Dear Mamma, I Am Ending the CCP

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  • Author: 葛大饼
  • Video: 七白石
  • Translator: Ranting

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“Mama, our crying has moved heaven and earth.” Mr. Guo’s song is heartbreaking and sings to make people homesick. Mom, we’ll be able to meet after the CCP are destroyed.

But how many children, can never return home, how many parents, can no longer embrace their babies.

This is all because of the CCP virus. There were already cases of the CCP virus in Wuhan in the fall of 2019, yet the CCP deliberately hid it and even held a “Ten Thousand Families Mass Banquet” when they knew it was spreading from person to person.

In early 2020, the world learned of the horrific outbreak of the CCP virus in Wuhan, and I couldn’t forget the daily epidemic broadcast on G-News at the time, the girl who chased the ambulance carrying her mother’s body away, crying over and over again: “Mom, Mom, Mom …… “The little boy who survived by guarding his grandfather’s corpse for days and gnawing on cookies… how many people lost their parents from that human disaster!

At that time there was a special quarantine site in Wuhan, full of orphans, and these children had lost all their guardians! All of their guardians! It was extermination! Extermination of the family! How many fresh lives were taken away behind this! At that time, the sulfur dioxide (SO₂) pollution over several cities in China, including Wuhan, exploded, and the crematorium was opened 24 hours a day. I once saw the value of sulfur dioxide in Wuhan exceeded 1000µg/m3, the sky was purple-red, while comparing with the sky over Europe at that time, the value of sulfur dioxide was around 4µg/m3, and some areas were even lower.

At the beginning of 2020, the CCP blocked domestic flights but still opened international flights, and being in Europe, we saw the number of infected with the CCP virus skyrocketing. School was closed and the children were forced to stay home.

According to data analyzed by UNICEF on November 19, 2020, children and adolescents account for one in nine of those infected with the CCP virus. Because of the CCP virus, many children have missed school. The epidemic has caused parents to lose their jobs and has plunged more children into poverty, unable to ensure adequate nutrition and even suffering abuse. On the other hand, the children have been at home for long periods of time, lacking exercise and interaction with their peers, causing a huge blow to the children both physically and psychologically.

The New York Times reported in a February 24, 2021 update that the number of children infected with the virus in the United States continues to rise, and many of them are in serious condition, said Dr. Roberta DeBiasi, chief pediatric infectious disease specialist, adding that about half of the pediatric patients in the first wave of the virus needed treatment in intensive care units, but now the rate is as high as 80 to 90 percent.

Looking at the 2,060 cases of CCP virus in children and adolescents across the United States, including 30 deaths, the average age was 9 years old, the infected population ranged from infants to 20 years old, the number of infected people continues to rise, and thirty percent of children need to be admitted to intensive care units where they need ventilators.

“We really don’t know what will happen in the long term,” said Dr. Jean Ballweg, medical director of pediatric heart transplant and advanced heart failure at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Neb., where from April through October, the hospital treated about two cases a month, about 30 percent of them in the I.C.U. That rose to 10 cases in December and 12 in January, with 60 percent needing I.C.U. care — most requiring ventilators. “Clearly, they seem to be more sick,” she said.

When I was working on this video, I cut to the part where the statistics of the infection of children in the U.S. happened to be sung by the music “Why do they take our lives?” I couldn’t help but weep.

Our children, hunted by the CCP, little ones who should have been carefree and happy.

CCP, why are you taking away our lives!

CCP, why did you research and create 2,000 new viruses in ten years!

CCP, why do you obsess with creating viral genetic weapons? What purpose!

CCP, why did you destroy the earliest virus samples and ban the release of critical data!

CCP, why do you keep denying the international community an on-site inspection of the Wuhan Virus Institute!

For our own sake, for the sake of our children, for the future of mankind, the CCP must be destroyed!

Source: UN News

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