Steps to Wearing your Medical Face Mask the Right Way

Steps to Wearing your Medical Face Mask the Right Way:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before putting on the mask
  2. Make sure the colored side faces outwards with the wired edge on top
  3. Stretch and position the elastic straps around your ears
  4. Press and secure the wired edge on your nose bridge
  5. Pull the mask folds downwards so it covers your nose, mouth and chin
  6. Pinch the wired edge so and press it firmly around your nose bridge
  7. Ensure that the sides of the face mask is pressing securely against your cheek, and avoid touching the mask afterwards
  8. To remove the mask, touch only the elastic straps * Folding the mask is not necessary*
  9. Dispose of a used mask in a trash can with lid, then wash your hands thoroughly

Things to Know about Wearing Medical Face Masks:

  • Change it every 4 hours
    • Masks have to be changed every 4 hours or every time you take it off or if it has been contaminated
    • Carry around 2-3 extras with you
    • Do not reuse
  • Do not pull the mask towards your chin
    • Bacteria will accumulate on the outer layer of the mask
    • Instead remove one side of the elastic strap

  • Ensure that the mask is fitted securely against your cheek
    • Ensure that both sides of the face mask are fitted firmly against your cheek
    • Ensure the bottom of the mask covers your chin entirely
    • Make sure the wired edge presses tightly on yo ur nose bridge (so that water vapor will not be emitted from the top edge)
  • Do not touch the outer layer of the mask
    • Do not touch the outer later of the mask as it is contaminated after use
    • Wash your hands thoroughly if you have touched the outer layer of the mask
    • When disposing of the mask, it is not necessary to fold it or roll it up

Source: BeWaterHKG

Contributor: GM02

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