[G Times] Cold War cogitation cannot win an unrestricted warfare

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U.S. Senator Tom Cotton recently released an 80-page report, Defeating CCP (the Chinese Communist Party): Targeted Decoupling and the Enduring War on the Economy. The report, along with other key documents, will hopefully serve as a guide for Americans thinking about how to compete with the Chinese communist state.

Cotton’s report imaged a Cold War against the CCP, that is, a patient economic, strategic and ideological struggle to defeat the CCP without firing a single shot, rather than through a real hot war. “After all, it took us 50 years to win the Cold War against the former Soviet Union. Today, Arkansas lawmakers believe we can win another Cold War in the second. ” The report said.

The Cold War thinking proposed by Mr. Cotton still underestimates the current situation and is caught in a mindset. During the Cold War, at the very least, Americans knew who their enemies were. And now, not only are a large number of Americans not awakened to who the enemy is, but also there are a large number of enemies in the United States who occupy high positions and cooperate with CCP both inside and outside. 

What we are currently experiencing is ” Unrestricted Warfare”. This is a war that is sweeping the world, using a virus as a weapon, gathering Western politicians, media, scientists, high-tech giants, and various authorities as promoters, to completely subvert democratic institutions, eliminate religions, and enslaving the world.

It is characterized by.

1. No precedent for reference.

2. Time is limited and viruses are killing people every day.

3. The situation is very complex, involving many countries and all walks of life.

Therefore, it is highly inappropriate to respond to the current situation with a simple Cold War mindset. We must be fast, accurate, and hard to exterminate the Communist Party. A very simple truth: it’s not that we don’t have the patience, it’s that we don’t have the time – viruses are killing people every day.

Looking at the global situation, the Burmese version of the June Fourth massacre, the Taiwan Strait crisis, the situation in the Middle East, and the unrest in Haiti. All have the demonic shadow of CCP behind them. There will be more local conflicts in the future at the behest of CCP. And as time drags on, the situation will get more and more complicated and the U.S. will get more and more passive.

The way to break the game of Unrestricted Warfare is first to break through the routine and break the rules.

For example, most of the mainstream media has gone to the opposite side of the US. For unrepentant media that are still betraying U.S. national security and helping CCP to kill people, they should adopt an adversarial posture and use any effective program to kill the enemy and win back control of public opinion.

Medical: For authorities and scientists such as Fauci, and institutions such as the WHO, to widely inform the public of their evils, and to go public with their crimes regarding the cover-up of the virus and the slaughter of the American people. The spread of the epidemic was brought down in medical circles by widely publicizing the therapeutic effects of hydroxychloroquine sulfate, zinc, azithromycin, doxycycline, ivermectin, etc.

Military: continue to exert extreme pressure.

Politics: Clean up the traitors to the United States and abolish the tenure of politicians.

Cultural aspect: Produce a large number of videos, texts, images, and movies to widely publicize the biochemical weapons massacre committed by CCP against the whole world, and warn the people to take active actions to save themselves and others.

Religious aspects: Widely unite the forces of the global religious community to expose the evil intentions of CCP that ultimately wants to eliminate all religions around the world. The premise of dictatorship is the elimination of religion, faith, and morality. The Communist Party of China’s widespread persecution of religions and its de-moralization of ruling methods is an example of this.

On the economic and scientific front: full decoupling and the imposition of the harshest sanctions on the highest levels of CCP. The heavy hammer can only be brought down on the CCP thieves, together with the extreme military pressure, to dry up the CCP.

We don’t have any experience to learn from for over-the-top warfare. CCP is accustomed to “dialing up a thousand pieces of gold”, using Western democracy to fight democracy, freedom to fight freedom, and the rule of law to fight the rule of law. So we can’t just stick to the rules and be passive. We must take the initiative and fuck up the CCP first to win the opportunity. We fix the problems of democracies and bring human civilization back on track.

 (The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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