Whiteout lungs: last 12 days of a Wuhan pneumonia victim

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[Family member’s recount | The last 12 days of a patient with severe pneumonia.


Weng Qiuqiu died before knowing what disease she was suffering from. The menacing disease, with symptoms including headaches, coughs, dyspnea, and white-out lungs (on the chest x-ray), only took 12 days to claim her life.


On Jan 21, 2020, the pneumonia epidemic of a novel coronavirus infection is spreading from Wuhan to the whole country. Qichun County, Huanggang, Hubei, where Weng Qiuqiu lived, is only a few hundred kilometers away from Wuhan. Huanggang is the place with the worst coronavirus outbreak outside Wuhan.


The doctor told Weng Qiuqiu’s husband Chen Yong that she was suffering from “unknown pneumonia”. After spending 200,000 yuan ($28,818 USD) on medical bills with borrowed money, Weng Qiuqiu’s condition did not improve, and Chen Yong finally signed a consent to stop medical treatment.


At the time of her death, Weng Qiuqiu was not yet 32 years old. She just found out that she was pregnant. On her death certificate, the cause of death reads: “Severe pneumonia, respiratory failure, septic shock”

Victim’s CT Scan Report
Victim’s diagnose: “Severe pneumonia, respiratory failure, septic shock”

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