[CCP & the West] Cancel CCP’s “Iron Curtain” in Hong Kong

Author: CPA Jim

Picture source: AXIOS[1]

“Cancel Culture” is popular among some radical left Americans and Brits. They use “cancel culture” to destroy statues of Winston Churchill and George Washington.  On 5 March 1946, Winston Churchill delivered “iron curtain” speech, in which he said “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent” by USSR. On 5 March 2021, “Iron Curtain” descended in Hong Kong when the Chinese Communist party (CCP) legislated Hong Kong election procedures in the USSR style with CCP’s characteristics, which was also mentioned by Lude Media.

What must be cancelled should be a great concern to respond to such “Iron Curtain”. It seems that the CCP is very strong and nothing could be done to cancel the CCP. In fact, the CCP is too weak to tolerate any behaviors or  words against it. In China, if a person on WeChat  just talks about holding a rally on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing to protest against the Great Firewall (GFW), or the CCP government is not elected by Chinese people, that person will be in trouble, such as being blocked by WeChat and even put into prison for imposing a threat to “national security” or “causing social disorder”.

There are at least two subtle points ordinary citizens could make a difference.

First, the CCP fears the voice of Chinese people and it uses the Great Firewall to block the voice, which results in that many western media are inaccessible to Chinese and vice versa, Chinese people are unable to deliver truth about China on westeran media platforms.  The GFW will inevitably be extended to Hong Kong, and the media censorship has happened in Hong Kong as reported by the Voice of America on 6 March 2021[2]

Censorship under the GFW blocks the voices of taxpayers who suffer unfair treatment and heavy penalties imposed by the CCP tax authorities. During the CCP virus pandemic, so many things causing great loss to stakeholders have been happening. Citizens are inhumanely locked up at home, workers are unfairly dismissed, real estate consumers are deceived, independent accountants discover accounting frauds, and auditors tend to corrupt. The maintenance of the GFW is closely related to western big corporations, which can be easily found out by searching and analysing relevant media reports, announcements and supplier or partnership information of both CCP entities and major western companies.

Let’s take Twitter as an example. Twitter, operating censorship in the west to block voice of Chinese, supplies advertisement services to Huawei, a CCP military entity operating the GFW and developing surveillances technology used in Xinjiang genocide. According to media reports as well as non-executive director compensation system disclosed in 2019 annual report of the company, Twitter hired Feifei Li, who is associated with the United Front of CCP as non-executive director, with compensation both in cash and restricted stock units[3].

Second, the CCP gets financed from the west to operate the GFW, enforce National Security Law in Hong Kong and cause disorder in the South China Sea. Many big west corporations and wealth management products are involved in such financing. Everybody can do his own study on this by searching and analysing relevant announcements and liabilities of the CCP entities and investments of major western corporations including financial institutions, such as HSBC. 

HSBC had direct investments in the CCP regime, as disclosed on page 140 of its annual report released on  31 Dec 2020, and the entity continued it even after National Security Law was enforced in HongKong. HSBC had also talked the UK MPs into keeping Huawei 5G equipment by referring to CCP’s threat of punishment[4] and froze Hong Kong pro-democracy citizens’ accounts illegally.

But HSBC had taken many deposits in Europe, North American and Asia, and issued bonds in the US, shares in the UK and the US, which could also be verified on page 86 and frontpage of the 2020 annual report of HSBC, respectively.

Picture source: SEC [5]

Those financial investments favoring th CCP and its GFW, either direct or indirect through investing financial instruments of HSBC, should be revoked by divesting bonds, withdrawing deposits, transferring fund, redeeming shares in the wealth management products, terminating business relation and so on, in order to fight back the CCP for its deprivation of Hong Kong Autonomy, CCP virus biowarfare coverup and genocide in Xinjiang.

(The above content only represents the author’s personal opinion)

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