[Opinion]Why Doesn’t the CCP Represent Chinese People(IV)

Author: 霍比特人

We have explained that China is not a country, but a gangster territory which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, the biggest gang in the world.  

Well, figuratively speaking, it’s just like a whole family taken as hostages by an armed robber, after all the money was robbed, every one of the family is forced at gunpoint to work as slave to serve the robber. Men do hard work; women provide sexual services. The robber does everything evil as he wants: killing anyone who dares to resist, raping the women, killing kids to eat, forcing pregnant women to abort and then eating the placentas. But suddenly, a neighbor arrives in a nearby space. What to do! Kill the neighbor? It’s too risky because he is quite strong, and more neighbors may be alarmed and come to do something, and the patrolman may also come too. Pretending to be one of the family? Why not! The robber forces the family at gunpoint to keep silent, and he handles the visitor himself, and even makes the visitor believe that he’s the new head of the household now. Moreover, day after day, the robber not only fools the neighbors, but also fools the patrolman. He even sells the products made by the hostages to the neighbors, and of course, puts all money into his own pockets. It’s so easy! More ambition is aroused, why not control all the neighbors, and even take down the patrolman? 

China is just like the family, and the CCP is just like the robber with guns, the western countries are like the neighbors, and the United States of America is just like the patrolman. After controlling China and fooling the whole world, the CCP is trying to control the western countries and taking down the United States of America now. It is not a joke, it is very real. 

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In World War II, the famous magician Jasper Maskelyne hid the Suez Canal and the real city of Alexandria, creating a fake city of Alexandria in a bay 3 miles away to fool the German Air Force. DreamWorks of Hollywood is skillful in scene layout, but if you compare it with the CCP, it is nothing because its magic cannot be viewed closely. But western people cannot find the secrets behind the magic of the CCP even though some of them have lived and worked in China for decades. The CCP is the King of Liars.   

As you see in the above-mentioned example, the key-point of the CCP’s lying skill is to fake identity. The CCP knows Westerners well. Westerners are accustomed to scientific thinking. When they have a problem, they would make the concepts clear first, or they could go no further. “Engineer” means a person is professional in engineering. “Lawyer” means a master of law. “Professor” is a professor, and “vice-professor” is a vice-professor. Westerners will not give a title to a person who doesn’t reach the standard. One of my schoolmates who is working in a foreign University once complained at dinner that he couldn’t promote to professorship because he couldn’t publish enough articles. That is characteristic of Westerners, and I mean, they easily fall for titles. 

The CCP just takes advantage of it. When Westerners see you have a title such as “professor”, or “lawyer”, they would think you are really qualified to hold such title. Even though they know the standards of different countries are somewhat different, they still would believe you cannot be an incapable one. But they are wrong, absolutely wrong! The CCP dares to label shit as gold!  

Western countries have a Congress, and the CCP can also fake a Congress. Robbers being named “congressmen” would be Westerners regarded as congressmen. Western countries have laws, but the CCP can also have fake laws, and make deals with westerners “legally”. The CCP fakes elections, democracy, academy, religion, culture, stock, and on and on; they fake everything. In summary, the CCP takes guns behind all Chinese people and forces them to make fake shows and make a fake country. 

I just take today’s pandemic as an example. The CCP just made a lot of people who are called “scientists” titled as “academician”, “doctor”, “professor” to fake gene sequence and publish it on magazines such as Nature. They faked data and declared that the virus is from nature, or from United States of America, Italy, Germany, etc. They are fake scientists, but western politicians, scientists and doctors were fooled easily and believed the CCP-scientists’ lies. Even now, most western scientists are still being filled with the CCP scientists’ lies, cheated by the CCP’s fake articles, fake data, and perjuries. They are still allowing the CCP’s fake scientists to publish lies everywhere, even in WHO’s name. 

The CCP kidnaps all the Chinese people and forces them as slaves to make shows and make a fake country, and it forces them to do hard work, and sells the products made by the slaves to the Westerners to make money for the CCP itself. There are two key steps in the whole process, one is to kidnap all the Chinese people as slaves; the other is to make deals with Westerners. The first one is easy to achieve because the CCP has weapons, and the slaves have no weapons. How about the other one? The CCP has two ways: to go out, and to invite. Let me explain in detail. 

The first way, “to go out”, means to make Chinese people go abroad, and work as the CCP’s agents. It is not a joke, and I am serious about it. Many of my friends live abroad now, and I know exactly that some of them managed by fabricating fake materials. For example, one of my coworkers who could hardly speak English told me that the agency company asked him just to provide various kinds of fake materials and wait, the agency company would fill all the forms for him. They taught him several short sentences as answers to the immigration officer’s questions. Then, everything was settled. It’s so easy if you have enough money.  

Then, before he went abroad, he was called by the CCP’s security agency and was asked to work for them after his going abroad, part-time. They told him it’s safe and simple, and they would pay him. He could not refuse because evidence of his fabricating fake materials is at the security agency’s hands. The fact is almost all the immigration agency companies are connected with the CCP’s security agency. The latter would select and threaten some of the immigrants to work for them, part-time or full-time, depending on the situation. All the people being selected cannot refuse because evidence of their fabricating fake materials is at CCP’s hands. In this way the CCP sent thousands of part-time agents abroad. These part-time agents’ work is somewhat simple and trivial, but the number of them is so big, so the effects of their work is huge. They absolutely will be organized by the local consulate of China, and report everything they know, such as their company’s technical or financial data, their western work-mates’ private information and so on. Then, the CCP could use these various kinds of information to steal some important core technology, or to bribe and threaten and control some Westerners, such as police, lawyers, reporters, scientists, stockbrokers, election observers, etc.  

These CCP part-time agents would be forced to go together to make a show of power when the CCP’s top leaders visit the country they are in, as well as to spread fake news on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for the CCP. They would even be forced to spread the “CCP virus” in western countries. These poor people abroad are completely controlled by the CCP as slaves just the same as the people in China. It is true. One of my college-mates living abroad was once in charge of persuading and organizing local Chinese immigrants to work for a local consulate of China, and he told me these things over a dinner. 

The second way, “to invite”, is to select those Westerners who are somewhat pro-China and invite them to visit China, or they even work in China for a while. The key point is to give them special treatment and make “movie sets” to fool them. I have mentioned that when I was a kid, my nice elder sister next door usually would be selected and accompanied by a strange woman who pretended to be her mother to wander on the streets. And of course, the streets were cleaned, and the shops were decorated beforehand to make a good impression on the foreign guests when they went by.  

The most difficult thing is to cheat those westerners who live and work in China, but the CCP has been developing a lot of skills to handle them. In summary, the CCP would order all the government workers to give westerners special treatments, and they ask the units that employ westerners to give them big apartments, high wages, convenient means of transportation, ideal laboratories, dazzling titles, competent assistants and so on. It is impossible for the Chinese workmates of those Westerners to get the same treatments. And of course, the units that employ Westerners would warn their Chinese employees who may contact the Westerners to be careful not to shoot their mouths off. Even if some brave Chinese people may tell the Westerners some truth of the CCP, those Westerners who have profited from the CCP would not believe them. Money, money, money! The CCP knows well that money is everything, so the CCP just spends enough money to build “movie sets” around the Westerners who live and work in China. According to my observation, western scientists working in China usually are given more money, better research facilities and conditions, and held in much higher regards than they get in their own countries.  

Not all Westerners are unaware of the truth of the CCP. The CCP would be honest and tell some truth to some Westerners because these Westerners’ fatal mistakes have been caught by the CCP. The CCP would threaten them as well as bribe them more and more to completely control them, so the CCP is not afraid of disclosing something to those Westerners now, as they have already become partners of the CCP. 

Let’s summarize:  The CCP kidnaps the Chinese people with guns, threatens them and forces them to work as slaves. Meanwhile, the CCP hides behind Chinese people and forces them to make a fake country just like “movie sets” to fool the whole world, so that the CCP could make deals with the whole world and make big money.  

In order to successfully cheat and make deals with the whole world skillfully and magically, the CCP invites and fools those Westerners who visit China, or even work in China. Moreover, the CCP allows some Chinese people to live abroad by fabricating fake materials. Then the CCP would threaten some of them with the evidence of their fabricating fake materials, and in this way the CCP sends thousands of part-time agents to other countries all around the world.  

By bribing and threatening, the CCP has been trying to control the whole world, and they are winning. I have said one of my college-mates was once an agent of the CCP abroad. One day I had dinner with him and asked why the relationship between US and China was worsening? Was it because the US was being aware of the CCP’s effort to control the US? He smiled and said, ” It’s too late for US to fight back, and the US has already been corrupted and has already lost”. At that time, I didn’t believe his words, but now I must admit he was somewhat right, and we, the Chinese people have the responsibility to tell Westerners, as much as possible, the truth of the CCP. The CCP kidnaps Chinese people and fools the whole world. The CCP is criminal; how can they represent the Chinese people!

Contributor/Reviewer: 伊丽莎白 Helen

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