[February 24, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Mike Li & Justin)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) (Liberte)

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[February 24, 2021] Video translation

Hello, dear fellow fighters. OMG, I have been in meetings today since I finished the live broadcast in the morning. From morning until now, I did not eat anything, just drank a bottle of water. I have been in a meeting all day without a break. I didn’t take off the mask until now, which is unbelievable. During that time, I only took off the mask once, drank water once, and went to the restroom once.

Then I checked messages, briefly. Because of my broadcast in the morning, wow, the CCP exploded. Oh, my dear! my God! They said Miles your broadcast was too scary. Although it was midnight here many of us saw this piece of information. As for the two sessions (NPC & CPPCC conference meetings) of the CCP, you interpreted them well. With respect to the CCP’s plan to attack Taiwan, you outlined it correctly, and as for the other major results of these meetings, all that you said was correct. The meeting was about determining the successor of the Zhongnanhai Pit. Xi not only wants to have control forever, but he also wants to lead forever. The Kingdom belongs to the people, but the people are Xi’s slaves forever.

Who has the authority to decide the next successor? That would be Xi, Xi Jinping.  Wang Qishan stands on Xi’s side now though he secretly stands on both sides of the boat (Xi or Jiang), and he will not lose benefits from either side. But the inside fighting is obvious to everyone in the country. The even more extraordinary thing is related to the whole economy, especially the Taiwan Strike Plan. People with brains know that attacking Taiwan is equivalent to suicide for the CCP. But as I just said today, now everybody lies to Xi. The current economic information, and the consequences of attacking Taiwan which have been reported to Xi are fake. Xi was originally told that it would only take a month to invade Taiwan. Now his officials have reported that if the United States is not directly involved, Taiwan can be invaded in one week, or even in 3 days. Surprisingly, someone recently told Xi that Taiwan will surrender even without firing a bullet. Soon they will be suggesting that the Taiwanese will swim back to the mainland on their own. So, this is good news. Good news brothers and sisters. Because they gave these fake reports to Xi, the CCP will die even faster.

On the US side, I heard that Ambassador Cui is not report bad news to the CCP, instead he is now reporting good news to the CCP every day. It is said that the U.S. military community, members of Congress on Capitol Hill, officials of the Biden administration and Trump’s former administration, former anti-communists, including friends of mine, are all lining up to visit Ambassador Cui in private. They are all bowing and scraping for Cui’s favor. They all want Cui to touch their head, and beg Cui to put in a good word for them with Xi. Then they feel at ease and go back to sleep. They only said something against the CCP in the past because they got deluded and confused, but now they want to visit President Xi and apologize to him. Could Xi give them a chance to repent, right? They would still be good friends with President Xi, and follow Xi. They almost offered Xi to have sex with their family. Everything belongs to Xi. Everything belongs to the CCP. All property belongs to the people, but all people and property belong to the Zhongnanhai Pit. Ambassador Cui sends this good news to Beijing frequently. The message sent from my friend is super funny. He said: Miles I was going to send you a message on my way to work, but you clearly understand how the Zhongnanhai pit functions. Just now, we got a message that there is more good news from the United States! Ambassador Cui, Bravo! Hurry up Ambassador Cui! You should receive all the sycophants one by one who want to be blessed by you, and listen to all their flattery and bullshit. Damn you!

Most importantly, what I’d like to tell you is the following. I heard from Zhongnanhai (Beijing) that they were very nervous and unhappy once they heard our G-pay obtained the U.S. payment license. I want to tell you that this is just the beginning! Just this afternoon, a certain country and a certain financial organization officially promised us that they will open a green fast track to fully cooperate with our G-series. We will take down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus, and by engaging them in financial warfare. Taking down the CCP is the theme. They are the best two weapons with which we can reach a tacit agreement with everyone in the “swamp”. To destroy the CCP by the truth of the virus will bring safety to the world. To destroy the CCP through financial warfare will protect capitalism since there is no capitalism without capital. Both are the keys. If you want dignity, security, capital, and profit, you can get them through us legally. This is not bragging or fooling. Who can do that? Show me?

So, brothers and sisters, all of you must realize that the declaration of the New Federal State of China and all the actions that the New Federal State of China has taken have ensured that our fellow fighters and the Chinese people will enjoy safety, freedom of faith and rule of law. This includes our actions of taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus, and through financial warfare. In addition, it will allow everyone to live decently. This is our New Federal State of China. So, how many people do you think are watching our live broadcast? Think about it. How many people watched it this morning? How many people were watching from each VPN? Think about it.

Brothers and sisters, we should cherish what God gave us. The whole world is in chaos. The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers Movement has become the unique sunny power in the world offering justice, the pursuit of truth, pursuit of righteousness, pursuit of faith, and belief in the Divine. There is no equal.

With respect to Hong Kong, my buddy told me just now that the things that I said about Hong Kong and Taiwan are so true. The “Genocide” was shocking to the CCP. The Genocide designation was shocking to all families of the CCP. It is like having a time bomb strapped onto their body. They worry about their children, their overseas assets, their overseas illegitimate children, their overseas families, and how they will manage to live in this world after the CCP is gone. They worry so profoundly.

The black-tie I brought yesterday was very similar to this one, but it is not the same one. We have a lot of them, about 200 ties. They all look similar. So, brothers and sisters, cherish the good days! I do not have more things to say. I cannot reply to so many messages, or cannot reply in time. To all the friends who sent me information, our domestic friends from China, please forgive me for it.

Miles is fighting, taking down the CCP, and making money for you! 

Thank you! What’s this? Oh, wow, there are two cars arriving outside.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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