How CCP Makes Poor Get Rid of Poverty Is a Puzzle

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Puzzle time:  They did not win the lottery or get fortune from other people, but 90 million Chinese poor people were announced by CCP that they have been all lifted out of poverty overnight, and absolute poverty has been eliminated by Communist Party of China.  Isn’t it magical?

The fiddling “National People’s Congress Meeting” of the Chinese Communist Party is being held. On March 4th, Zhang Yesui, the spokesman of the meeting, stated that the current poverty line is a comprehensive multi-dimensional standard, which includes not only per capita income indicator, but also “two not-worries, three guarantees”, which are the basic requirements and core indicators of poverty line.

The so-called “two not-worries” means to ensure that the poor people have no worries about food or clothing. The so-called “three guarantees” are to guarantee the compulsory education, basic medical care and housing safety for the poor. They are just lip services.  Not to mention the poor, even middle-income residents in the Communist China cannot be guaranteed to have such a life. Especially in 2020, the man-made CCP virus released by the CCP spread around the world and made any kind of business had to halt. The whole world has been in quarantine for almost a whole year and the global economy is near collapsing.  In the meantime, the CCP announces they have lifted poor out of poverty.   This is a fairy tale which is playing in Communist China.  Just in May 2020, Li Keqiang, Premier of the Chinese Communist Party, said that 600 million people had an average monthly income of about ¥1,000, which meant that in 2020 nearly half of the population still lived on the edge of the poverty line which was set on 2015.  However, those poor have been all lifted out of poverty by the end of the year.  How did they do that? How can that be done?

Regarding the doubts about the CCP’s poverty line, Zhang claimed that the CCP had started to alleviate poverty work in 2015, when was earlier than new poverty line set up by World Bank in 2018.  So CCP doesn’t have any intention to align with low poverty line.  In 2015, the poverty line was set at ¥400 monthly income by World Bank. Then the CCP “honorably” raised the poverty line to ¥2,855 a year, or ¥238 a month.  That is the magic answer!

No matter how magic the legend they propagandized, the answer to the puzzle is CCP’s empty promises.

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