Highlights of Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 5th, 2021

Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV

Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

Today is March 5, and it’s a big day. Historically, March 5 of any given year was also the day that decided the fate of mankind. The CCP is in the second stage of its destruction, and there is no possibility of going back. Even if the Great Hall of the People (Beijing) had been burned down, it would not have been as crucial as what happened on this day in 1935. On March 5, 1935, Hitler came to power and tore up the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 after World War I. On March 6, 1936, Hitler started the most important adventure of his life: the march into the Rhineland demilitarized zone. What happened in Hong Kong today has a similar significance to that that event.

History is full of so many coincidences; it is all fate. Over a year ago, I, Wengui, the Whistleblower Movement, and Lude Media were the first to tell the world that the CCP’s imposition of the Extradition Law Amendment Bill (ELAB) was the first step in their plan to control the world, and indeed the beginning of their destruction.

In early May 2019, we warned that the implementation of the ELAB would bring about the complete downfall of Hong Kong, but 90 percent of Hong Kong people thought it wouldn’t happen. The ELAB was followed by the National Security Law, and then the next step would be the complete tearing up of the one-country, two-systems agreement.

By now, we have given Hong Kong over 1 billion Hong Kong dollars in various forms of assistance. Simultaneously, we have repeatedly warned our compatriots in Hong Kong that the CCP would impose Martial Law by force. This prevented the CCP from publicly declaring Martial Law on Hong Kong. However, they sent many law enforcement people disguised as Hong Kong police officers. These Hong Kong police officers, disguised as gang members, carried out Martial Law operation and mowed down people in the streets.

The world was shocked by the discipline and bravery shown by the Hong Kong people during the protests. However, some 17,000 Hong Kong people were raped, raped by multiple people, raped by the same sex, killed, or disappeared. Sadly, the world chose to ignore Hong Kong people’s lives, and the Western world only took legislative measures but no substantial action to protect the people of Hong Kong.

We have warned numerous times that what happened in Hong Kong will happen in the U.S. The CCP incited riots in the streets of the U.S.; participated in, influenced, and stole the result of the U.S. presidential election; and practiced far-left hooliganism and dictatorship by controlling the mainstream media and social media in the U.S. All of this eventually happened.

Again, we were the first to say that the purpose of arresting all democrats in Hong Kong is to introduce the New Election Laws and abolish one country, two systems. This is one of the most dangerous actions in the context of the absolute control and influence the CCP now has over the US government and the current multi-national governments in Europe, and the ambition of the CCP dictatorship and especially the Xi Jinping’s dictatorship to control the world.

History is strikingly similar, happening at the same time on the same day.

After World War I in 1919, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles’s central provisions was that the German army could not exceed 100,000 men and that a zone of assisted military administration was established at the Rhine River. The Treaty of Versailles limited German military development and restricted German troops from ever crossing the Rhine.

Hitler’s appearance was the beginning of a human catastrophe. In just 10 years, in the name of democratization and Germany’s rise, he manipulated the patriotic sentiment of Germans, propelled Germany to the pinnacle of development, and led mankind to the greatest catastrophe of all. Hitler tried to break all the agreements that were signed after 1919. At the time, the United States, Britain, and France ignored what Hitler was doing. March 5, 1935, was the darkest day in human history, and what happened that day was the root cause of the massacre of millions of Jews.

Hitler declared that the Treaty of Versailles was a historical document and should be considered null and void, exactly as the CCP does today; the German army expanded in preparation for war, exactly as the CCP does; Britain, France, and Italy expressed only regret at Hitler’s actions, exactly as the United States, Japan, and the world react indifferently today.

Hitler, who was not fully confident at first, was overjoyed. On March 6, 1936, he embarked on the most important adventures of his life: stationing his troops in the Rhine Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), exactly the same as the CCP is doing with Hong Kong today; Hitler was raising his prestige at home and testing the reaction worldwide, exactly the same as the CCP is doing today; the German generals panicking about sending troops into the Rhine DMZ, exactly the same as the CCP is doing today. Hitler once said that the 24 hours after the march to the Rhine DMZ was the most stressful time of his life, and he repeatedly knelt down and prayed to God. Now Xi Jinping is doing the same thing, lighting an incense stick and praying to God for his ambition.

Tearing up the Treaty of Versailles so easily made Hitler feel that everyone would obey him if he showed enough ambition and dared to do anything. This is the same state of mind that Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan are in today. Hitler tearing up the treaty boosted his ambition and gained German populist fanaticism. They were all deluded by the idea that they were so powerful. Hitler was not satisfied with the status quo and launched World War II. The CCP’s dissatisfaction with the status quo is exactly the same. The result for the German people, from a moment of brainwashing incitement, was a huge price which that they paid for many years after the war. 

Germany achieved a brief rush of nationalism and militarism after which it was quickly led into an unprecedented disaster by a madman (Hitler). The country was also completely crushed, millions died in wars, and hundreds of thousands of women were raped and abused by Soviet troops.

In China, hundreds of millions of people may die if the current situation continues, not tens of millions. The women of China will suffer greatly. Since you have chosen to glorify the devil, you will also pay the price for it. There were many opportunities to stop the adventures of Nazi Germany, but the world’s supposedly greatest and most civilized nation ignored the recklessness of Nazi Germany for their own benefit. The impossible happened, and the world ended up paying a high price. This proved to be the result, and this time it will be even worse than that!

Today we call this policy appeasement. The elementary mistake civilized nations continually make is to measure the world by noble standards while grossly underestimating the shamelessness of evil, and the absence of any bottom line in their behavior. Responding to evil with power is the only option. Acting quickly and routing them is the only option. Otherwise, America and Europe will be making the biggest mistake in human history, far beyond the disaster Hitler brought to humanity. Don’t believe it? Wait and see!

Only the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China are the hope for the Chinese people. No sooner had we told the world the truth about Hong Kong than Xi Jinping tore up the One-Country-Two-Systems agreement and abolished the Sino-British deal meant to keep Hong Kong self-governed for fifty years. Now, the Hong Kong dollar will certainly be worthless.

My family fund is the only one making money. When I woke up and opened my eyes, the fund had made tens of billions of dollars. I have said before that the Hong Kong dollar will become worthless. When almost all the funds pulled out of the Hong Kong trading market, only my family fund did not withdraw.

I was the first to say that Xi Jinping will the best ‘fellow fighter’ in the Whistleblower Movement in the process of taking down the CCP. As long as the CCP gangsters implement the new Election Law and abolish the one country two systems policy. And all the officials in the CCP party, in key positions, are our best ‘fellow fighters’.

Today is very significant. CCP, you are finished! When the Treaty of Versailles was signed (1919), China was in the midst of the May 4th democratic movement, the budding of democracy closely associated with China.

Understanding the history of World War II and Hitler, it is clear that the CCP is an enhanced version of Hitler’s Nazis with the capacity to create greater damage. The two are very similar in time, international situation, economic environment, personalities, and cultural background.

Many people believe that educated, highly educated people, should not bother with hooligans. This is the most stupid viewpoint. Highly educated people should fight these low-level hooligans not only in words but also in actions. If everybody did that, the world would be a lot less evil. Avoidance is cowardice. I will fight against the hooligans, and I will definitely beat them.

The weapon against the evil is the law. Sara (VOG) will definitely go to jail in one to two years, it is just a matter of time. Hitler was a hooligan, but the CCP is the biggest gangster hooligan of all! In the past 24 hours, the CCP abolished the one-country-two-system policy and imposed a New Election Law. Xi Jinping will name his successor this fall and constitutionalize the successor system to make himself a generation-to-generation ruler. These two initiatives are enough to doom the CCP. Next, the CCP will challenge the world. Hong Kong has fallen, and it would be naive for Hong Kong people to still hope that countries like the US, Europe, Britain, Russia, France, or Japan will act. It is never going to happen! From the bottom of my heart, if the U.S. takes protective measures against Hong Kong now, it will not be good for our goal of taking down the CCP. Also, it will not help our Whistleblower Movement to complete our mission.

Although the CCP has accomplished their control of Hong Kong, our fund has earned tens of billions of dollars. The next step for the CCP will be to attack Taiwan. When the CCP controls Taiwan, it will deal with Japan. If they do that, there will be no more challenges in Asia. The Middle East is already under the CCP’s control, and it is unlikely that anybody in Europe will be able to confront the CCP. The Biden administration will soon lift the previous sanctions, and France and Britain are “gentlemen in disguise”.

But wait until the virus causes widespread infection in these countries again. They will surely understand that the CCP is taking out their economies, keeping people from going out freely, and aiming to destroy the white race by spreading the virus!

Back then the Hitler and the bastards in ‘Zhongnan Hai (Beijing)’ thought they were Gods. Several academicians from the Academy of Social Sciences have just suggested that although the CCP believes in atheism, there can be a God that symbolizes the name of modern science and competence – Xi Jinping -the God of socialism.

After the Hong Kong dollar becomes worthless, many people will invest in G-Coin, G-Dollar, and G-TV. A lot of money from mainland China will move overseas. The sale of G-Club memberships was amazing in the first two days, selling over $4 million.

You should keep in mind the dates of March 5, 1935, March 6, 1936, March 5, and March 6, 2021

The CCP is trying to cheat you out of your foreign currency by lifting foreign exchange investment restrictions. The money should never be controlled by the CCP. Otherwise, it is not yours at all. I told Jack Ma through his lawyer: first, you should do some good deeds, second, you should invest in some financial products overseas; Ye Jianming should not have invested in so many real estate properties, he should have invested in financial products, now all his real estate properties are taken away by the CCP; Xiao Jianhua gave birth to more than 50 children, sooner or later they will all be unable to survive.

I do not have any assets in my name, but I do have the Midas touch – the ability to attract financing and to make money, 100% of the time. A minister of finance of a certain country wants to invest 500 million dollars in G-Coin at the initial price. It is impossible. He can only buy it on the trading market. We must have wisdom, credit, mutual respect, real competence.

The most important thing in investing is whether you have strong confidence or not. The smart thing to do is to invest when everyone else has lost confidence, and to pull out when everybody else becomes greedy. Don’t be one of the 99% who is losers. Invest in people you have faith in, and trust your own feelings.

Those who intend to invest in G-Club can buy memberships according to their own wishes. When G-Fashion issues shares, you will know what it means. 

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