the first step and the first gate for the CCP to perish. And Mr. Miles told us that after the extradition law, CCP would impose the National Security Law, which is to abolish all democratic electoral systems of Hong Kong. That meant abolishing Hong Kong’s rights of freedom, democracy, and rule of law completely. All which have been stated and guaranteed for 50 years unchangeable by the Sino-British Hong Kong Joint Statement.

On March 5, 2021, at the Fourth Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, Wang Chen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, read out the “Decision of the National People’s Congress on Improving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System (Draft)” . It clarified that it decided to make major changes to the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This shows that the CCP government will no longer tolerate any dissent in Hong Kong. It once again corroborated the knowledge, understanding and ability of intelligence information analysis of Mr. Miles on the CCP’s behind the scenes manipulation.

Wang Chen said at the meeting that it is necessary to eliminate the “hidden dangers and risks” of Hong Kong’s institutional mechanisms to ensure that the patriots be the mainstay of “Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong”. The social chaos in Hong Kong shows that there are obvious loopholes and shortcomings in the current electoral mechanism. It has become the juncture for the forces of “anti-China and mess up Hong Kong” to seize the power of Hong Kong SAR. Therefore, necessary measures need to be taken to “improve the Hong Kong electoral system.” In other words: Hong Kong people will never have the right to choose their own chief executive and their own legislative council representatives. It will be the same system as the CCP’s People’s Congress of China that the CCP appoints the chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR, also the deputies to the Hong Kong People’s Congress. It is to abolish the democratic election system.

Wang Chen also claimed that some countries and foreign forces, through legislative and administrative methods, as well as some consular agencies and NGOs stationed in Hong Kong, imposed so-called “sanctions” on relevant personnel of the central government. It was blatantly providing the protecting umbrella for the forces in Hong Kong to “anti-China and mess up Hong Kong”. What is sanctioned and who is sanctioned? If the sanctioned personnel do not have a criminal evidence in a foreign country, he could still live comfortably under the umbrella of CCP, who claimed that one’s parents are inferior to the party.  There is no need to link the sanctions against individuals with the “protective umbrella” provided to Hong Kong in such an important conference.

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Carrie Lam issued a statement on the 5th: She and her government will fully respect the dominance leadership of the Central Government in improving the electoral system and will fully cooperate with related work.

According to Reuters, this will be the most grievous blow to Hong Kong’s democracy since the handover of Hong Kong’s sovereignty in 1997.

And phrases of “One Country, Two Systems”, “Hong Kong People Governing Hong Kong”, and “High Autonomy” on the read out report of Wang Yang, Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee at the opening ceremony on March 4, have all disappeared. These guidelines for governing Hong Kong proposed by the late CCP’s leader Deng Xiaoping have now disappeared one by one from the official report. Instead “Patriots governing Hong Kong” has been highlighted for the fully implemented.

What is the definition of “Patriot”? And who will specify it? Is there a judicially fair ruling? How will you explain that the 47 Hong Kong democrats are still in custody? Democracy in Hong Kong has clearly no longer exist. There is no freedom of speech, let alone elections. Everything is ruled by dictators. Hong Kong people love the country they grew up in, but not the Chinese Communist Party. It’s merely 23 years since Hong Kong’s sovereignty was handed over, Deng Xiaoping’s policy of HK remaining unchanged for 50 years has been completely subverted. The CCP has kidnapped and enslaved 1.4 billion Chinese people for over 70 years. It has become increasingly ambitious and wants to enslave Hong Kong people as well. It is not appalling that CCP attempts to dominate the world with its step-by-step plans of 2025, 2035, and 2045.

What more, Mr. Miles and the Whistleblower movement also warned the Hong Kong compatriots and people from all walks of life: If you do not unite together to  resist the CCP, you will die quietly. Hong Kong is governed by the gangland. More than 20,000 Hong Kong compatriots had been suicided, jumped from buildings, jumped into the sea, raped, gang-raped by the HK gangster police … What is happening in Myanmar today is exactly the same as what happened to Hong Kong movement. All the dictatorships rigged by the CCP behaved the same ways – using the gangsters and the underworld to suppress the good people; They are on the military uniforms to kill the kind local people; in the name of peace keeping, they used weapons for violence; they burned and damaged public facilities, and deliberately set up the situation to frame the righteous people. They arrested and hurt the good people who seek democracy and justice by convict them assaulting. These are all the conspiracies and methods of the CCP, but the world has been shocked by the discipline and bravery of Hong Kong people.

The ambitious Xi Jinping, the dictator of the evil regime of the CCP, is to become the world’s boss. There are two leadership methods to achieve his goals: the first is to make the country better and stronger; the second is to destroy all the opponents in the world. The CCP under his leadership chose the second option: releasing viruses, stealing technology, controlling and enslaving the people by means of BGY, 3F, eliminating the white people, and so on.

In March 1935, Hitler tore up the Treaty of Versailles, but the United States, Britain and the European adopted the policy of appeasement; in March 2021, Xi Jinping did exactly the same: he ended the one country, two systems in Hong Kong and implemented the new Hong Kong Election Law. History is repeating. If the world is to react the same as in 1935, sitting idly by, thinking that it has nothing to do with its own interests, it will pay the catastrophic and disastrous price in future.

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