An Angel’s Trumpet to the World

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Dr. Yan Li Meng has awakened the world with her firm, fearless voice. Her papers have had a powerful impact in exposing the truth about the virus.

Cardinal Dominik Duko, the 36th Archbishop of Prague, labeled the coronavirus as a biological weapon.

Roland Wiesendanger, a physicist at the University of Hamburg, has listed six pieces of evidence the coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research.  

Bild, Europe’s largest newspaper, listed five questions the Chinese Communist Party must answer to address the issue of the virus.

I believe there will be more countries, experts and scholars who will side with our angle, Dr. Yan Li Meng and truth.

In contrast to the angelic voices awaking the world, the evil Chinese Communist Party is modifying viruses to make them more dangerous to human.

Whether it is the Chinese communist state biological weapons textbook “SARS unnatural origin and human-made human new virus genetic weapons” or the paper of George Gao (Gao Fu) “Research on the molecular mechanism of interspecies infection and transmission of important viruses causing disease” exposed by comrades, the conspiracy of its own evil and deeds are evident, like a monster roaring from the pit of hell.

For example, one of the anticipated outcome of Gao Fu’s paper is to perform targeted genetic mutation of the virus, also to obtain the target recombinant virus. Everyone needs to ask this question:

Why did the Chinese communist state even carry out these genetic experiments on viruses? If the genetic mutation is to study the so-called replication ability, then why should the recombinant virus be extracted? Isn’t this the same reasoning as raising a parasite to select a poison king? The purpose of raising parasites is to release parasites, and the purpose of releasing parasites is never to cure people but to harm rather than help humanity.

The third point of the research in Gao Fu’s paper focuses on the interaction between the virus and the receptor in interspecies transmission. In fact, it is testing the effect of mutations in the virus’ surface protein on the binding ability of the cell receptor.

Such research is akin to making a spear to pierce an armor, which is very aggressive. Why are these so called medical research carried out in the first place?

The reason why the CCP virus has an excellent affinity for the human ACE2 receptor protein may have also drawn on the final research results.

In the paper, Gao Fu also mentioned the study of host restriction factors, which, according to the data, are elements that restrict the growth and development of organisms. The host restriction factor is a factor that inhibits the proliferation of viruses in the host.

On the bright side, the purpose of studying such factors is to suppress the growth of viruses, and on the dark side, the purpose of studying these factors is to modify the viruses so that they can break through the restrictions of these factors and proliferate and spread without limit!

An angel’s trumpet is awaking the world, and every comrade of the New Chinese Federation should be as brave as Dr. Yan to come forward and convey the truth about the virus.

At the same time, we should uphold Mr. Miles Guo’s spirit of truth, follow the Whistleblower Movement to reveal the truth, bring the evils of CCP to the light, destroy the Chinese Communist Party, wake up the world and save humanity!

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