[February 28, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[February 28, 2021] Video translation

Hello, dear honorable fellow fighters! Today is February 28. Why do I want to laugh whenever I get onto Getter? Always happy and giggling. I need to be a little more serious. Brothers and sisters, I planed to broadcast this morning. I didn’t actually go to bed until 8 pm yesterday. Too many communications with fellow fighters in mainland China. I believe that brothers and sisters know much more than I do about the domestic politics and economy, and the fact that many ordinary Chinese are not doing well right now. Of course, people in the Zhongnan Pit are definitely living a better life than ordinary people.  

So, it is very popular in mainland China right now to say that the poor shouldn’t go to a law school. Once they have learned laws, they will likely become extremists, but to against whom? And the poor cannot study philosophy, right? If the poor learned philosophy, it would be an insult to philosophy because the poor are pigs and dogs and do not have brains, right? You’re an insult to philosophy if you study philosophy. The poor shouldn’t make any investment, no big investment. Why? The poor don’t have the original capital to make an investment. Investment is the game for rich people and the families of the CCP, right?      

And then rich people don’t need to think about going to college all the time because a middle school education is good enough for them, right? Just like me. Why do you go to college? If you are too knowledgeable, you will be a threat to the CCP, right? The rich shouldn’t even think about going abroad. Why do you go abroad? To become others’ slaves? You are my slaves. Why do you go outside, right? The rich shouldn’t engage in technology because you are not smart enough. You should be the one controlled by technology, so how can you be involved in high-tech? Right?

Also, everyone has watched my Getter video yesterday. The professor talked about the difference in IQ between leaders’ kids and poor people’s kids. Children of the leaders have rich parents, who make 500K per day, which is your mom’s lifetime income or the amount of money that your mom earns in 50 years, right? In other words, you bastards (children of the poor) don’t have enough IQ or EQ; rather, children of the leaders have high IQ and EQ, and the rich have high IQ and EQ too. I screw your [CCP’s] eight generations of ancestors. I was really angry to hear that, you know?     

When I was a child, the first time I fought against a teacher was exactly for this. I will talk about it in detail someday. At that time I hit the mayor’s kid, and afterwards, I also hit the teacher’s kid because they bullied me. After the fight, the teacher insulted me in front of all the students in the school, but I said nothing then. In the end, he said, “Look at you. What does your father do for a living? How dare you hit the child of the mayor and the child of your home room teacher?” I was so annoyed and picked up a brick and beat him up. Right? The children of these people were exactly who I wanted to beat.             

I was angry, you know? I was very angry. China hasn’t got any better decades later till today. Today, they openly insult the 1.4 billion ordinary Chinese people in the classrooms of the f*cking schools like the University of Political Science and Law, Peking University, and Tsinghua University. 

What did the “great leader” of the Zhongnan Pit, Xi Jinping, say two weeks ago? “All the rivers and lakes belong to the people, and all the rivers and mountains [meaning the country] belong to the people”. If everything belongs to the people, as Deng Xiaoping said, “you (the CCP) are sons of the people”, then why are the grassroots still so poor now? We can only be pigs and dogs, right? We can only be pigs and dogs, who have no rights to argue, to question, to change, not even the right to dream about changing the power. You bastards!

The CCP, if you are not taken down by me, Miles Guo, or by the world, then the whole mankind will not survive. You’ve not only committed genocide and the crimes against humanity, but also enslaved billions of Chinese people over the past decades. The heinous crime that you have committed can never be overstated. Let’s wait and see. 

I believe you, the CCP, know what is happening. In the past 70 hours, among those who went to the CPAC, almost 100% of them agreed that the CCP must be taken down. All republicans, the conservatives of the U.S., the national values, and the democratic values, cultures, educations, as well as religions have all been thoroughly corrupted by the CCP’s BGY plot. You (the CCP) knows that the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon haven’t reached an agreement yet. It is very clear that if there is no unity on the issue of taking down the CCP, then they can be united on nothing.       

Let me tell you, for whatever you can get from the swamp by collusion, I, Miles Guo can get it as well. If you don’t believe me, then wait and see. I have used the past four years to prove it to you already. We will prove more to you. Look at what you are doing. When you need the poor, you allow them to stand and say “the country belongs to the people”. Then, you also say you represent the people. You said, “Father and Mother are not as dear as the Party”, but you’ve treated your “dearest” ones as slaves and as pigs and dogs for decades and generations. Now, you want to treat our children even worse than pigs and dogs. You bastards are the cruelest bunch, so God will destroy you!   

Another thing, brothers and sisters, many fellow fighters sent me messages that domestic…well, I am so angry whenever I say this… touching my own body again… the wolf is coming again…looking for the keys… “key Lan” (referred to Yang Lan) can’t find her keys and is running around. 

I am so angry to hear such things everyday from the mainland China: the poor don’t have the right to think, to go to school, to develop themselves, or to live with dignity like human beings. “All problems in China were caused by natural disasters”, but all the disasters were created by the CCP. The CCP is the fundamental reason for all the disasters. No other reasons. All other reasons are just bullshits. Of course, another important reason is our grassroots’ cowardice, lack of courage, and selfishness.

In addition, many fellow fighters sent me messages about G-Coin and G-Dollar. I replied many of them this morning. Let me say it again to my fellow fighters: it must come in proportion. It is not like that you can buy as many as you want. There is only one exception though, that is the 20-million G-Coins to be bought by a fund recommended by me and stored in Himalaya Alliance Committee, serving as a subsidy in the future to those who have been framed, inquired by the police, lost freedom, persecuted, or deprived their assets in mainland China. That should also include those who were deprived of benefits and threatened because of the donations they made to the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society.           

There is no giveaway this time. The distribution [of G-Coins] will be completely in proportion to your previous investments in G-Series. The proportion is 1:1 for the time being, meaning that for each dollar you have invested, you can buy one G-Coin. That said, we still don’t have enough G-Coins for everyone. If the 1:1 rule is followed closely, those big investors will already have more than 800 million coins, leaving our fellow fighters with nothing. Then we would have to distribute 1.6 billion coins in total, which is impossible. Therefore, I have told the fellow fighters who are big investors to leave the chance to those small investors. Please don’t forget that all the Whistleblower Movement has been doing is to lift the poor, grass-root fellow fighters out of poverty. The opportunity is not for the rich big shots. Therefore, even though the big shots have invested big, I have to say sorry to them and don’t give them the quota. This is what the Whistleblower Movement is about, and this is what the New Federal State of China is about. We are different from the CCP.

I do have time for live broadcasting today, but I don’t dare to do it now because I am afraid that I will not be able to hold myself. I always worry that I couldn’t hold myself enough. So, I am not going to broadcast [today] because I want to hold myself back. If time allows and I am able to make myself less excited by this evening, I will then broadcast. When my mood is high, I tend to get too excited and out of control. I will broadcast when I feel really bad. So it’s possible to have a live broadcast this evening, but I will have to look for frustrations everywhere and get myself into a really low mood during the day. I will then talk about why we must help our poor brothers-in-arms get rich.     

Another important thing is that I held a meeting with our brothers and sisters in the Himalaya Alliance Committee yesterday. I had never said this before, so yesterday was the first time I talked about it. But I can tell you all today: please remember, G-Coin, G-Dollar, G-TV, G-News, G-Clubs, and G-Fashion are all 100% controlled by institutional investors right now, and I personally do not own any stock. Yet, we have a developmental agreement and some arrangements so that in the future we will have stock option, and ultimately, our fellow fighters must control 51% of the stock. That is our 1300 “chairs” (private investors) and all the fellow fighters who have engaged in G-Clubs and G-Coin. It is a bound result. This is something that all fellow fighters need to keep an eye to make sure that it gets done. There is a long way to go because we need the institutional investment and our fellow fighters’ investment at the early stage and then get listed and go public in the end. Please don’t forget that this is the core of our goal.     

I will do a broadcast to chat with everyone tonight after 6 pm if time allows. Of course, it is under the situation when I am in a bad mood. If I am in a good mood, I will not broadcast until my mood gets bad. See you after 6 pm, alright, brothers and sisters? Why do I always touch my own body recently? What is wrong with me?

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