[February 27, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter(2nd)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Mike Li & Antsee-GTV

 Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) - Liberte

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[February 27, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters!

I was having a video meeting today, while conducting other business, watching G-TV over here, and having another conference meeting at the same time – a big meeting. Dealing with four different tasks at the same time, and also communicating with fellow fighters, plus being on G-TV giving fellow fighters praise, ah ~ this is me. Fellow fighters, when you can learn this way of handling the work like me, you will be different, you will really be a different person.

I just watched a fellow fighter’s video entitled “Support Miles Guo in Destroying the Chinese Communist Command”. He is from Himalaya Phoenix and another fellow Da Hai is from California. They were in Tucson, in front of the house of the “Nine-Fingered demon Sara (VOG)”, asking her to return the money. Although I do admire their bravery, I am not feeling good. Regretfully, it was my mistake of endorsing Sara that made our fellow fighters suffer such a big loss. The mistake is mine.  I am very sorry, terribly sorry.

I watched several shows on G-TV simultaneously – I just saw the show by Lao Wan Tong, and our “Fu Li and Sarah” on the live-broadcast. G-TV releases an updated version almost every week, improving its technology and enhancing the user’s experience, which you can notice. The screen effect has improved a lot and looks really different now, really different. In the “Fu Li and Sarah” show, Fu Li’s lens and lights were not correctly adjusted, the picture looks blurred. But Sarah’s lighting looks much better. Tucson’s screen effect is the most beautiful. I’ve been there before, it has the brightest sunlight making the screen almost transparent. Light is essential. Though we have made a significant improvement in audio synchronization technology, it is still not enough. Besides, I noticed Lao Wan Tong doing his live-stream via Skype, the screen effect is fine, but the sound effect is far from good. Our G-TV improves every day, and we do have a lot of potential. Developing G-TV to the current level has not been simple. It is a technical miracle already.

The conference that President Trump is speaking at in California – you know what? They wanted to do live broadcasting on our G-TV and contacted us. But handling such a conference – the requirements for technology are beyond our current ability. Honestly, G-TV can’t match the requirements necessary now. But in the future, we certainly will do, brothers and sisters, we certainly will do. The process requires patience.

I also received many messages from our fellow fighters. With respect to the questions they posed, I want to tell you that we should not treat the G-Series investments as gambling, although most of us were once brainwashed by the CCP. The CCP encouraged us to daydream of putting money in today and making a fortune tomorrow, just like playing blackjack in the casino, all by luck, hoping to win it all. Ninety-nine percent of people finally lost their money. It is not an investment if you only expect luck to work, it is gambling. I seriously say to you, my brothers and sisters: you must be very clear in your mind and realize that your investment in G-Series, regardless whether it is G-Coin or G-TV…etc., takes time. Investment requires time. Otherwise, it is gambling, where you expect luck to work. Don’t fool yourself.

The other (important advice) is about life. We, the whistleblower movement, are almost four years old. Is that correct? I am sure the four years must be the happiest time if you started the journey with us four years ago. Also, I am sure you would feel nothing if you got something done in four hours. You would feel totally different, and the value would not be the same. I can’t remind you enough that you need to invest within your means. Gambling is a dead-end. 

People who make money easily, or suddenly become rich in China do so typically through corruption, robbery, bribery, or by fraudulent means. It is achieved in the “rolling pin” economy and financial markets characterized by counterfeiting and cheating. That is all criminal. That is neither speculation nor gambling, nor investment. That is called crime. Never envy those who earn quick-money. Never envy those who earn fast money. You have to consider the time when the thief is punished. Don’t just look at the time when the thief enjoys their spoils.

Brothers and sisters, this is very important.

Around the whole world, including in the mature markets of the US and Europe, several securities companies lost billions of dollars. They bet on futures. So many people have lost everything. Always remember that behind a person who makes money, there may be hundreds of thousands or millions of people who have lost money. Don’t ever have any speculative mentality.

When we had a meeting about G-TV yesterday, one fellow fighter asked me: “when will G-TV go public, Miles?” I answered him that it would take about 5 years for G-TV to go public, and that was just the initial plan. It has taken a year to this point and that leaves 4.

But honestly, I think G-TV might go public even in 3 years, or maybe longer than 3 years, and it depends on the process of taking down the CCP and on G-TV’s development. Another point is that we need real investors, not speculators. But as you can see today, compared with last April, G-TV’s value and technical content and influence has improved in just less than a year. Can you say the same thing now? This is the result. 

By the way, this fabric is really good, but I hung it (on the hanger), and caused wrinkles on the fabric.

This is not speculation or luck in the casino, or even a crime, or gambling with your life regardless of the cost. It is totally different from deceiving others and taking people’s money from their own pocket like the “Nine-Fingered Demon Sara (VOG)”, right? Again, I advise those of you who sent me so many messages, our fellow fighters: to invest, do not speculate. Not to mention gambling, or the temptation of stealing. Never commit the criminal behavior of Sara, Chen Qisheng, and someone who’s name I forget. Jonathan, we must remember this badass!

Now we have found out that these bastards still had other bank accounts. A strong appeal goes to those of you who transferred money to these people. You need to be very careful, brothers and sisters! Zhang Xin, from China’s Shandong province, this son of a bitch is too bad. Jonathan, Zhang Xin, and “Turtle-Headed Yang”. Chen Qisheng, PJ Pan, his Chinese name is Peng Jian, and Wei Jihong (Sara) and her son, her son is called…! These bastards are members of a criminal gang that relies on crime to scam people out of money. The so-called investment is just a front. Her son’s name is Wei Xiuzhu. Many departments are asking me about them, and they are shocked. Now they have become really notorious in Tucson, in Phoenix, in the US, and in mainland China. These people are already at the end of the road. These people eventually, must be sentenced to prison.

After reading these documents and knowing what they did, one lawyer just now told me he was utterly shocked. He said these people were totally violating any concept of law. It’s impossible this could happen even in Africa. Too crazy. The other thing is their criminal behavior shocked everyone. Such bold forgery and lies. Anyone with any sense in legality could not do what they did. It was horrible! Because of me, your brother 7’s endorsement of her, which led to this fraudulent behavior and brought substantial loss and pain to our fellow fighters, brother 7 blames himself and feels sorry every day from the bottom of his heart. I must not let another nine-fingered demon happen again, but I cannot absolutely guarantee it.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am so pleased to see our fellow fighters creating higher quality programming on G-TV. I am learning from you also. It’s great to see some articles published on G-News that are so good. Particularly from Himalaya London Club (UK), Himalaya Munich GANEN (GER), Himalaya BCN JOY (ES), Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (CA), Himalaya New York MOS (USA), and Himalaya Tokyo SAKURA GROUP (JP). These shows and articles are what our whistleblower movement needs.

Fellow fighters, taking down the CCP cannot be done without you, and taking down the CCP requires your action, high-quality action, high intelligence action.

Everything has begun!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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