Nurse Reveals Discriminative Treatment of Pneumonia and Wuhan Pneumonia Patients in Hong Kong Hospitals

A nurse pointed out that different treatments are applied to normal pneumonia and Wuhan pneumonia patients in Hong Kong.

According to the measures currently adopted in public hospitals in Hong Kong, in case of emergency, the family of the regular pneumonia patient has two options: (1) issue a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order; (2) demand a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but the hospital will not provide any oxygen through intubation.

The nurse remarked that the outcomes of the two options are similar, as the patient’s condition can hardly be improved without providing any oxgyen.

Oxygen would, however, be provided to Wuhan pneumonia patient, since intubation can only be performed in isolation ward. This is also why regular pneumonia patient is ridded of such treatment in regular ward.

The nurse felt extremely frustrated and upset due to the discriminative treatment adopted by the public hospitals in Hong Kong.

She added that intubation exposes the medical staff to the virus, thus posing high health risk to the medical personnels.

Source: LIHKG

Contributor: GM02

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