Why Russians Are Reluctant To Get Vaccinated?

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Author: 蚂蚁兄弟
  • Image: 七白石
  • Translator: 小木头

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According to Reuters on March 1st, an independent polling agency sampled 1,601 people in 50 regions and found that, 64% of them believe in that CCP virus is an artificially created biological weapon. And it is the reason why Russians are not reluctant to get vaccinated by Russian Sputnik V vaccine, with the highest ratio on 18 to 24 years old unwilling to be vaccinated. The main reason for the unwilling vaccination was that most of the respondents cited its side effects, such as fever and fatigue.

Russians, who are well known as the fighting people, do you really think these are the reasons that they refuse to be vaccinated?

Many western people still refuse to believe that CCP virus is an artificial unconstrained bioweapon, and they also refuse to believe that CCP is such an evil party, because they have been living in a peaceful environment and once, they believe in such an evil existing in the world, they will have doubt in the society that they live in. And it will result in a terrible turmoil. The huge change in their ways of thinking will also be hard to accept.

Russia, also known as Soviet Union before, who have already experienced the communist rules, have a better understanding of the nature of communism. They totally believe that communist countries are able to do all kinds of evil things, including the creation of CCP virus pandemic, the unconstrained bioweapon, and even worse perfect crimes, such as vaccines. People who have experienced dictatorial communist societies don’t trust their governments, and even more, they don’t trust in vaccines, because of the CCP cooperates with WHO leading the “truth”, it has gradually been revealed.

Now, the voice is more and more heard and people are demanding more and more accountability on CCP, the time left for the evil dictatorial government CCP is numbered.

Source: Reuters

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