【War Clouds Column】Episode13 The Neo-Nazi Weapon From The CCP Is Not A Virus But A Theory Of “Perfect Crime” (Part 4)

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IV. Conclusion: The world has fallen into the quagmire of the CCP’s perfect crime.

The author believes that human civilization has fallen into the trap of the Perfect Criminology created by the CCP. The CCP’s Perfect Criminology embodied having successfully fooled the Chinese people from the Cultural Revolution to the Tiananmen Square Protests. And the whole world has almost been cheated by the September 11 attacks, the SARS outbreak, and the 2020 Unrestricted Bioweapon.

However, the leader of the Whistleblower’s Movement, Miles Guo, issued a prophetic warning to the world in 2017, which partially awakened rightists and American conservatives. Especially in the shadow of the ongoing CCP’s virus and biological warfare, conservatives in the world have begun to understand how evil the CCP is and how to deal with these problems. As the Biden administration blindly seeks to exonerate the CCP from crime, the anti-CCP powers are facing many difficulties in reversing and integrating after the election defeat.

The US election not only triggered a “Great Reset” but also a “Great Awakening.” As the author mentioned earlier, the interview on Feb 17th  with former US Secretary of State Pompeo once again re-strengthened the argument that CCP Nazism is equivalent to German Nazis and injected strength into the nail on the CCP’s coffin. I believe that the biggest change in world politics will be to further consolidate its crime of the genocide and endanger humanity while breaking the CCP’s perfect criminal scam. When Dr. Yan’s third report was announced, the CCP’s greater crimes against humanity, the unrestricted biological warfare that killed tens of thousands of innocent lives around the world, which will definitely leave the CCP with nowhere to hide.

I believe that the day when the CCP Nazi group is sent to the international trial is getting closer, and it will also be the day when the whole world celebrates the victory of World War III. The collapse of the CCP will be the beginning of the development of true patriotism. We should teach young people and the next generation how to distinguish between good and evil, and between clean money and unclean money. Although capital itself has no distinction between good and evil, it blurs people’s perception of value ​​and makes people look perfect when they are forced to follow the path of evil out of profit. It is really important for everyone to understand this.

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