Unauthorized Opening of the Gate and Flooding the Street?

Subtitles: Lexi Xixi | Subtitles PR: yyshere | Subtitles: Walking in the Rain
Commentary: CharlesS | Translation: John Cena| PR: PollyEsther

Look at the CCP’s Shamelessness and Irresponsibility From the Small Details

On February 26th, right on the market of The fifteenth day of the first lunar month in Dazhong Village, Lanling County, Shandong Province, a sudden flood of water swept over all the stalls on the river embankment. The local CCP government stated that this was caused by “certain staff of surname Sun releasing water for personal gain.” “The offenders have been controlled and compensation has been carried out.” It sounds like nothing was wrong, and seems familiar— isn’t this the common scapegoat trick of the CCP of blaming on ‘temporary workers’?

Regardless of whether the official explanations are true or false, government department staff, working on matters within their powers, thus in “cloaks” of official behavior, the management of whose department should first be held accountable. This should be the case even if the accident was caused by an operating error within Sun’s authority. Assuming that this sudden flood has endangered public safety, or Sun is suspected of other crimes, the public security criminal investigation department should investigate clearly, and go through the three procedures of public security, procuratorate, and law to reach a conclusion.

But in reality, looking at this chain of operations by the local government: an individual was quickly identified to take the blame; conclusion was reached, only to keep themselves clear of any responsibilities, and keep being “great, fair and correct”, even the compensation seems to require the people to kneel down and kowtow to thank their bestowment. It can be seen that the CCP regime has been hypocritical and shameless as always. This is also their usual routine. Avoiding responsibility in any matter is the first priority, shifting all responsibilities of government authorities to individuals, no management responsibility, and the leadership never takes responsibility, and all they want is to create a narrative that “The CCP is always right”. There is no need to talk about any laws in the whole process, because the CCP is a fake law and it rules by fakeness. The CCP is afraid that the poor will try to understand the law, in which case the CCP’s fake façade will be too easy to see through. There will be no reflection and guilt in this regime. This time, it was lucky that no lives were hurt. Otherwise, under the CCP’s rule, the poor family mambers of the victims would not be able to hold anyone accountable or seek compensation from.

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