Highlights of Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 28th, 2021

Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV
Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte
Posted by: Himalaya New York, MOS -HaiKuoTianKong1

President Trump is back, he was late as always. He came back to prove that the CCP is an asshole and the CCP is going to be finished. I am angry that some people are so short-sighted and deluded that they think Trump is finished. One should not be too proud and make excuses for one’s failures and cowardice. President Trump’s return is such a big deal that the stock market will reverberate because of it. We’ll see.

Several G-News articles are circulating around in mainland China, and “circulating”¬ in a special way. All our brothers and sisters of G-News, you did a great job, thank you very much!

The Hong Kong 228 incident has caused many arrests of all the democrats, anti-communists, and Hong Kong protectors in Hong Kong, and these people are not allowed bail. Meanwhile, the bloody crackdown on June 4, 1989 at Tiananmen Square is repeated in Burma.

Recently, the military warplanes and submarines of the bandit of the CCP circle Taiwan. At the same time, at the Conservative Party Conference in the US, attributed all the social, economic and electoral problems in the US to the CCP. The virus killing people is also the CCP’ doing. The coming economic disaster, the theft of technology, the theft of intellectual property, the unemployment rate, and the Nazification of the media are all the work of the CCP.

Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the media world are already trembling! The American spirit of fighting for democracy, and freedom by law, and never giving up under any circumstances, are so great.

There is more good news than you can imagine since yesterday about our G-Fashion development. The Whistleblower Movement’s power is everywhere, and many big-brand manufacturers want to cooperate with us.

Fellow fighters of G-Clubs, once you become shareholders of XXX in the future, you will be extremely happy. Our G-series owners should be our real fellow fighters. Those who participated in the New Federal State of China are highly intelligent trendsetters. G-News, Getter, G-Fashion, G-Coin, and G-Dollar will run independently, and the future value will be immeasurable. We will give our fellow fighters priority in new opportunities as much as possible, although it is not easy to do so. Usually Institutions have control after an IPO, but we want the true fighters to be in control of our G-Series.

The future value of the G-series is entirely predictable. I can assure that you will not lose money in the G-Series’ investments. If you incur a loss, I will cover it for you – promise that only I would dare to make. It is only a matter of how long it will take, and the size of the profit. It may require six months to a year, or maybe three to five years to grow. So don’t make investments that you don’t think you can afford. Specifically, do not gamble and put yourself in a risky situation. G-dollar will definitely apply for a bank license to have internal financing and loan solutions so that our fellow fighters can pledge their equity, and make it convenient for our fellow fighters to cash out.

As the value of the G-series market value appreciates and the market environment changes. I am considering that the fellow fighters of The New Federal State of China should have absolute control and decision-making power. My experience from childhood has taught me how unfair the CCP’s society is. There is never any hope for the grassroots if we don’t take down the CCP. The CCP deprived people of opportunities, power and planted the communist ‘mental virus’ deep in their brain.

The peasant hukou system and the system of entering the city are something I have personally experienced. Urban people’s social level is considered higher than that of rural people, workers are considered more important, and officials are even higher. The officials engage in speculation and smuggling. At the same time, Lao Bai Xing (common people) are deprived of the right to make money and survive.

In my hometown, except for my brother 5, no one else went to a prestigious university until now. This is the result the CCP system. One of our fellow fighters, a university vice president, told me that the students from the poor and rural areas were discriminated against, and the dormitories arranged for them were different.

Those bastards in the University of Political Science and Law at Beijing University, said that poor children should not be allowed to study law to prevent them from becoming extreme. They are not allowed to learn philosophy. Learning philosophy is an insult to philosophy. Poor children cannot study economics to prevent them from being greedy. Poor children better not invest, better not become teachers, better not live in the city, and better not learn English, because they are not worthy.

There is a considerable gap between the top of the pyramid and the bottom, which crucially deprives the poor of opportunities and makes them too afraid to even aspire. This is the success of the Implementation of Shang Yang’s five brutal strategies in China (outlined in the “Book of Lord Shang”).
The CCP says the country belongs to the people, however in reality they do not to give the people an inch of land. The CCP has created a Hukou certificate. Instead of providing the people land and houses, the CCP has created urban Hukou and rural Hukou. People can only have children according to the CCP birth control plan. Only when people join the program can they have a baby.

The CCP controls all the infrastructure. Crematorium fees have gone up 1300 times. The people try to grow some food to sell in order to survive, but (Government price controls) keep prices low. Ordinary people can only work for the CCP’s for a pittance, or as construction workers for survival, but a corrupt division chief or section chief can own hundreds, or even thousands, of properties.

People with money in the bank are not allowed to withdraw it or exchange it for foreign currency. China’s housing prices are higher than in New York. The CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that millions of children in the US and the UK have no food to eat, but they all send their own children to the US or UK. African students who come to China to study are given two girls to accompany them. Anyone with a brain knows that the CCP dogs and pigs in the US may live more happily than Jack Ma. The dogs in the UK are happier than you – CCP Foreign Minister.

I heard that Zhang Hongwei’s assets were also taken away. Our fellow fighters inside the wall will take Zhang down during his term, as well as Qu Long. No one should forget where we come from, and we are all grassroots (Lao Bai Xing). Chinese society is a real slave society, and the right to distribute profits is entirely in the hands of these bastards.

According to our fellow fighters in mainland China, the CCP officials choose the pretty ones among the university students to be their lovers. The remaining ones who cannot judge right and wrong become teachers to continue brainwashing the offspring of the grassroots-Lao Bai Xing. So the children of the official families do not become teachers. Suppose we don’t take down the CCP, in that case the disaster of the Chinese people will never end. The fundamental catastrophe is the evil system, only a few families have the power.

Jiang Mianheng (Jiang Zeming’s son) is a complete communist hooligan. He only has a mind for rule, politics, and money, nothing else. A social class system exists in China, and you have to recognize that system. Now they are not even subtle about it anymore – in theory the country belongs to the Chinese people, but the people belong to me/us. This is like a coronavirus of the spirit!

I am very fortunate to be the “CCP Eliminator” and to have so many brothers and sisters. It is only a matter of time before the CCP can be eliminated. The New Federal State of China’s specific structure is what allows our fellow fighters to communicate and connect through the farms. The Himalaya Farms will be the New Federal State of China’s prototype. They will definitely evolve in a constant process of improvement, and will eventually become strong.

I was very touched that many large investment fellow fighters sacrifice their quota. They are making more ordinary fellow fighters involved in this time G-Coin’s investment. During SEC’s investigation of our GTV, no one has quit except only one bastard quit out of 1300 invest-chairs. However, there are 30-50 chairs from unknown sources that need to be eliminated. We cannot cultivate and share the profits with the enemy. In that case, we should give GTV’s stocks to the real fellow fighters, poor brothers and sisters, who are our core. If I had found institutional investors to invest in the first round, our fellow fighters would not have had the opportunity, which is not the principle of the “Whistleblower Movement”! G-Series must be in the hands of the real fellow fighters!

First, I want to tell you that it is always our goal to make our fellow fighters the core decision-makers of the companies. Control of our companies will only belong to them, and a series of initiatives will follow. We cannot forget all the volunteers during these four years, including the domestic ones who are being oppressed or are being forced to have tea time with the police. We will give 20 million G-Coins to these people, which will be managed by the Himalaya Alliance Committee. Today there are another 3-5 million G-Coins for volunteers from Himalaya Farms worldwide, including those from the original VOG’s, the original Himalaya Phoenix, the Rule of Law Foundation & the Rule of Law Society. Verification is necessary, so don’t be in a hurry.

We should first make these volunteers rich. Second, we want to turn all the people who invested in GTV chairs into founding shareholders. We will return the money and start over, and these investors will become founding shareholders after a rigorous review. It has not been determined exactly how this will be implemented yet. Today, the bigwigs of the investment institutions have indicated that in principle this can be done. We will shut down both the GTV and SARACA companies in the US, move to BVI or Cayman Islands, re-register the companies there, making the GTV Chair-investors the company shareholders. The ‘one dollar for one share’ ratio remains unchanged. The valuation of $2 billion remains unchanged. The 1300 GTV chair-investors should contact your farms, and let’s unite to become shareholders.

G-News will also operate in the same way so that our fellow fighters become founding shareholders, initial shareholders. For G-Fashion everyone understands that, as long as you have a membership card, you will be become the founding shareholders. The Banks purchased by the G-Series will also be treated the same. We will sign legal documents with our fellow fighters who will be our founding shareholders and they must make certain promises: to dedicate themselves to resolutely destroy the Communist Party; to never collude with the Communist Party; and to never finance any Communist Party institution under any circumstances. Second, these platforms must obey the local laws – no tax evasion or money laundering. Third, under no circumstances can they attack any of our true fellow fighters, otherwise their rights and interests will be cancelled. We will try to be publicly listed within 3-5 years.

I hope that our fellow fighter shareholders will own a controlling 51% share of the equity. And distributing wealth should not be a privilege reserved for only the CCP. Everyone has the right to create wealth and enjoy it, to be secure and respected. The New Federal State of China must make it happened. All Rule of Law Foundation & Rule of Law Society contributors will have priority opportunities. A series of business decisions will follow to ensure absolute security from an investment and legitimacy standpoint. This opportunity belongs only to our fellow fighters, and that is the decision I made today.

We are definitely committed to working with Americans to preserve the rule of law, faith, and the foundation of a civilized society, and to work with them to eliminate the CCP, while working with Europe, Japan, and other countries to create a future without communism. We are the protagonists in a time of great change for humanity and for the world, and we are the key to political and economic security. No one can stop us.

At the American Conservative Conference, almost all talking points and information came from our Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China. I said never chase power. The New Federal State of China will never get involved in politics, but we will become a force that influences the world’s economy and politics. A force worthy of the world’s respect – much like the holy city of Hong – to push China forward into an era of democracy, the rule of law and freedom. Fellow fighters are always the core.

We have such excellent fellow fighters in every field. We must do what we say and firmly adhere to the principle of “only the truth”, and to outline actions based on facts to the fellow fighters. The Whistleblower Movement will give fellow fighters what the CCP can never give, not only wealth, but also dignity, security, and health. This is our Whistleblower Movement.

There are so many volunteers. The past and present ones can never be left behind, including those who marched on the streets. We must not forget. There will never be another opportunity to participate in an investment like the G-Series again. Never again! I know what politics, finance, and making big money means. It would help if you trusted me. Don’t let poverty lower your intellectual level.

Fellow fighters, you can look around and see what changed in America, Europe, and the world, yesterday and today. Next, you will see how the world deals with the CCP with respect to the Burma incident and the coronavirus, how world politics is in turmoil – and the biggest beneficiary will be the New Federal State of China. Soon, you will hear good news. When we start the second round of GTV’s chair-investment, the price must be five or ten times more than now.

Those who didn’t donate money to the Rule of Law Foundation or Rule of Law Society as long as they can be identified as volunteers can also be qualified (to invest). The key is they are a real fellow fighter.

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