HKU Dormitory Forces Students to Move Away Overnight to Make Way for Quarantine Floors

Apple Daily received a complaint about lower-level floors of student dormitory at Lady Ho Tung Hall and Starr Hall being forcibly expropriated and used as quarantine floors for students returning from areas affected by the Wuhan pneumonia after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Students currently living on those floors were asked to move out on Jan 28. More than 70 students living in Lady Ho Tung Hall alone were affected.

Source also revealed that representatives of the university dormitories approached school authorities two weeks ago on this matter, and have been waiting for a reply.

15 Chairpersons of the student dormitories of HKU petitioned to Vice-Chancellor Zhang Xiang, questioning the idea of having a quarantine floor, as it brings fearful reminders of how Amoy Gardens became a SARS cluster, and how this could happen in Lady Ho Tung Hall and Starr Hall.

Source: Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02

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