“The Chinese Communist Party” and “The Nazi Party”

Several years ago, a German kid asked me, “Were Hitler and Mao the same?” I said, “No, they were not. Hitler started WWII and killed millions of Jews and people of other nations, but Mao started a ‘cultural revolution’ and killed tens of millions of his own Chinese people.”

Since 2019, the unexpected changes taking place in Hong Kong and the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the CCP virus, have aroused tremendous confusion and concerns around the world. People started to talk about the possibility of a “World War III”, inevitably wondering: are the Nazi Party and the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) the same? Are we at war now?

This is a big question. To avoid subjectivity, we would break it down to smaller questions and analyze from different perspectives, using historical facts. This may help us understand better about whether, in the 21st century, we are faced with the danger of a “WWIII” and regression of human civilization. 

Firstly, which peoples did both parties kill? 

The Nazi Party killed millions of Jews and other Holocaust victims in concentration camps, as well as soldiers on the WWII battle fields. The CCP killed hundreds of millions of Chinese people in “The Rectification Movement”, “The Great Chinese Famine”, “The Cultural Revolution”, “June 4 Tiananmen Massacre”, the “One Child Policy”, the crack down of Falungong, live organ harvesting, Xinjiang Uyghur genocide, and the crack down of Hong Kong peaceful protests. Ever since the establishment of the Communist China, it never stopped killing. Now, the CCP virus has killed 2.59 million people worldwide, not including those unreported in China. 

Why did/do they kill so many people? 

Hitler and the Nazis started WWII to expand their power and conquer Europe. The CCP killed Chinese people to seize the totalitarian power and take control of the nation. Now, in order to maintain their power and wealth empire, they are not content with merely enslaving the Chinese people, but to dominate the world. According to Mr. Miles Guo and “the Whistleblower Movement”, the CCP has long planned to reset the world order, eliminate the white people, and rule the other peoples of color. The pandemic is part of their world domination plan. Think about the “racism” issues against the white people these days, aren’t some people a little too far from “all men are created equal”? The CCP doesn’t believe in “being equal”.

How did they kill so many people? 

The Nazis used concentration camps and hot wars. The CCP know they are no competitor to the civilized democracies in economy or military, so they are using an “unrestricted bio-weapon”, COVID-19, also known, the CCP virus. Compared to the hot wars, the virus is low in cost, high in efficiency and destruction, causing significant world economic destruction, social instability, mass civilian deaths, and potentially consequential impact on the development of children. Besides the virus, the CCP are promoting their vaccine, which is highly likely a part of the bio-weapon. 

Did other countries of power realize and stop them from killing? 

Ironically, the answer is both “No”. In the 1930s, when the Nazis rejected the Treaty of Versailles and sent troops into the Rhineland, countries like the UK, the US, and France adopted an appeasement policy, expecting that the Nazi Germany would leave them alone in peace. In return, the Nazis took France, bombed London and invaded the Soviet Union, accompanied by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, the CCP virus has caused unpredictable vandalism to the world economy and population. Besides, the CCP has unilaterally breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration, completely turning Hong Kong from a free world financial center to a CCP controlled city. If Hong Kong were to vanish from the world stage this easily, can Wall Street or Manhattan be absolutely safe from it? Yet, many countries and international organizations are still collaborating with them, some even kowtowing to them without considering the benefit of their own people at all, just like the CCP never cares about the lives of the Chinese people. Being blinded by selfishness and a chance-taking mentality, many don’t realize that the CCP has already launched an “unrestricted warfare” to the western world. According to Mr. Miles Guo and the “Whistleblower Movement”, the CCP’s warfare tactics include an unrestricted bio-weapon COVID-19, the “BGY” scheme (blue-information, gold-money bribery, yellow-sex bribery) in areas like politics, business, academic, tech, entertainment and sports, infiltration in media to control speech and promote propaganda, theft of technologies and IPs, interference of elections, provoking social conflicts such as “Antifa”, “One Belt One Road” scheme, “5G”, militarization of the South China Sea, militarization of the Tibetan Plateau, monopolization of supply chains, fake financial promises, breach of international treaties, and very likely attacks on Taiwan. Looks that we are at war for sure, a new form of war in the era of internet, information and technology. Do you see the big picture here?

Did the Nazis succeed? And the CCP?

History tells us the Nazis were defeated and Europe restored its order, though at the cost of a world war that devastated so many families. Now that the geographic restrictions have been overcome, how will the world combat the unrestricted warfare by the CCP? As the Nazi Germany didn’t have so many slaves like the Chinese people or accesses to resources granted by the western democracies like the CCP are having, how much cost should the world bear this time? The CCP has brought up the theory of the unrestricted warfare, in the purpose of rewriting world order, eliminating western civilization, freedom and wealth, expanding their “communist” totalitarian regime, and untimely dominating the world. Do they have a chance? The answer is “NO”, and it has to be a “NO”. The people in America, Europe, Japan…won’t let them. Many of us Chinese people won’t, either. The moment Mr. Guo and his fellow fighters started the “Whistleblower Movement” and founded the New Federal State of China, the Hong Kong people went to the street to protest against the CCP regime, Dr. Li-meng Yan risked her life to tell the world the truth of the CCP virus, and Mr. Bannon’s WarRoom began working with the Chinese people to take down the CCP, we’ve made it clear to the world that we will fight relentlessly till the end, for life, dignity, freedom and future. 

Years ago, the German kid asking about and comparing Hitler with Mao perfectly showed his understanding of what the Nazis and the CCP did in history. Hopefully, when today becomes history and kids ask a similar question, “are the Nazi Party and the Chinese Communist Party the same?”, we will be able to answer it correctly.

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