【Opinion】New Faith Movement that Fights Against Ideological Dictatorship is One of the Current Themes

Translator:  Dahai Wuliang

Proof-read: Janyvo

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According to the real-time data from the Worldometer website, as of 21:00 GMT on March 4, 2021, more than 116 million people worldwide have been infected with the CCP virus, with 2.57 million deaths.  The truth about the CCP virus has brought about more awakening and reflection worldwide, except the awakening process is still somewhat slower than most of our fellow fighters expected, and this is largely due to the fact that our conventional faith-based thinking to a certain extent has been controlled at a global level.  

In Chinese history, the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period (770 BC-221 BC) was an era celebrated by hundreds of schools of thought, proliferation of talents, and vibrant academic environment.  The ideology and culture of that period laid the foundation of the feudal society for more than two thousand years, especially the  “hundred schools of thought”, which had a profound influence on the splendid culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years and made a significant contribution to human civilization.  One of the fundamental reasons for this was that people’s thoughts at the time were less confined, and there was no so-called “Ideological Unification”, and they were not brainwashed.

However, thereafter, from the “Book-burning and the  Confucianism-crackdown” started in Qin dynasty, to the subsequent “Dismissal of the hundred schools of thought, and supreme and exclusive respective for the Confucianism” implemented in Han dynasty, steps to align and unify thoughts were consistently taken by the privileged classes to uphold their interests in the society.  The practice of Ideological Unification slowly took over the mainstream of society, whether it was the internal warfare in the middle-kingdom, the fall of the regime under the Song dynasty by the Mongols, or the destruction of the Ming dynasty by the Manchus, all subsequent dynasties throughout the history have adopted this effective means of rule: ideological dictatorship.

It was not until the Republic of China, following the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, when Greater China was in a state of “division”, the mindsets of its ordinary Chinese people were initially liberated for the first time after thousand-year of intellectual confinement.  As a result, a large number of esteemed thinkers emerged, such as: Chen Yinke, Liang Shuming, Tao Xingchi, Yan Yangchu, Zhu Kezhen, Mei Yiqi, Zhang Boling, Ma Xiangbo, Hu Shi, Cai Yuanpei, etc.

Before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power, the CCP had also endeavored to promote the idea of freedom of thought to the mass, such as: to fully and effectively grant universal suffrage so the Chinese people could truly enjoy the “basic” and “equal” rights to vote and to be elected.  Just like what Mr. Sun Yat-sen had proclaimed before the election, “local groups and the people must be guaranteed the freedom to vote and the freedom to propose motions and to propagate and discuss them.  In other words, “the people are guaranteed complete freedom of assembly, association, speech, and publication.”  Otherwise, the so-called right to vote is still nothing more than a right on paper. — The Xinhua Daily, February 2, 1944

The leaders who emerged from democratic political life, like Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt, were not at all afraid of the parade of democracy, even in wartime.  They were not afraid of democratic criticism and accusation, they were not afraid of the expression of the public will of the people, and they were not afraid of elections by the people that would affect their position. Not only were they not afraid of the democratic system, but they were also vigorous defenders and supporters of this very system.  That’s why they were chosen by the people to be the ones everyone needed. — The Xinhua Daily, Nov. 15, 1944

Only a democratically elected government based on the freedom of speech, press, assembly and association, will then be the powerful politic.  (Mao Zedong’s reply to the Chinese and foreign press corps) – The Jiefang Daily, June 13, 1944

However, soon after the CCP established its regime in China in 1949, it showed its true colors and began to return to its communist dictatorship.  The CCP led a series of vile campaigns from the so-called “A hundred flowers bloom” to “Take-down stinky-nine”, and then to the notorious Cultural Revolution, all aimed at achieving ideological dictatorship by brainwashing the masses step by step.  The Chinese ancient emperors’ doctrine of “Five Techniques of Harnessing the People” has been truly mastered by the CCP to its full extent during that period.

The story of the rise of the Arabian Empire in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century is told by Mr. Yuan Tengfei in his book “This History is Quite Reliable“.   In 642, the Arab general Amul led his troops to capture the city of Alexandria.  According to “The History of the Magi,” written by the 13th-century Egyptian-born historian Eben Kifti, after Amr captured Alexandria, a scholar had the audacity to suggest that he wanted to preserve the precious texts in Alexandria’s library.  Amr asked the Caliph (Islamic title) Umar for advice, and the answer he received was, “Go through the book you mentioned first, and if its contents are the same as the Scriptures (referring to the Qur’an), there is no need to preserve it; if it is contrary, there is no need to preserve it either, and it may be destroyed.”  So a burning fire lasted for six months, and the Library of Alexandria was completely destroyed, and much of what had been recorded in human history was lost forever.

The different religions in human history have also tampered with the scriptures, just as Mr. Miles Guo said in the video, “many of the scriptures are fake or have been tampered with for the purpose of ruling”.   When many so-called “Zen masters” preach scriptures, they just replicate the flashy words without truly understanding the noble context themselves.

In the minds of many ordinary Christians and Catholics, the Bible is sacred and all that is written in it is true, but they do not know how many times it has been compiled and how many versions it has had.  I, the author, once asked a priest about this, and the priest’s response was “why haven’t I seen multiple versions like you said?”    I was astonished by how could such a priest apprehend the reality of God, and let alone effectively proclaim the truth of God using clear rationale?

Pope Francis is the current 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.  While, the first Pope was St. Peter, the head of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.  There are twenty-three popes named John in history, including John VI, who had more than twenty illegitimate children, and he made his illegitimate sons cardinals and even the next pope, calling them his nephews or nieces in order to hide them from the public.  Many popes have done wicked things in the guise of religion.  And now the current Pope Francis, is even in cahoots with the insidious CCP, betraying his congregation and working with the dark forces (e.g., the global deep state) in imprisoning the people of the world in terms of free spirit and thinking.  Many of the doctrines in the Bible represent truths or realities that people should truly understand and believe, but there are also many that have been altered and used to fool people, such as the sinfulness of man, Satan, the souls in Purgatory are punished by the demons, etc.

The Whistleblowers’ Movement has already opened a brand new chapter, and all is just the beginning.  The Whistleblowers’ Movement not only fight against the CCP, the global dark forces’ major player, but also fight to resist the global dark forces that intend to control and enslave people around the world, and fight for all the people across the world in pursuit of democracy, freedom, the rule of law.  The Whistleblowers’ Movement is also a movement of faith and consciousness awakening, and through exposing the truths and facts of the world to compel people to re-examine the relationships between individuals and others, between a group and other groups, and between a nation and other nations.

When the Hong Kong  pro-democracy movement was in full swing in 2019, countless young people of Hong Kong were murdered and tortured by the bloody and brutal repression of the CCP.  Sadly, most governments and the free-world people just turned a blind eye to it at that time.  And it was only when the CCP unleashed the virus to launch its biowarfare, the world began to gradually awaken and the forces of light began to gather.

There were never short of power struggles between different political parties in each country, although such struggles may appear to be for the interests of each class, in essence they were battles of faith.  For faith is the rule of conduct that determines what each person thinks, says and does.  Regardless of which party the people support, they all justify their own existence based on their own faith, beliefs and ideas.  And it was precisely such battles of faith that made people realize their own shortcomings one step at a time, and led to the further development of ideas and the construction of better systems.   At this very moment, we are amid an unrestricted biowarfare initiated by the CCP on a global-scale, the challenge to one’s faith is unprecedented, and inevitably, the choice that the people make at this crossroads will be part of human social evolution.

The New Federal State of China, the core of the Whistleblowers’ Movement, will surely go down in history as a miracle, not only in guiding the people of the world in their struggle against the global dark forces, but also in leading the new faith movement, playing the key role that it is destined to in the history of mankind.

(The content of the article represents the views of the author only)

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