[China] Resident interrogated for making relatives store food

Jan 29.

People in long lines in from of a state-owned chain store

China almost stops running because of the Wuhan coronavirus, most people are staying at home to reduce the probability of infection. As a result, many supermarkets in multiple provinces face a shortage of food. Photos show that either supermarkets are empty or people are queueing in long lines for buying fresh food like vegetables and meet in front of the state-owned chain store.

One female resident in Hainan Province noticed the risk and then sent alerts to her relatives to buy and store some rice in case of the shortage of supplies. Then she was interrogated in the name of ‘provocation’ by the local policemen. Moreover, the police made the footage in public to intimidate those who also want to speak up.

Subtitles: GM38

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Jan. 29, 2020