G-TV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (3rd Mar, 2021)

Summary: Castle | Editor: Shibukedang

Getting into March, the world anti-CCP alliance is quietly forming. Both Canadian and Dutch parliaments passed resolutions condemning the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang. Current US administration, congressmen and congresswomen are taking hardcore actions. Meanwhile, former US President Trump is planning to take even harder actions against the CCP. Yet the CCP is pushing forward its “Eliminate the White” secret strategy, suppression of Hong Kong, and the military coup in Myanmar even more aggressively. Let’s listen to Mr. Bannon‘s view on these issues.

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GTV link: https://gtv.org/video/id=603f97e694761a708f193da9

Daniel: According to Miles Guo’s recent whistle-blowing, the CCP has a secret strategy to incite racial hatred among coloured people against white people. Do you think it is related to the current racial conditions in the US?

Castle: Professor Jin Canrong of Renmin University asserts that the US prevents 1.4 billion Chinese people from living decent lives and that defeating the US is the only way out for China. What is your argument?

Dr.Ming: After the Canadian and Dutch parliaments passed resolutions condemning the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang, more countries are likely to follow suit. What impact do you expect will be exerted on the CCP?

Skysun: 47 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were charged on Monday with subversion under the national security law. What can the outside world do to help Hong Kong?

Daniel: As the former US President, what is Trump’s strategy now against the CCP?

Stella: According to Miles Guo, the Myanmar military backed by the CCP replayed Tiananmen Square Massacre. What is the significance in your view?

Castle: Republicans introduced a bill to sanction the CCP’s United Front Work Department. If passed, how helpful will it be for taking down the CCP?

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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