[February 27, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[February 27, 2021] Video translation

Esteemed fellow fighters! Today is February 27th. Did you work out? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis?

Brothers and sisters. Hello, hello! Brothers and sisters, have you worked out yet? Has everyone felt something unusual recently? Within China, the economy of even the wealthiest county, like Huaxi Village, is on the verge of collapse. What is the state of the domestic economy and debt?

Yesterday afternoon, it was midnight in Beijing. The heads of several major banks in one province were urgently taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection to assist in the investigation of certain “financial instruments” of these banks. They suspected these financial instruments were fraudulent. They also examined how these bank accounts and transactions had been falsified. Although these bankers were eventually released, it is said that Beijing was shocked when they heard the details! Their fraud is no less than that of the “Nine-Fingered Demon (Sara VOG)”!

By the way, regarding the “Nine-fingered Demon”, someone approached us about her son’s salary. Sara said her son was with the USMC. The individual wondered how come he was still getting paid, and was also trying to find out more about her son causing someone’s death in a traffic accident in mainland China. Surprisingly, these people said: “you’ve given us less than we already knew!”. The “nine-fingered demon” is a dead-end! I realize now that the “nine-fingered demon” has been under investigation for a long time! And the bastards like “Turtle-head Yang” and PJ Pan, will go to the most brutal prisons with the harshest sentences. We will see! She and her son have ruined each other’s lives! My fellow fighters, you should not be a slave to your children, and of course you should not destroy them with your own actions.

Okay, your brother 7 is thinking outside the box again. I am mixing up topics. I will continue on the original (financial) topic.

How far has Hong Kong’s economy fallen, brothers and sisters? Hong Kong’s banks restrict exchange – both on exchanging the US dollars for Hong Kong dollars and exchanging Hong Kong dollars for US dollars! To put it bluntly, this is currency exchange control and capital control!

In mainland China, if you engage in large transactions, or buy and sell stocks, you will be questioned. The purpose is to restrict circulation of your investment activity and to maintain the “rolling pin” economy. This “rolling pin” economy, cannot be touched, nor moved! The domestic banks, if you take U.S. dollar cash to the bank to exchange for RMB, they will not do it for you, you can verify this for yourself. If you give them dollars for yuan, the bank will not do the exchange. If you want RMB for USD, they definitely will not do the exchange. The currency cannot be freely exchanged. If allowed, it would reveal that the economic is fake. Imagine a person holding fake investments not being allowed to move them or sell them. If touched, it would lead to the explosion of the fraud.

What is even more shocking is the political struggle within the CCP! I heard that in Liaoning, someone has already said: “there is one way to save China, and it can only be accomplished by Zeng Qinghong(a former Standing Member of the Central Political Bureau)!” In Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Guangxi, including Xinjiang and Tibet, of course including Jiangsu and Zhejiang, everyone agrees that in order to solve China’s predicament they must rely on Zeng Qinghong!

Since I began the Whistleblower Movement in 2017, I have continued to say that we should not focus on how Zeng’s family was cruel to me. We should overlook how the Zeng family plotted to take Yuda Palace Hotel for themselves. The auction for Yuda started at the price of 1.98 billion yuan. There were two so-called “abortive auctions”, each one caused the price to decline by 20 percent. Ultimately, the Zeng family will likely win the auction for Yuda at a price of about 700 to 800 million Yuan. Zeng Baobao (Zeng Qinghong’s niece) and Dai Yongge, and let’s not forget Zeng Wei (Zeng Qinghong’s son), all intend to take the Pangu Plaza and Yuda Palace from me. Almost everyone in Zeng’s family plotted to embezzle my assets. But I tell you, Zeng Qinghong’s family is a new force in China now. The simple old days of Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Mizhu, and Han Zheng are gone. I heard that Zeng Qinghong would like to be the boss, and Han Zheng might be the second. And then… I’ll keep the rest for now! It seems the struggle between them has become evident.

For Ant Financial Services, the Jiang family’s attitude is so clear. Absolutely nobody else is allowed to get their hands on it! Let Ma Yun (Jack Ma) be free. Ant Financial Services originally belonged to Ma Yun, and Ma Yun’s things belong to the Jiang’s family!

It is said that Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu, and Han Zheng – the “Shanghai Gang”; the “Jiangsu and Zhejiang Gang”; the former Standing Committee members of the Central Politburo; and the “original revolutionary gang” – are all talking about how Australia, Britain, Russia, the US, Canada, New Zealand – all the Western countries, except cowardly Japan – are telling the CCP, through diplomatic channels, that because of the genocide, they have to be prepared for a change in the way they deal with the CCP. At the same time they are telling them: “it is impossible to carry on so-called “normal relations” between us until the truth about the virus is clarified!”

These countries’ attitudes towards what happened in Hong Kong has become clear, and the West will unite against the CCP because there is no way for them to interact with the CCP anymore! Brothers and sisters, the core issue is that as these countries recognize the genocide, recognize the “crimes against humanity”, demand accountability for who created and spread the CCP virus, and for the Hong Kong crisis, the CCP will immediately become a public enemy of the human race and an illegitimate regime!

So, Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu, have said: “the only way to solve the huge dilemma of the CCP soon being designated as a world criminal organization is to rely on Zeng Qinghong and Han Zheng!” Not only that, brothers and sisters, do you know what is being said in Shanghai now? In the Lunar Year of the Ox – Xin Chou will usher in a huge revolution in China’s politics and economy, and only Shanghai people can save China’s economy, politics, and reputation around the world. This situation is very much like the historical Chu-Qin era. The only one who could destroy the Qin dynasty was the Chu, and it happened. Now, Xi comes from north-west China where the Qin dynasty used to be, and the Chu’s were previously in the area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hubei province! It’s hilarious!

Then, you should know that while all the markets in the world inflate and their currencies devalue due to excess currency issuance as a result of the QE policy, the CCP’s RMB is holding strong. Why? Because the CCP doesn’t dare, and definitely does not have the ability, to allow the foreign exchange rate of the RMB to float freely. Once it lifts the restrictions a little bit, or the exchange rate with the US dollar exceeds 7.5, the RMB will instantly become worthless. The Chinese people believe in stability (fake strength), but not the truth. When people see that the RMB is strong, they think it has value. Once devalued, it would be out of control.

The CCP is true evil. Yesterday, according to the words of a person who is in mainland China, “the CCP is so evil that it has completely shocked America.” Currently, at the American Conservative Conference (CPAC), which I have been highly concerned about in the past two days, all the topics are related to two things: one is the theft of the presidential election, the second is about taking down the CCP! All the topics about taking down the CCP are related to the virus. When talking about the virus, they must mention the Whistleblower Movement. When it comes to the Whistleblower Movement, they must reference the New Federal State of China. When it comes to America’s future, American beliefs, American freedom, American freedom of speech, they must talk about the CCP! The CCP is behind the scenes controlling Twitter and Facebook Why?  Because, as we have told America, the Communist Party believes that the greatest weapon in the world is ‘Social Media’!”

I am hearing that during a number of private discussions in the CPAC conference, they are playing videos provided by the Whistleblower Movement. Videos with Chinese and English subtitles. That is our Whistleblower Movement! Our fellow fighters, we must accept how awesome we are! We can’t take down the CCP without you! Attempting to be safe in this world, to survive, to find the truth, without the Whistleblower Movement, or without the New Federal State of China, would be absolutely impossible! No way! We must dare to say so!

Next, you will see what kind of forces will be brought together around the world by “spreading the truth about the virus to destroy the CCP”, and by “using the money to destroy the CCP”.  We will make the “Swamp” work with us because we have the capability!

Not much more to say. No live broadcast today. Mugaisai~Mugaisai~(Cantonese)! There will be no live broadcast today because there is no time, and I have too many things to handle. Brothers and sisters, today we take a break, and tomorrow I may not do a livestream, or maybe I will. It depends.

The sound is great! I am listening to the stereo while doing the live broadcast, it’s great!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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