Miles Is Spot on About NPC & CPPCC, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

In his Getter video on February 24, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo talked about his interpretation of the major events during the NPC and CPPCC, which is to confirm the successor of the Zhongnan Pit. He said that the economic statistics and the outcomes of the war with Taiwan reported to Chairman Xi are all fake, including the ‘good news’ that Ambassador Cui sent back from the US. He also pointed out that taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus and by financial activities are two best weapons for reaching agreements with the “swamp”. The former keeps the world safe, and the latter satisfies the needs of capitalism. The Whistleblower Movement is a powerful force in the world that seeks truth, justice, and faith. We should let the world see the declaration and deeds of the New Federal State of China. 

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I just quickly checked messages. Because the live broadcast I did in the morning, wow, the CCP has … Oh, my goodness! They said, “Miles, your live broadcast is scary. We were in the middle of the night but many of us saw this information. You interpreted the NPC & CPPCC (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) really clearly. You were really accurate about the war with Taiwan. And you were also correct regarding the major event of the NPC & CPPCC.” That is to confirm the successor of the Zhongnan Pit. Not only do I (referred to Xi Jinpin) want to manage the country for the rest of my life, but I also want to lead the country for the rest of my life. The country belongs to the people forever. The country and the people are both mine. I am the one that has the right to decide on the successor. This is Xi Jinping. Although Wang Qishan has been trying to please both parties secretly, it doesn’t put him in an unfavorable situation. However, everyone in China can see the internal power struggle clearly. What’s more absurd is the whole economy, especially the war with Taiwan. Anyone with a brain knows that war with Taiwan is literally a suicide. 

As I said today, everyone is telling lies now when they report to Xi about the economic indicators and the outcome of the war with Taiwan. Previously they said it would take a month to win the war with Taiwan. Now they say that if the US doesn’t get involved or involved directly, they will definitely win the war in a week, or even in three days. Recently, there have even been people telling them that the war with Taiwan won’t even take a gunshot. Taiwan will surrender on the same day. The only advice they have not yet got may be that Taiwan will swim back to the mainland voluntarily! This is a good thing, brothers and sisters, because when they do this, the CCP will create more trouble for themselves and die sooner.

Do not mention how they are dealing with the US. I heard that Ambassador Cui is not just changing his suits into military uniform. Ambassador Cui is reporting good news everyday nowadays, saying that the US military circle, congressmen of the Capitol Hill, Biden’s new administration and all officials of the previous Trump administration, as well as people who were anti-CCP before, including all these friends of Miles Guo, are all lining up and waiting to see me, Ambassador Cui. Just say that they want to change nappies for Ambassador Cui! They all want me [Ambassador Cui] to touch their head and say some kind words, so that they can be relieved and sleep, because in the past, they were bewitched and said things that harmed the CCP, right? We want to see President Xi and express our apologies. Please give us a chance to repent, right? We still want to be friends with President Xi and listen to President Xi. The only thing they didn’t say was, ‘Feel free to come and sexually assault my family. Everything belongs to Xi. We listen to the CCP about everything. All assets belong to the people. And the people and the assets both belong to the Zhongnan Pit.’ This is the only thing they didn’t say.

Ambassador Cui has been sending good news back so frequently. I just saw a very funny message from a buddy. He said, “Miles, I was going to send you a message on my way to work. You know the operation of the Zhongnan Pit so well. We just received a message saying that there was news of victory from America again. There was good news from America again.”Ambassador Cui, you are awesome. Quick, go and greet those who are waiting to have their head touched, waiting to be filled with wisdom and to be sexually assaulted by you. Go and receive them one by one. Damn you!

You know what’s something important that I want to tell you? I heard that people in the Zhongnan Pit are very nervous and very unhappy after knowing that we’ve got the American payment license. I can tell everybody that this is just a beginning. This afternoon, a country and a financial organization have formally agreed to enter the green channel, or the express lane, and embark on a full cooperation with our G series. Taking down the CCP is our theme. Taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus and by financial activities are the two best weapons that allow tacit agreement with all people in the swampland. Taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus will keep the world safe. Taking down the CCP by financial activities [will work] because in a capitalist society, there will only be doctrine when there is capital. We can provide both. Dignity, safety, money, interests and legitimacy, you can get all of these from us. This is not bragging or fooling. Who else can achieve this? Show me!

Therefore, brothers-in-arms, at this moment we should let everyone see the declaration and all of the actions of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and some of the things that the NFSC has done, including taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the virus, and our current actions to take down the CCP by financial activities. These will help all our brothers-in-arms and the Chinese people get real security, freedom in religion and judicial independence, and also let everyone live a decent life. This is our NFSC. So, there are many people watching our broadcast from China. Think about how many people were watching this morning. How many people were watching by VPN from China? Think about it, brothers and sisters. We should cherish everything that Heaven gives us. The world is in a mess, except for the NFSC. The Whistleblower Movement has absolutely become the only sunshine-like power in the world that has justice, seeks truth, justice and faith, and believes in heaven. There is no one else comparable.

And about Hong Kong, this buddy just said to me that you were spot on about what happened in Hong Kong, and also in Taiwan. The massacre [affirmation by the West] was too shocking for members of the CCP. It’s been defined as a massacre. The shock to the CCP members and their family is like placing a time bomb on them to wear all the time. They worry about their children, their overseas assets, their illegitimate children and their family overseas. They also worry how they would go overseas in a world without the CCP in the future. They are really worried, extremely worried.

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