A Fire Broke Out on the Top Floor of a Residential Building, Spreading to the Balcony

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It Was Agonizing That a Human Figure Was Blackened by Fire

According to NetEase News video, a fire broke out on the top floor of a residential building and spread to the balcony. There seemed to be a human figure being engulfed by the fire. The scene was really agonizing.

 The Chinese Communist Party talks about everything for the interests of the people every day, but the reality of people’s livelihood is very different from the prosperous image shown by the media.

In the video, we could see the old neighborhood, the dark street, the fire engines that couldn’t go to the front of the building, and the firefighters who arrived only after the house had been burned to the ground. All this highlights the poor livelihood of underprivileged people or the people at the bottom of  society.

The Chinese Communist Party could do more practical things for the ordinary people with those huge financial funds (that we don’t know where they are going), instead of face-saving or image projects.

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