Wuhan epidemic: the death of a home-alone handicapped boy

A Chinese Weibo (similar to Twitter) post was asking the public to help a child in Wuhan who had been home alone for six days while the child’s father and brother were in quarantine after the novel coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, the 17-year-old boy with cerebral palsy died according to a report on “Dami & Xiaomi Platform Serving the Autistic Children in China”.

The Weibo post above says that the child only had two meals in six days. This emotional post says that the child would be starved to death without help. It complained about the government’s lack of action during the crisis to save this child. The vice-chairman of the (local) Association for the Handicapped kept saying: “Wait till tomorrow”.

The “lazy” government is an utter disappointment! The post says: “If I die accidentally, I will have my friends apply for my daughter’s euthanasia. Just throw our bodies into the Yangtze River without taking up any land in this country. I only beg you to allow us to die together!”

A follow-up report by “Dami & Xiaomi Platform Serving Autistic Children” confirmed the boy’s death.

The 17-year-old boy Yan Cheng died on Jan 29. His father Yan Xiaowen and his 11-year-old brother with autism had been in quarantine since Jan 23 due to symptoms similar to those of novel coronavirus. The deceased was home alone under the care of a “village committee”.

The 17-year-old Yan Cheng (the deceased) in a wheelchair with his 11-year-old brother with autism.

Their mother committed suicide 10 years ago with a broken heart after giving birth to two handicapped boys. His 49-year-old widowed father, a cook in a Wuhan middle school, took both boys to his home town Huang Gang for Chinese New Year.

In the picture above, Yan Cheng’s father Yan Xiaowen and his 11-year-old brother were in quarantine due to fever.

Yan Cheng’s father escalated to the Association for the Handicaped in Hebei province asking them to get in touch with the village to feed his bed-bound elder son and change his diaper after 5 days of no food or water.

The “village committee” sent pictures of feeding Yan Cheng.

The “village committee” said that they fed Yan Cheng on the 24th, 26th, and 28th as showed in these pictures taken on Jan 26th.

The aunt of Yan Cheng said she fed him on the 23th and 24th. She did not check on him in the following three days, because she was not feeling well herself. By the time she saw him on the 28th, his condition deteriorated.

On Jan 28, Yan Cheng’s father asked people to help his elder son on Weibo.

Yan Cheng died on the 29th after he was sent to a hospital.

The editors from “Dami & Xiaomi Platform Serving the Autistic Children in China” were trying to interview the village committee to get more details. But their phone calls were not answered.

Outraged parents with handicapped children across China mourned the loss of Yan Cheng

This is not an isolated case for abandoned people without food or care due to Wuhan epidemic. This tragedy got lots of visibility in China because the boy’s father participated in a volunteer group which helped to spread the sad news. The first Weibo post in this article is from a single mother with a handicapped child. This tragedy saddened the parents of handicapped children across China, because it’s their worst nightmare to leave a disabled kid to die in loneliness.

A video of a desperate adult man in Wuhan crying for help

He says: “Who is going to save the people in Wuhan? Who is going to save the people in China? Do we count on the president of China or rely on the ‘China Dream’? F*ck … “

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