Hong Kong Removed From Index of Economic Freedom Ranking

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The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal jointly issued the new annual “Global Economic Freedom Index” on Thursday. Hong Kong ranked second in the Index with an overall score of 89.1 last year was directly removed from ranking this year. Macau, which ranked 35th last year, was also absent on the list. The Wall Street Journal explained that because the policies of the two places ” were ultimately controlled by the CCP,” they did not appear in this ranking.

Since the establishment of the “Global Economic Freedom Index” in 1995, Hong Kong has topped the list for 25 consecutive years. Last year, it lost the championship to Singapore for the first time, ranking second. At that time, the Heritage Foundation pointed out that the Hong Kong government sought to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance in 2019 to threaten judicial independence. The continued political and social unrest also weakened Hong Kong’s reputation. Chen Jialuo, an associate professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Hong Kong Baptist University, pointed out that the government’s “endless” liquidation of dissidents in Hong Kong is difficult to convince the international community that Hong Kong will be able to “bring order out of chaos” in the future. Instead, they worry about whether Hong Kong can maintain a free economic system under the CCP’s full governance or “whether it has become a politically-led socialist game.”


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