Fauci’s Daughter Works For Twitter, A Company Which Censors All Opposition to Her Father

Author: Lois

The National Pulse. (March 3, 2021). CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father. https://thenationalpulse.com/news/alison-fauci-twitter-engineer/.

The National Pulse revealed that Alison Fauci, the daughter of Chief U.S. Government Medical Advisor Dr Anthony Fauci, works as a software engineer for Twitter, the social media giant famous for its recent censorship of conservative content. 

The platform has also cracked down on so-called misinformation regarding COVID-19, also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus.

Ms Fauci’s association with the social media company creates a conflict of interest, considering the tech giant’s mission to censor all opinions and information that oppose her father’s inconsistent diktats.

A striking example of this censorship is Twitter’s censorship of Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., for posting an allegedly misleading tweet recommending the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the CCP virus, as Dr Fauci had not approved it. Yet, numerous recent studies have proven this drug to be effective against the coronavirus.

The social media platform also deleted a tweet documenting a press conference on Capitol Hill held by doctors to support the anti-malarial drug.

From early March, Twitter began banning tweets containing information that may increase the transmission risk of COVID-19 between people. Its overall aim was to eliminate tweets that deny guidance from supposed health experts, such as Ms Fauci’s father. Twitter also targeted the encouragement of what it deemed false or ineffective treatments, preventions, and diagnostic techniques and misinformation claiming to be from experts or authorities.

According to Heavy magazine, Alison Fauci’s LinkedIn profile showed she was developing ad formats for Twitter’s Android app. Her LinkedIn profile has since been made private or deleted.

Ms Fauci has kept her profile on Twitter’s official blog, submitting a post in November 2017 titled “Introducing Serial: improved data serialization on Android.”

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