Chinese Democracy Activists Launch Global Coalition: Solidarity With Hong Kong Democracy, Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics

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Nearly 200 people from all walks of life recently joined a global coalition in solidarity with democracy in Hong Kong and called for a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Wang Dan, one of the initiators of the event and a Chinese pro-democracy activist, said that a joint statement has been sent to the U.S. State Department, the House of Representatives and the White House, among other relevant officials. The second list of co-signers is currently being solicited.

On March 4 of this year, nearly two hundred people from around the world launched a campaign calling for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Wang Dan, one of the initiators of this joint campaign and a Chinese pro-democracy activist, told reporters on the same day, “I think one of the simple reasons for proposing a boycott of the Olympics is that the Olympics has the basic spirit of the Olympics and it is not just a sporting event.”

Wang Dan said that on March 4, after learning that all 47 pro-democracy activists accused of violating the National Security Law had been taken into custody by the authorities, he and many supporters of Hong Kong’s protests were outraged and had relevant discussions. During the discussion, they also talked about various acts of human rights persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, especially the persecution of Uighurs by the Chinese Communist Party. To denounce these actions by the CCP authorities, it was decided to “echo the call of the international community of human rights groups” by issuing a joint statement calling for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The drafters of this joint statement are four pro-democracy activists, namely Wang Dan, Su Xiaokang, Wang Juntao and Hu Ping. Between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST on March 4, 188 people from all walks of life living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan signed the statement. The statement noted that the CCP regime, given its multiple tyrannies in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and the mainland, and its continued threat to Taiwan’s free and democratic institutions, “has assumed the nature of a fascist regime and is unworthy to host an international sporting event of such magnitude as the Olympic Games”. The statement therefore calls on “all governments to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games until the CCP regime has effectively improved the human rights situation and ceased all of the above-mentioned human rights abuses”.

Some participants of the joint signatures told reporters that the reason they joined the joint signatures was to express their solidarity with the protests in Hong Kong. Guo Xiangwei, who lives in San Francisco, said that as one of the founders of the San Francisco Alliance in Support of Hong Kong, he chose to join this campaign in the face of the massive arrests of Hong Kong democrats after the passage of the National Security Law. He said, “In the midst of this co-signing, I must speak out and support the just cause of the people of Hong Kong and cry out for them.”

Jiang Tao, one of the founders of the Los Angeles-based pro-democracy group, the Association for the Study of Constitutionalism for the Departed, said he joined the campaign to express his support for the Hong Kong protesters and to awaken the civic consciousness of the mainland people through such activities: “The mainland needs the process of civic consciousness awakening, and I think we should always participate in it and express our thoughts.”

Some of the participants in the coalition also believe that the actions of the CCP authorities are contrary to the spirit of the Olympics. “As the CCP Premier said, there are 600 million people earning 1,000 yuan a month,” said Hu Jinwei, a pro-democracy activist who now lives in San Francisco. “Then they also said that they are already helping the Chinese people get out of poverty. So it’s a shameless regime full of lies, and we should all work together to resist it, it’s totally inconsistent with the spirit of free competition that we want.”

Hu Jinwei’s views were echoed by another co-signer, Mr. Wu, who now lives in the western United States. Mr. Wu said the CCP authorities are pursuing a harsh policy of political and cultural persecution against the various ethnic groups under their rule, which runs counter to the spirit of the Olympics and is not qualified to host the Winter Olympics. He also called for “the Winter Olympics not to be held in China and for the IOC not to repeat the mistake of whitewashing the Nazi regime in 1936.”

According to Wang Dan, the joint statement was translated into English and sent to relevant officials in the U.S. State Department, the House of Representatives and the White House on March 5. The second batch of co-signers is currently being solicited. As of 12:00 noon EST on March 5, 31 people have signed up for the second cohort.

Ren Songlin, a participant in the second group of co-signers and a commentator now living in San Francisco, said that as the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of people in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and the mainland and its threats to Taiwan continue to escalate, “it’s time for people around the world to recognize the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and to awaken people around the world to be wary of it.”

Source: Radio Free Asia

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