Words from a medic from HK Pamela Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Words from a medic from Pamela Nethersole Eastern Hospital:

The AED is full of Chinese mainlanders, who litter used face masks all over the place. The hygiene condition is very poor. Medics do not have protective goggles, just a face shield and surgical mask, which would not prevent virus and droplets coimg from the sides.

Their protection is not enough.

The first isolation ward has already been saturated (10 patients), the second one has received 3 patients. Not just the Internal Medicine Division has to draw lots to decide who will be the “dirty team” that enters the isolation wards, but the surgeons, gynaecologist, etc., everyone has to do so as well.

Despite the Hospital Authority claiming there are enough N95 masks for medics, the ward managers would not distribute them to frontline medics, only surgical masks are given to them, because the hospitals fear that medics wearing N95 would arouse public panic.

There are more cases in which medics have fever after being in contact with suspicious cases, but the Hospital Authority never annouced.

Medics are too afraid to go back to their own homes, fearing the virus would spread to their family, hence they are sleeping in PA rooms in hospitals (rooms usually provided for staff members who need to catch up the shifts to sleep). But there is a severe lack of PA rooms. Sleeping quality of staff members is very poor.

Seniors conference brought up the issue about asking the medics to rent places to sleep on their own. But the problem is where would the money come from? Plus, people are unlikely to offer the property if they know they are medics.

Thank you medics.
God bless the good people.

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