Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 2nd, 2021

Translator: WMSky, billwilliam, RD16, Ruiqiu, Bowen, GodCountryFamily (MOS Himalaya)
Proofreaders: James Zoebel, Rica Machioni
Chinese Transcriptor: Dolores, GForever (MOS Himalaya)
Beijiujiannong (London Himalaya) 
Chinese Compiler and Proofreader: 369 Wenju (MOS Himalaya)

1.[00:02:20] I have been in meetings all day with a mask on, the CCP virus is too harmful. After releasing the GTV announcement, I received many messages saying that “no matter what happened, even if the cost is my GTV stocks, I will follow you to exterminate the CCP. Regardless of how the CCP threatens, I will take it down with you. The purpose of investing in GTV was to destroy the CCP, not only for money.” 

BIAs in the “Great Firewall” [China] said that they were not afraid of threats and would never compromise. They certainly do not want a refund. (This) Might result in their “suicide” or being murdered by the CCP.  Among these BIAs, some people listened to the Nine-Fingered Goblin to write wills. The harassment by the CCP to those BIAs became different after the will-writing incident. (They) Felt how much cooperation the Communist Party and the Nine-Fingered Goblin had. 

Besides, many BIAs said that even if they had to take on more risks, their initial goal would be the same –– the root cause of investing in GTV was to end the CCP. 

2. 00:04:00 Brothers and sisters, [I am] so touched. It is worth it to “Brother-Seven” [Miles]. You have such great courage and righteousness. If the Chinese in the past had one-thousandth of your courage, the Chinese people wouldn’t be abused, deceived or ravaged for 70 years. Most of the BIAs are the commonfolk, and they showed me how much courage and selflessness people would have through the series of ordeals.  A BIA said that his mother absolutely trusts (the Whistleblower Movement), ascertains to exterminate the CCP, and will cooperate fully.  Another BIA said the funds in his/her family account were all available for G-Series investment. S/he is on-call for the investment — as long as it is useful to destroy the CCP.  What was touching was that BIA looked beneath the surface. (S/he) Did not actually invest because money and benefits would lose one’s self and goal. The claims in the investigation against us were false. Each penny from us could get through the investigations. We have not committed crimes, and we will accept all investigations.

3. [00:08:00] The SEC’s investigation of us is based on Doudou’s false accusation and evidence. This is unfair to us. We won’t shut down the platform because of their investigation. There are more than 100 BIAs among GTV’s 260-member team. Since last April, two authoritative organizations estimated GTV’s value at 1.8-2.6 billion USD. Our private equity investment was priced at 2 billion USD, which is below the estimated value. How much is its value right now? That’s why this investigation is abnormal because they have no evidence of any illegal activities. You are trying to starve us by investigating for more than ten months. There isn’t another investment platform (like GTV). For example, the CCP’s banks, brokerage, the large institutions in Hongkong, Ant Financial, including Hainan Airlines, can you take your investment money back? Never. But (in GTV), you have the opportunity to take back your money and choose again. The specific operations will be entirely new. We have 1300 chairs [investor seats]. Sara said there were 3100. These thugs (like Sara) have no concept of the law and are as bad as the CCP.

4. [00:12:00] The 1,300 chairs [of the private placement] were issued after the shares were verified by the SEC in New York — can they really be fake? This time the exit and refund will mark the end of this private placement, and there will be no more legal continuity afterwards. Many BIAs [brothers-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement] intend to protest and file lawsuits against the SEC, given they might lose their “chair” opportunities due to this exit and refund. This is the right of individuals — due to the exit of the placement, not only they may suffer from investment losses, but also from being investigated by the CCP police “over tea,” which could incur further abuse and injuries. They may assert their individual rights to pursue the recovery of losses.

   GTV does not have any right to prevent you from doing so. The Rule of Law (ROL) Foundation and ROL Society may support you in doing so to the appropriate extent of the law. And all the Himalaya Farms may join forces as well. I have no comments in this regard — neither do I encourage nor discourage.

   The focus taken by GTV and I is to be centered around refunding all the chair owners. The refund will be offered in two ways: return to the original account or return to an account designated by you. If you still want to continue to invest in the G-Series, please contact Himalaya Farms to obtain the specific procedures.

   The Himalaya Farms may become “landlords” in the future, but the [equity] shares held by any BIAs are not shares of the Himalaya Farms. Initially, Saraca was the father of GTV – it had the right to issue shares and issue shares at any price. The BIAs made the purchases first, and the rest was picked up by the institutional investors. The shares purchased here could be used as a stake financially or transferred to others.

    Previously Saraca served as the sole “father” of GTV, but the Himalaya Farms will serve as dozens of fathers in the future. Each Himalaya Farms has the right of “giving births to its children,” aka, issuing chairs, and whoever obtained shares through such a venue holds the shares of GTV.

5. [00:16:40] For example, the Japanese Farm is equipped with 200 million shares. It can be sold to anyone and is surely subjected to regulations and law. What you acquire here are GTV shares, and you become a chair [of this investment placement].

What are the differences [between this and last one]? With the previous GTV chair, you had the right to earnings but no directorship, i.e., no seats, no right to participate in decision-making, meanwhile, the rights could be revoked as a result of a SEC investigation. You only had the right of obtaining the earnings allocated in proportion [to your investment], that is, only the right to earnings, no right to participate in decision-making, such as how to allocate the earnings and shares, and some major decisions like M&A’s (mergers and acquisitions) and the IPO. The reason is that you were not classified as the “initial shareholders”.

Previously, there was only one father entity, Saraca; but now there over a dozen of father entities, aka, the farms. They will be granted with the power of board directors and decision-making right in terms of earnings allocation and M&A, even to the extent of a veto right. The way that the farms operate with the shares is equivalent to that Saraca did.

The CCP was so scared of Saraca, the father of GTV.  The CCP’s trouble-making has now pushed GTV to have 20+ fathers that equally share the decision-making rights, and the shares in your hands are GTV stocks, a powerful CCP-exterminating weapon.

This time it is called “initial investment”, no longer “private placement”. The initial price is still $1 a share, with 2 billion shares in total. The total value of the company should stay at 2 billion for now; cannot be changed. One year later [after the previous private placement], nobody’s interests have been deprived, not only do you retain the same rights and benefits (“权益”) but you also gain more rights (”权利”). All of this is called “initial equity” (“初始股权”), and it is not to be set up in the U.S.

I will have a meeting with the Himalaya Alliance Committee around noon. We’ll only need about 20+ “fathers” to deal with the CCP. I suggest that many small-sized farms should  merge with others [for the sake of this process], such as the Korea farm, the French farm, and some recently-established quasi-farms. As we cannot let any BIAs’ interests be less served, and it will be safer with all of us sticking together.

Being the “initial shareholders”, the landlords of these “houses” that are of a limited number will become the owners of the houses with equal rights.

6. [00:25:00] In the near future, everyone will see my announcement. The SEC will give 1,300 distinct shareholders the information of their websites and phone numbers. Every individual shareholder could call them as you have the rights to protest, sue, and call the SEC. If you want to take legal actions to protect your interests, GTV, Guo Wengui and Saraca do not encourage or support those actions. However, the ROL Foundation and the ROL Society could provide the financial support within the scope of the law.

7. [00: 41:20] For the safety and benefits of our BIAs, we must close Saraca and G-TV in the United States and start it over somewhere else. We will move to a suitable political and legal environment and adopt a new investment method so that G-TV could continue to fulfill its mission: Take down the CCP!  When have the US police and judicial agencies started to handle cases for the mainland CCP police? The SEC investigators are lawyers, not government officials. The mainland CCP knows the contact information of these people. We will safeguard the interests, life and family safety of our comrades-in-arms and 1,300 shareholders. GTV will definitely grow stronger and bigger. No one could stop it. The CCP would implement the election law in Hong Kong, which is more rascal and barbaric than the previous national security law. The whole world must face the election law of the Communist Party. As long as the bill passes, the whole world would know that the Chinese people would never be able to escape the lifestyle of being pigs and dogs with CCP’s existence in China.

8. [00:50:00] We have adopted a great strategy to terminate the CCP by exposing its virus bioweapon and using the financial power wielded by the Whistleblower Movement. Several states in America are considering separate measures against the CCP and they are also calling for legislation to do so. The Biden administration is also talking about this. Decoupling is inevitable, which is great news. The G-Series is important because we have to have the capital to negotiate with the Deep State. CCP is really concerned that we have enormous capital. I heard that the parents of two BIAs went as far as selling their blood for living and sending their children abroad.

9. [00:54:00] Many BIAs resonate with the experience that I shared yesterday. This kind of crime is prevalent in China. We, the common folks, can no longer start a revolution in poor circumstances. We have the ability to make our common folks, BIAs, rich in a legal and decent way. We must destroy the CCP in a dignified and happy way. The CCP is a utopia and the biggest liar. We want the world to see that the CCP has deceived China for 70 years and threatened the world for 70 years. The G-Series will not stop destroying the CCP and exposing them. So the frustration we have suffered so far makes sense because the CCP is so evil. If the CCP had been wiped out by us in such a simple way, it would not have been as evil as we thought. Our courageous and fearless efforts to wipe out this group of devils are unprecedented. Frustrations will only make us stronger and more united, and we will respect American law more and use it to defend our interests. The CCP is huge. We will not simply meet it force with force but fight it with wisdom.

10. [01:00:45] In the past few days, some great events have taken place. These events made it possible for the G-Series to appreciate enormously. The money you invest is proportional to its return due to great opportunities. The 1,300 chairs belong to our fellow fighters who firmly believe in their pursuits. GTV lacks no money, nor investors. Our goal is to lead the followers of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China to a better life. We want to achieve this goal real soon.  Therefore, the 1,300 chair holders, please contact your respective Himalayan Farm. If you haven’t joined a farm, please contact Changdaoge. I strongly recommend the following Himalaya Farms: New Zealand, AoXi, Athena, YingXi, Sakura Group (YingHua Tuan), Ark Osaka (DaBan FangZhou), Mountain of Spices (XiangCaoShan), Washington DC. These Himalayan Farms will most likely become the parent companies of GTV in the future.

11. [01:05:50] I heard that Sara was arrested by the FBI and probably released on bail. Soon, it will be Turtle Head Yang’s turn. This GTV incident enables us to get rid of a group of rascals. At the same time, it also elevates our fellow fighters to the status of shareholders. The future is full of hopes and expectations and everything will work out beautifully. Don’t slack off. Publish more articles at G-News. Now, G-News have several times more followers than GTV. GTV owns dozens of terabytes of data. All Himalaya Farms, please publish more great articles, and broadcast more live shows of high quality. None of our volunteers will be left behind. All our promises will be delivered according to applicable laws and regulations. Let’s communicate freely and work diligently. Unleash your potential and apply yourself! We cannot take down the CCP without you, without financial resources. You will enjoy the profits that G-Series produces, and I will bear the burden of its loss.

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