Antifa Riots, an Important Step in the CCP’s Plan to Eradicate White

Author: Dolores Posted by: Gravitationalwave

Recently, the whistleblower movement leader Miles Guo pointed out that one of the important plans of the CCP to rule the world is the elimination of white people. The CCP has been bribing, wooing, and lobbying Asian, African, and Latin American countries for decades ,then these poor countries would help the CCP against the Western world . At the same time, when world politics is sharply leftward, racial issues have become more sensitive. In order to reflect political correctness, many areas of education, employment, and film and television media have specifically reserved opportunities for blacks. In 2020, Antifa farce even appeared in various countries. Antifa launched attacks on ordinary people, miscellaneous stores and even beaten and killed people, but leftist politicians even kneeled down and apologised. When Antifa yelled “black lives matter”, a woman replied “every live matter”, then the woman was brutally killed shortly after. From preserving specific educational opportunities and jobs for blacks, TV dramas and movies must have people of colour participating, to the Antifa riot last year, what made white people so cautious on racial issues, what made racial conflicts intensified, What makes white people self-censor and bear the original sin of racial discrimination, please believe that all of this is the CCP’s evil plan.

The Antifa riot in 2020 is an anti-white campaign supported by the Chinese Communist Party. Obvious criminal acts cannot be properly resolved because of racial issues. Once someone accuses these violent acts, they will be accused of racial discrimination. Even when there is clear evidence that the CCP maliciously incited this riot, some government officials still condoned these things and did not find the truth . This riot has thoroughly demonstrated the moral shackles tied to Western politicians and Western people. These moral kidnappings even made the law useless. Crimes cannot be punished by law. Robbing shops, beating and killing ordinary people have been justified. The Antifa riot supported by the CCP was a temptation to the West, and the CCP also saw the results it hoped. Many white Westerners were unable to refute such moral criticism. Many leftist media and leftist governments continued to strengthen this moral shackle. Eventually, Westerners will begin to censor themselves just like the Chinese, and will no longer dare to speak freely. Antifa is like the Cultural Revolution launched by the CCP in China many years ago, It instigated the proletarians to attack the proletariat and intellectuals. When the cultural cognition of the whole society is distorted, and morality is above the law, people’s rights will be completely deprived.Eventually the whole world will be controlled by the centralised and authoritarian rules.

In life, Discrimination is also exist because of the different of culture, growing background, and information asymmetry. It is impossible to eliminate discrimination completely. But in terms of social systems and rules, most countries in the world have eliminated obvious racial discrimination. If the society itself does not block the opportunities for personal growth and development, it is a benign society. But the emphasising of artificial distribution. Its essence is a kind of communism or socialism. The CCP’s brainwashing is no longer confined to China. It has spread all over the world. It is difficult for individuals to resist these hidden information guidance. Only by eradicating the CCP, the human cancer, can we fundamentally reverse the trend of world civilisation. The Chinese people would get freedom and democracy, and foreign people can completely prevent the emergence of dictatorship.

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