Prying Into The Hollowness Of The CCP Through A Void AI Summit

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On Aug 29, 2019, Jack Ma from Alibaba Group debated Elon Musk from Tesla at World AI Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai, China. Both men are leading top tier technology companies in the world.

Let along the fact that Jack and Elon disagreed on many aspects of the future relationship between AI and human beings, I would very much like to put the ideological divergence of the two – the most qualified entrepreneurial representatives of their own cultures – under the spotlight.

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In this video, Elon found Jack’s points to be nothing more than some catchphrases that make little sense, in fact he was left speechless for multiple times. And whenever Elon tried to bring the conversation into in-depth discussions about technology and what it actually means, Jack would simply skirt the topics.

In fact, Jack Ma is a perfect miniature of the CCP culture, one that talents are usually adversely selected, and that those who make it to the top are either minions who kneel down to the deepest level or speculators who are smart enough to mingle with the CCP’s kleptocrats. There is nothing about true intelligence in this selection process.

To conclude, just like Alibaba Group and Jack Ma, CCP is nothing but a hyped scheme that is sitting on top of a pile of collusion and greed. Making the world see this, is essentially for us to finally Take Down the CCP.

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